Win 20 Picture Book Favorites from MeMeTales

All week we have been celebrating MeMeTales new Mobile Reader App ‘s launch but really what I have been celebrating are the expanded options that kids have for reading favorite stories. One option I hope every child gets every day is to cuddle up next to someone they love and read some great books. In the spirit of celebrating reading MeMeTales is giving away a prize pack of 20 of my favorite picture books. The full list ( click to see ) includes In The Town All Year Round, Whoever You Are , Freight Train, Anamalia , Corduroy and 15 more!

MeMeTales’s philosophy is to make reading “The funnest ever!”  And having 20 new books is a great way to start having fun.

How To Enter

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is answer How do you make reading fun at your house? Leave a comment telling us the answer and you will be entered into to win this wonderful prize that celebrates literacy at home.

Extra entries- up to 2 extra ways to enter:

1. Download the MeMeTales  Free Mobile Reader App


Check out MeMeTales website if you don’t have an iPhone, iPod or iPad.


Come back and leave a separate comment saying  you’ve done it  and you will have extra chances to win.

Fine Print
T he giveaway closes June 4th at 8pm PST. The winner will be chosen by random using is open to residents of  Canada and the USA only. Please ensure your email address included in the comment so we can contact you if you win.
This Contest is closed.
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  1. says

    I think I’m lucky. My girl is always up for some reading time. Maybe it’s because we read to her ever since she was 10 months old? 🙂 Anyway, story time is probably the most favorite time of the day for her. She even takes books and “reads” by herself… Well, pretends to read. She’s only 3,5 😉

  2. Jen says

    We have books in every room and I’m constantly offering to read. I think my enthusiasm is catching!

  3. Cathy R says

    our house is full of books from yard sales and presents and we supplement by getting books from the library all the time. reading is part of their bedtime routine and they all love books! The snuggle time with Mommy or Daddy helps too!

  4. Heather h says

    I make reading fun by always being willing to read a book, no matter the time. I might say no to a board game, or pretend play, but I always have time to read! My response of excitement keeps the kids excited, too. We constanty have new books to discover from the library, and reading aloud is interactive, even for the youngest.

  5. says

    I think that reading is naturally fun, or it is for both me and my daughter. All that I do is make sure that we have lots of interesting books that are easily accessible to her. In the living room, where we spend most of our day, I have a shelf of board books, two baskets of board books, a stack of biscuit books on the hearth, and a canvas shelving unit of picture books. Plus, I have a couple of my books and magazines lying around. PlumGirl loves to bring me books to read and if there is a lull in our day or she is cranky I pick one up and just start reading aloud. I love books!

  6. StephVG says

    A natural introvert, quiet, and very shy, I make it a point to come out of my shell when reading to my kids. I do the voices. I make goofy sound effects. I even do motion effects (rocking, bouncing, tickling, all the fun stuff). And it helps my kids to see that, even when I’m not reading >>to them,<< Mommy loves to read on her own, too. Reading has been a way of life for me, and I'm hoping and praying it becomes that for my children, as well.

  7. beth longstreet says

    my 12 month old LOVES books- we have read to her since she was born.. I am a teacher and know the importance of early exposure to books and Reading.

  8. Lenetta says

    I keep an eye out for books with subjects my little one will love, books I loved when I was little, and books that others I respect highly recommend. I’m also of the belief that “too many books” is waaaaaay more than we currently have. :). With lots of available choices, it’s pretty fun!

  9. says

    My 5 year old enjoys reading to his little brother, doing the voices and sound effects too… that makes reading exciting around here! Haha!

  10. says

    We start reading fun and silly books from birth to our kids. My 3 year old is learning to read and would prefer to sit and look at books and sound out words than play with a lot of toys. We also try to make it for story time every week and we each pick out books to read. I also let him see me reading books-hopefully my second son will love reading as much as I do and his big brother does! (thought I was supposed to respond in meme

  11. says

    My girl is loves reading any time of the day, she chooses reading time over anything including art and TV:) She knows a couple of books by heart now and reads them to me and her toys:)

  12. Jella Breaux says

    Visited their site and registered! 🙂
    we have a droid so we can’t use the app. 🙁

  13. Mary Woods says

    My 14 loves to have books read to him! We have storytime during the day and we make it an important part of our day! He loves to look at the books afterwards and read them to me!

