Butterfly Fairy Wand

butterfly fairy wand craft After reading  Speakaboo’s Sleeping Beauty on our iPod with the MeMeTales Mobile Reader App I was inspired to make a fairy wand to go along with the fairies in the story. I wanted to show parents how easy a fun and very sparkly wand can be to make .  I asked my son if he wanted to be a part of this craft and I got a resounding ” No.”  Even after I suggested making it a Bat-wand he wasn’t convinced. So I made it myself and even though I have no need for a fairy wand i have to say I have been casting some awesome spells with it.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some sticky back foam if it’s sparkly even better! You will also need a drinking straw ( milkshake ones work great), a pen or marker, scissors and curling ribbon.
  2. Start by drawing a butterfly ( or shape of your choice) on the backing of your foam.
  3. Cut out and use as a stencil for the other side. We used two different colors of foam but using the same is a great choice as well.
  4. Peel the back off the foam, press the straw into it.
  5. Sandwich the straw in between the foam.
  6. Add the ribbon.
  7. Curl the ribbon on the edge of the scissors blade ( adults only please).
  8. Now cast some stupendous spells!


Sleeping Beauty
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Sleeping Beauty

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As mentioned above the inspiration for this craft came from Sleeping Beauty by Speakaboos , which we actually listened to using our MeMeTales App instead of reading our selves which was a fun change of pace.  Books are so versatile and reading, listening or playing with them are all ways to immerse your kids into a life long love of stories and the written word.

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