Book Club Discussion!

Did you read Playful Parenting ?  What did you think?  Tonight starting at 5pm PST  I will be Posting discussion questions live on our Facebook and Twitter.  Please come join the discussion by adding your thoughts and opinions on this parenting book and it’s techniques.

I will also be announcing which parenting book will be our next selection.

Edited – Discussion Questions and link to Facebook

Question #1 – General impressions- did you like the author’s approach to parenting through play? Do you relate to it or is this concept a harder one for you to latch on to?
Question #2 Have you used any of the suggestions the author writes about in you own family?
Question #3 Were there any suggestions that were hard to accept? His approach to discipline through play and limits instead traditional punishment was eye opening as well as a “duh! of course!” section for me.
Question #4 How has reading this book changed how you parent? Or has it solidified your decisions to parent in a opposing way?

Next Month’s Book :

Raising Happiness by Christine Carter PhD

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  1. Nicole says

    I will admit I haven’t been able to finish it yet, but I have been enjoying it. One thing that I read that really stuck with me is that kids need that feeling of being in charge of their situations to help cope and it is so much better for that kind of play to take place with a parent who understands than with friends where one person would be bossing around another person. I didn’t state it nearly as well as the great author did, but I hope you know what I mean. Thanks for the book recommendation.

  2. stacey says

    I read this book a while back. i liked the idea of “benching” a kid like a coach does. not about punishment but rather to redirect the (bad) energy. (don’t know why the all caps won’t go off–sorry!)

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