  14. Linda says

    I make storytime more fun by using different voices for the characters and by getting all excited about what might happen next, you know build up the suspense. My son loves it at home and at work the class gets realy into it, their little eyes are all bugged out waiting to hear what happens.
    Love it!

  15. Heidi says

    My 3 year old thinks reading is so much fun because I read her a story and then she reads it to me. My 5 month old thinks it’s fun because of all the bright pictures in her board books.

  16. Lori says

    It’s added snuggle time to have my little guy sit in my lap and we read together. I hope he always likes it 🙂

  17. Julie says

    We pick out the books very carefully, selecting the right books for the kids is SO important. If they are too long or “boring” then reading becomes a “chore” and the kids loose interest in it, but with the right books for their personalities and interests we have found that they will sit with us for HOURS!!

  18. says

    We read to the kids from infancy on, so they all think it’s a treat when mom or dad reads to them! I think we enjoy it as much as they do.

  19. Katie says

    I love reading and I’m addicted to buying books for my boys. We make reading fun by letting our boys read to us. They can’t read yet, but they love re-telling the story in their own ways!

  20. Aimee says

    I’ve been making fabric squares with images or words with some of the characters or objects in the books. If my son sees that they match while we’re reading he gets so excited that they match. (We use it as an observation, not as a training.) I’m an art teacher, so it was more fun for me to make them, hopefully they’ll become educational as he grows up. For now, it’s just fun to see if he makes a connection without directions.

  21. says

    We love to read in our house. We often extend books by acting out the stories, tying in a craft activity, or comparing the story to our real life or to other books.

  22. says

    I make reading fun by having silly voices and using puppets. It helps the stories come to life and my kids just love it.

  23. Cheryl Mendiola says

    We love to read at our preschool . We feel a child will enjoy the book more if it isn’t just “read” to them. One way we make it fun is by having themed reading nooks. A tee pee, we use large appliance boxes to make haunted houses,gingerbread houses,pirate ships,trains,castles,etc…according to the theme and time of year. We also use puppets, and “read” the book by making into a play. The crew also help read the book, and interact with the story when asked. the crew also make book so that they can follow along with the story. we encourage each child to read by using the pictures to tell the story.

  24. says

    As a kid, I used to love reading books about pirates on my parents’ waterbed. Flash forward many years later, and my kids can be found bouncing & swaying on the air mattress while reading the book “How I Became a Pirate” or any other adventure at sea. We’ll make a day out of it by building sandcastles, making newspaper pirate hats, or creating pirate telescopes from cardboard tubes. Sometimes we go to the playground and pretend the entire play structure is one BIG pirate ship. It makes reading even more fun — and a lot more memorable!

  25. says

    We have been reading to our now 2 year old since she was in utero! (and we read to the baby that is in my belly now, separate from the reading s/he hears during the day to big sister…!) Reading is fun in our house because there is always freedom to pick the books, and to act things out, or to make crafts based on what we had read. Little Girl LOVES to read, both with people and by herself. I love it so much!!!!

  26. Sarah Bradbury says

    My son has always loved books! It cracks me up when at his well child checkups his dr always mentions reading for 30 min. a day. We read for more than one hour each day – always by his request. I dont want his love of reading to fizz out and I want to promote his love. I put a bookshelf of books in several different rooms of the house. I make sure that he sees me reading for pleasure as well. We go to the library every week to participate in story time and then he picks out his own books. I plan on fostering his joy and love of books as much as I can and in as many ways as I can. This book set looks like a lot of fun and having new books in the house is always great.

  27. Katie says

    Using voices and being silly with silly tales always helps to make reading more fun.

  28. Monica Garcia says

    We make reading fun by turning rhyming books into songs that our children dance to as we sing the words to them. We also allow our children to pick a bed time story each night which is very exciting for them.

