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Something any classroom teacher will tell you is that kids ( I am talking the little ones 2-5 especially) will talk and role play about holidays for what seems like months after the fact. It’s not just your 3 year old who is still talking about trick or treating at Easter , most kids play and replay holidays a long time after the adults around are done with them. So for all of you who are set to hide eggs this weekend and for those of you who do not celebrate Easter here are some great plain old bunny books for you to enjoy.

A Boy and His Bunny by Sean Bryan is magical. It’s absurd and playful and struck a chord with the goofiness that we are often partaking in at our house these days. The text is filled with dry humor  but even if your child is too young to grab it’s subtlety they will still love how silly it is that this boy has a bunny on his head! The best part is the end and I don’t want to give it away but I will say a bunny isn’t the worst thing you can have on your head.

Ben’s Bunny Trouble by Daniel Wakeman is free of text but easily qualifies as an epic story.  No young adventurer would be board by this book about Ben who is searching for the right planet for his bunnies. This is a great “quiet time”or ” independent reading ” book for kids who aren’t yet readers since the pages are filled with comic book like illustrations by Dirk Van Stratlen with amazing detail. This is one of those books that each time you open it you notice something new. It is however way too long for most toddlers in it’s entirety , though still fun to hunt and peck a page here or there.

Bunnies on the Go: Getting from Place to Place by Rick Walton is awesome … with one little detail that drives me bananas. Ok so the book is great , I loved the traveling theme and the text that had a page turning rhyme that revealed the next mode of transportation that the bunnies would be taking.  See if you can read it before your little detectives yell it out!  After a time or two you will loose with every turn of the page.  That little detail I didn’t like was the bunnies riding in the bed of a pick up truck. Yes the author said it was dangerous but I just wish it wasn’t in the book at all. I still read it and yes I think it ended up being a teachable opportunity but it left me wondering what the author was thinking besides looking for a rhyme. Anyway check this one out for yourself , the great way outweighs the bad and I imagine we will be renewing this one for a few weeks!

A Bunny is Funny by Harriet Ziefert and Fred Ehrlich is a good book but not really funny like the cover claimed, perhaps quirky.  It is still a wonderful book and not so much about bunnies, instead it about a lot of animals and the odd details about them that make them “funny”.  The illustrations are bold and the rhyming text is natural and written in a way that will keep a wide range of ages interested in this quirky look at familiar animals that we nonchalantly accept despite their unusual features.

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  1. says

    I want to get all these books right now, but that first on really caught my attention. I am heading over to reserve them at the library right now.

  2. Rick Walton says

    Where were you when Bunnies on the Go was being edited? 🙂 You are very right. The bunnies should not have been riding in the back of the truck. And until now, nobody has pointed that out to me. It is funny how I and everyone involved in the editing and production process, and we are careful sometimes to the point of paranoia, missed that. It does sometimes happen. You get so close to a book that you don’t see the obvious. Good catch.

    • admin says

      Rick thank you so much for such a great book, it really is one tiny thing, after I wrote my review while putting in the affiliate link to Amazon I read the reviews to see if anyone else even mentioned it and no one did, I am clearly just paranoid ( don’t get me started about bears…) , seriously though your book is awesome and I can’t wait to get more to share with my kids and readers!

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