  29. Monique says

    My boys love to read and i think knowing the stories well myself helps me read them in a more interesting way, using voices and inflection etc.

  30. says

    We introduced our son to books from the age of 9 months. He’s a year old now and loves picture books and points out to animals, fruits and vegetables when we name them. I’m grateful that he seems to have taken a liking for books and hope he cultivates reading as a hooby as he grows up.

  31. AMULYA says

    My 9 month old loves POPup books and I’ve a few waterproof ones for baby bathtime 🙂

  32. says

    We’ve tried to set up a reading nook in both our kids’ room and in the living room. They can enjoy reading by themselves or curled up with the family.

  33. Shelley says

    I try to make reading even more fun than it already is by incorporating it into our normal activities. At snack time, we might have hot buttered toast and read a mercy watson book (it’s mercy’s favorite snack) or we might read my kids a book about butterflies while they are doing a butterfly craft.

  34. MamaBear says

    We’ve been reading to our girls since they were babies, and books are just a part of our day, every day! When we’re out, we make connections to our favorite books: “Hey, there’s a pigeon! I wonder if he’s looking for a bus to drive?” “Or a hot dog to eat!” etc. I order from my classroom Scholastic Books catalog and bring home new books every month, and they always get books in their Easter baskets and Christmas stockings. On their birthdays, we use a hardcover book that goes with their party theme as a “guest book” for everyone to sign inside, too.

  35. MamaBear says

    Reading is already fun! I’m a teacher and am definitely not shy about doing silly voices and accents when I get the chance. 🙂 We give books as gifts and use them for guests to sign inside at the girls’ birthday parties, too.

  36. Terri Malone says

    We love to read and read everywhere at home, in the van, in the dr’s office anywhere is a good place to read. Our girls love reading we have been reading to them since they were in utero.They especially like to read before bed they read to settle down for the night about an hour before lights out.It’s so amazing to watch them grow and to beable to read to us.Our girl’s will be 7 and 4 in June and we try to make it fun by reading about things taht interest them.

  37. MamaBear says

    Oops–sorry for the double posts. I got an error message the first time so I thought it didn’t go through. I did like them on FB, too.

  38. Terri Malone says

    i did check out the website and will utilize this in the future thank you

  39. Amber says

    We make reading time apart of our nighttime routine. of course i read the story with all the animated voices; but i also point out things, or have my daughter point out things, that we are working on (ie: colors, shapes, animals). She has a lot of fun & I feel like I’m able to sneek in a little extra learning time.

  40. Chelsea says

    What an incredible giveaway! Some of the books we own and love already (and would love to share with friends), others are on our wish list, and a few are new. We are lucky that everyone here loves to read, but we try to keep it fresh by always having new books around, and reading in all sorts of different places (under the table, snuggled on the couch, at the park, etc).

  41. Chelsea says

    What an incredible giveaway! Some of the books we own and love already (and would love to share with friends), others are on our wish list, and a few are new. We are lucky that everyone here loves to read, but we try to keep it fresh by always having new books around, and reading in all sorts of different places (under the table, snuggled on the couch, at the park, etc).

  42. Laura says

    I have books where my daughter can easily access them (she’s almost 18 mo). I always set a little time aside each day for reading, and she’ll plop herself on my lap and we’ll read together. She’ll point to pictures that I label for her and it’s a great experience for us both. She’ll pick books up on her own and “read” them to herself so I think that means she likes books which is good! = )

  43. says

    I’m visiting the website. Love that they offer crafts & if I ever get an iPhone, they’ll be on my list of apps to download.

  44. Nicole says

    Both of my kids love to read, so it’s always fun. We have a large library to choose from, and it’s always a fight to see who’s book gets read first. Sometimes we take turns reading each page, and there are usually funny voices involved. We make it a family affair!

  45. Nicole says

    As soon as I downloaded the app on my iPad, my son noticed a new app and listened to a book immediately.

  46. Jen P says

    We make reading fun by using different voices and exaggerating emotions in the book. 🙂

  47. Alison says

    Downloaded the app on Thurday and my son was thrilled to start reading new books and also pleased to get a sticker saying he was the first person on this side of the atlantic to earn a sticker. Shame the contest isn’t open to European residents.

    (Apologies for the CAPS – Don’t know why they are happening)

  48. Karen MacKinnon says

    My daughter likes to read. We make reading fun by making a variety of books available for her to choose from.

  49. tara says

    we read together all of the time, everyday at bedtime and before naps is routine., even sometimes while waiting for water to boil while making dinner. we also sometimes act out the stories we read. last week we pretended to rhyming dust bunnies (from the story), my son loved pretending to be sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. WE also read when on the potty, whiched helped with potty training. i am so lucky my son loves reading.

  50. says

    At both my daycare and at home with my own boys We make sure to set aside a special time each day juts to snuggle and read stories together.

  51. Jennyroo says

    We make reading a part of our regular day’s play… it’s not just for bedtime!

  52. BABS HARRELL says


  53. says

    We read to the children everynight at bed time and a couple times each day. At night, we like to stick to books like Little House or Jungle Book. They are engaging and the children love to talk about them and predict what will happen next. During the day, we read picture books and do activities based on the season or theme of the book. My 6 year old also reads to me during the day. She loves giving Mommy a storytime.

  54. says

    I was raised by a children’s librarian, so books have been a constant for me and I make sure they are a constant for my children (3.5yr and 8mos). We have books throughout the house, visit the library regularly, read several times a day, have MeMeTales and ReadMe Stories on the iPod Touch, as well as a bookcase of “new” titles (that are off-limits for daily pickings so we can use them as instant rewards w/o needing to go anywhere). I also have seasonal and holiday books that I rotate out throughout the year. During storytime, I have my son pick some books and then the parent gets to pick a book, too, so we can keep some the less read ones in front of him. He’ll tell us when he’s done with one and wants to pass it on to other kids. It also helps that I’m an Usborne Books consultant, so he’s always excited to see what new books I ordered! 🙂 My son also enjoys quiet time to just “read” to himself and likes to read some of his favorites to us!

  55. Drina says

    We read a lot through out the day but one of our favorite times is before nap, we snuggle together on the couch and read a few books. My daugher is crazy about her books!

  56. Tiffany says

    I let them pick out the books and I also do voices and sound effects and get them involved in doing sound effects.

  57. says

    I make reading fun by getting into character. I’m not afraid to change my voice for different characters and my son just loves it. 🙂

  58. JJ says

    We read together, read along side each other, we go to the library weekly, have a reading tent. We’ve been doing all this since the little guy was a baby and so far he’s never thought it wasn’t fun!

  59. Colleen says

    We began going to story time at the library from a very young age and read every day at home. Now we play “story time” at home on the days we don’t go. My kids pretend to be their favorite librarian!

  60. Josie says

    We make reading fun by visiting the library every week and picking out tons of books to check out. We also buy books at the thrift store and we just read together. And really, what’f funner than one on one positive attention from Mom or Dad?

  61. says

    How fun! – To make reading fun, i often will keep my eye open at garage sales and for clearance books AFter a holiday…such as Christmas books , Easter, New Years, mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, ect — then a few weeks before the next holiday i have the books for the holiday out in our “Holiday Reading Basket” — The kiddos sooo look forward to this ever changing book basket and i find myself looking forwad to putting out the new books.

    Would be so nice to add 20 new books…. blessings, sarah

  62. rachelle says

    How do we make reading fun? We just keep our routine varied. Sometimes we read at nap time, always at bed time, we read in the play room, read at the library, read in the back yard. We read books, magazines, ebooks, scriptures, fiction, non fiction, picture books, chapter books etc. This is to keep the kids entertained and me as well!

  63. Janell Fanger says

  64. Janell Fanger says

  65. Dony says

    My 3 year old loves being read to. Infact we can expect a big meltdown if we dont read the 2-3 books she selects at bedime / naptime. We have been reading books to her since she was an infant. To make reading more fun we try do some crafts related to the books. visits to the library to get new books s a highly anticipated activity too.

  66. Dony says

    I have registered on the site .. cant wait to read some of the books with my daughter.

  67. says

    i do not have to do anything special to make reading fun in our kids have always enjoyed reading. 🙂

  68. Nic says

    We make it fun by making it part of our routine. That may sound weird, but I my 3 year old son looks forward to evening before bed because he knows he will get to snuggle on the bed with me and read a chapter from the book we are on. It is fun snuggle time (since it is the only time I lay by him on his bed. I refuse to do that when he is trying to fall asleep. Mean, I know.) plus it gets him all wound down. We love it.

  69. Allison DiMarco says

    I like to make reading fun by trying to be supper expressive with my voice. Just tonight we were reading “Ready for Anything” and Duck screams – I didn’t really scream but my daughter did and we were laughing hysterically!!! So love to read! I too make sure there are lots of books available and offer often to read to each of my girls.

  70. says

    I think we make reading fun at our house by reading a lot and finding ways to make it really expresive. My oldest daughter (4) loves reading princess tales while in a princess outfit, but my youngest (18 months) just loves to sit in mommy’s lap and tell me all about the book.
    valblaisdell at yahoo dot com

  71. HB says

    We’ve been reading since Z was about 3 weeks old – and he loves it. We try to make it more fun – for him and us – by using fun voices for different characters. And I search out great books – Caldecott winners and runner’s up and other awards for children’s literature. Usually he initiates reading – by chanting ‘booku, booku!’ and waving the one he wants in the air. If he doesn’t suggest – I always make sure I bring it up at an appropriate quiet time – before a nap, for instance. It’s a great wind-down activity for us.

  72. Sarah Bahm says

    How do I make reading fun? I love to put rhythm to the story and give all the characters fun voices!

  73. Kara Fiedler says

    To keep myself from getting bored, we check out 30-40 books from the library every other week so that we have plenty of new books for our bedtime reading selection. I go to lengths to choose books that relate to topics my daughter is currently interested in, learning about, or talking about and she is always thrilled to dig in and see what’s there. I also make sure to add enthusiasm to the reading and talk about what’s going on in both the text and illustrations.

  74. Sarah says

    I never really have put a lot of effort into “making” reading fun. It is just a fun thing to do, in and of itself! But there are a lot ideas in these responses!

  75. Sarah says

    I don’t have an iPhone, but I checked out the MeMeTales website. Cute stuff!

  76. Amy says

    We go to the library and get books a couple times every week. My kids pick out books on subjects they want to learn more about, their favorite books, subjects and topics and usually even several impulse selections. The point is it’s like an exploration and they love discovering what new adventures the library has for them on this visit.

  77. Amy says

    I downloaded the MeMe tales application for our Ipad. What a fun way to read a book.

  78. Amy says

    I liked MeMe tales on facebook. Facebook is a great way to stay connected with new products.

  79. Danielle says

    We have books in every room (even have a stack in the car in her toy bin!) and have read to our daughter since we first brought her home from the hospital. She LOVES books and will often grab one or two and bring them to us to read to her. She usually likes to have them read a few times. When we are done reading the few that she brought to us, she’ll go find another one or two she wants read. 🙂 We also read three books before bed time. We love books!!! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  80. Danielle says

    I like memetales on Facebook! 🙂 Thanks for the extra chance to win! 🙂

  81. Danielle says

    I also visited the website… i love the five little ducklings book. We don’t have an ipad or iphone. Cute site!

  82. Linda F. says

    It’s hard to get my grandson to sit down to read. So when he’s here we “catch as catch can”. Sometimes while he’s playing, I just pick up a book and start reading. Then Later I’ll find him with the same book, looking at it. As we solve some of his other problems, I think he will start to love reading as much as the rest of the family!

  83. Linda F. says

    Don’t have a smart phone, so visited your site. I did download a book that I can put on my Kindle!

  84. Mommy Melback says

    Like it on fb
    With a 5 and 6 year old making reading fun is really not hard. just opening a book they love to show off their reading skills. It is most fun for mommy to watch the 6 year old help the 5 year old on the words she doesn’t know.

  85. says

    I’ve been lucky (or maybe it’s not luck) that both my girls love to read. I started reading to Princess Pea before she was born, and by the time she was 3 months old she could hold a cloth book and turn the pages herself, making little noises as she ‘read’! I think because Princess Pea loves to read so much, Sweet Pea sees that and has followed suit – She is always going over to the bookshelf, taking out a few books, checking them over before choosing one, and then bringing it over to drop at our feet and crawling up onto our laps to wait for us to read it to her! (She’s 14 months now).

    When I taught 1st grade I made reading fun for the kids by making it their special time. They could sit/lie wherever and however they wanted to read, they could share books with friends, they could use pillows, cushions, and stuffed animals to help them get comfy. No pressure, all relaxation. And it was a class reward that if they finished everything they could get extra reading time – they thought it was the best reward ever!

  86. Xan S says

    Mostly we make reading fun by following interests and inclinations. We are always reading, but what we are reading varies greatly. My 4 yo enjoys books on anatomy right now. 😉

  87. Erin Elise says

    My sons absolutely LOVES to read!!!! He’s only 2 and already takes his books to his 2 special reading nooks in the house and “reads” for hours!!! We’ve made reading fun by making extra comfy magical spots to read in!!! His favorite is in his bedroom in the jungle….he has a leopard print beanbag and a camo mosquito net around the area….he can get lost there forever just reading with me!!! We also try to do crafts related to some of his favorite books.

  88. Erin Elise says

    Liked you on facebook (c: Just saw y’all are going to the petting zoo today…have fun!!! That’s one of our FAVE activities!!

  89. Andrea says

    We love reading in our house. We have a great library of books and have “reading parties” where we stack up the books and enjoy time reading to one another. It’s a fun family event!

  90. Andrea says

    Checked out the memetales web site – very cool! This will be a great resource!

  91. Erin Elise says

    just downloaded the meme tales reader on my iphone! We love it!!! We are learning all of our vegetables right now (c:

  92. Julie says

    We read books at the end of bath. DS loves starting the day with a nice bath and a story!

  93. Deanna coleman says

    Puppets, puppets, puppets. My husband and use many different types of puppets and voices. My daughter won’t let us read without them. We have built a puppet stage as well where we teach different manners, rules and concepts.

  94. Michele says

    We have snuggleover Fridays where we get a huge pile of books and popcorn in my bed and just read through them… then the kids sleep together in a tent in my daughter’s room. They love it. Both kids actually learned the days of the week b/c they were constantly trying to figure out if it was Friday yet! 🙂

  95. Erin says

    We read to our children multiple times a day. My 2 year old son loves books and is constantly asking me to read, looking at books himself, or carrying them around the house. We make weekly trips to the library and go to story time at our local library and children’s bookstore weekly as well. My newborn daughter is read to as well! We have bookshelves in each room of house and baskets of books available in each room for son to look through and read. And most importantly, my husband and I model reading on a daily basis as well.

  96. Marlleen says

    We read every night before bed and have done so since they were both born. we also sometimes act out our favorite books during the day. we do a letter a week program and select related books to read. it’s lots of fun!!

  97. Elisa Snyder says

    I liked on fb!
    answer to question: I let them pick out what they want to read and then help them with whatever they can’t read. My baby loves to look at pictures so most of the time it is a quick made up story to go along with the pictures because she turns pages at a rather quick pace.
    downloading app now!

  98. Elisa Snyder says

    Oops! I guess I was supposed to leave seperate comments for each!

    Answer: I let them pick out what they want to read and then help them with whatever they can’t read. My baby loves to look at pictures so most of the time it is a quick made up story to go along with the pictures because she turns pages at a rather quick pace

  99. says

    I would love to win. My daughter just moved up 5 reading levels. Yay!! We make it fun by taking turns reading. If there aren’t any pictures in the book we design our own. We also play the “what’s next” and try and guess what happens next!

  100. Rachel says

    To make reading fun I always have books accesible for the kids to pull out and ask us to read or flip though themselves. I also read books many times to them, so they can “read” them from memory and begin to think of themselves as readers.

  101. Liz Smith says

    We keep books in evert room, and a request to read is always greeted with a “Great Idea!”

  102. Staci R. says

    We are all readers in this house!! It’s not really work to make it fun for us, but we incorporate reading into lots of fun things, like trips to the library and book store, reading street signs for games, reading recipes that we make together, etc.

  103. Mary says

    We pick out fun books and have books all over the house. If the kids loose interest in a book, we don’t have to finish it.

  104. kim says

    We make reading fun by taking turns reading books. We use different voices and talk about what we think happened after the book ends.

  105. Kate Mitchell says

    Jackson loves to read! Going to the library and letting him pick out books he wants gets him even more excited.

  106. Erin W says

    We make reading fun by using silly voices for the characters & acting out our favorite stories. So happy that it seems my efforts have paid off as bith my 3 & 2 year old love to read. 🙂

  107. Erin W says

    No iphone/pad, so I checked out the website, very cute! They should get an Android app!!

  108. Claudette Lindquist says

    I have always had books in all rooms of the house, I love to read and have shared that with my children and now my grandchild. It is important to support their interests as well as introducing new Authors/venues–one child loves stories, the other enjoys technical books (even as a small boy, wanted to see diagrams, blueprints, etc.) As and early Childhood Educator I share that love of reading with my students and teachers alike, in my classroom there are books in all interest areas, just as there are books in all areas of our “Lives”! Love, love, love books!

  109. Jackie says

    We make it fun by doing it together! We always cuddle up and read stories whenever we get the chance 🙂

  110. Claire says

    I am a lucky Mom because my kids love to read. I just keep them supplied with lots of books to read. We also use a homeschool curriculum called “Five in a Row” to integrate quick lessons with some of the books we read.

  111. Christina564 says

    I try to make reading fun just by having books that I know will pique my granddaughters’ interests. My 2 year old granddaughter loves Dinosaurs, so I pick up books where dinosaurs are featured. She also loves Princesses… My 3 1/2 year old granddaughter loves Fancy Nancy, so I get those. Dora is a favorite of her too. I give books as gifts, and try to make the book store and library “magical” places just like my mom did for me when I was a young girl.

  112. Janet D says

    We make reading fun with voices. Melanie watts’ Chester books are perfect for making funny voices.

  113. Kristin says

    We have books with us everywhere we go! We often read on the bus around town and we always take some when we go out to eat. WE love to visit the bookstore and just browse, and we go to the library at least once a week. And, of course, we read every day at quiet time and bed time. There’s trouble if we try to skip it! My son also loves books that come with a cd , so sometimes he can listen on his own. He’s three, and my happiest moments are when our games involve him retelling and acting out some of the stories we’ve read! The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff is his current favorite to act out.

  114. Sharon M says

    It’s all about the funny voices. My son is 5 and still cracks up at the funny voices we come up with.

  115. Carrie says

    We always have a large supply of books in the house, so reading is a part of our everyday lives. The best and most special time is bedtime. No matter what goes on in the day, we cuddle up at night and read our special books. Every so often i put a new book on his pillow, his excitement and thankfulness warm my heart.

  116. Emily says

    I try to make sure that my kids each have their own time set aside each day where we sit down and read together. Honestly, my opinion is that any reading time is fun, just because reading is fun! I always read with enthusiasm and ham things up for my kids. It’s great to act like an idiot without having to worry about my kids making fun of me – they love it!

  117. Molly says

    Reading is naturally fun at our house because it means special time with mommy or daddy. It also helps to read funny books with silly voices : )

  118. Kim m says

    If it’s a book we’ve read a zillion times, my little guy likes to change the names of the characters in the story to the names of his friends. The story’s then the sane but a kittle different!

  119. Carroll B. Merriman says

    Really nice post. It’s nice to see there are a least a few smart people around in this world.

  120. nopinkhere says

    I guess the best ways I make reading fun are to almost always say “yes” when asked to read a book and to be expressive when I read.

  121. Karen says

    To make reading fun in our family, we try to highlight a subject, say fairies, and my girls love to then dress up as fairies as we read. It doesn’t work for every subject, but makes mixes things up sometimes.

  122. Janel Jones says

    We try to go to the library as often as possible to change out our books and make reading fun that way. We always get mickey books, since those are a favorite, and I make sure we have lots of books about cowboys, trucks and fire engines at home, since my son likes to pretend about those things anyway. My son also is excited to read before bed each night… probably because it delays bedtime.

  123. Leslie says

    We love to read. We have books in just about every room. We read in the bed, our comfy brown chair in his room, our recliner, couch, and on the floor. And if the weather is nice, we go outside and read. We listen to stories in the car too. My son is constantly asking for us to tell him a story or read a book which is great because that is the only time he is still and will let me snuggle. Otherwise, he is on the go as it should be. We would love to win. We love great books.

  124. Rachel Hoggan says

    We make reading fun by talking a lot about what we read, making lots of connections, and extending our reading into pretend play.

  125. Brandy says

    we adore reading in our family so we don’t really have to do anything to make it fun. however, the kids love it best when we all lie in the bed and read before we ever even get the day started!

    as i type this, everything is showing up all caps even though i don’t have my caps lock on. sorry, if it posts this way. not sure what else i can do.

  126. says

    We try to make reading fun by reading a lot, and by making the story fun when we’re reading aloud. Like using silly voices and actions.

  127. says

    My daughter loves to read, but we make it fun by taking regular trips to the library so she can pick out new books.

  128. Melissa says

    My kids love to read. We have a couch in our loft with baskets of books all around. I usually let them choose what they want to read. My two-year old daughter has to have her own book in her hands while I have one in mine. She is so cute “reading” her book.

  129. Tonia Bartley says

    My children and I read every night before bedtime. But sometimes during the day, if they are uninspired or especially if someone is having a bad day, we have a book party! I will get stacks of books and pile them on my big bed. Then we all gather together and just look at books. I don’t try to read to them as much as talk to them about books. The authors, the themes, and characters. We will read about the authors on the book sleeves. I want them to understand how amazing it is to create worlds within books! It is really fun and they love to do it.

  130. Karen W says

    I’ve checked out the memetales website and signed up. What an excellent idea!

  131. Karen W says

    I’ve liked memetales on Facebook. Can’t wait to check out their books and get reading with my kids!

  132. alison says

    reading is fun at my house b/c i always change my voice for the different characters and my kids are always laughing or really into the story b/c of this.

  133. Sara says

    We make reading fun by reading as a family. Everyone picks a book out and we take turns reading!

  134. Wehaf says

    We don’t do anything special to make reading fun, because it already is when you read good books and spend time together.

  135. Wehaf says

    I went to MeMeTales’ website; I love that they have crafts to go with the books!

  136. says

    I have just ALWAYS read to the boys. I don’t do anything to MAKE it fun necessarily, but , they love it. I do sometimes take a blanket outside with a pile of books which they love. I would love to start doing activities and crafts to go with books though.

  137. says

    I went to their website and checked it out. Very cool. Now I have some great ideas.

  138. jeannine m says

    we make reading fun by letting the kids pick out the books. We also make up silly stories to write

  139. jeannine m says

    Checked out the website and love all the books. The The Froggert of Boggert looks like a great read

  140. Rachael says

    We make reading fun by acting out the characters with different voices and expressions. We have books everywhere in the house, and always have time to read!

  141. meagan says

    When we read I like to have my little boy predict what will happen. We also do fun and simple activities that relate to his books- like making pancakes just like curious George.

  142. Maggie says

    We make reading fun by really getting into the characters, using funny voices, varying rhythms and pausing if there are questions or moments to laugh. We also love to go to storytime at our local library.

  143. Brooke says

    Our habit lately has been to let each girl pick a book for me to read, and then my oldest who is learning to read picks a book to read to me. Everyone is happy that they get to choose a book and it makes reading time fun!

  144. Lavanya says

    Reading has always been fun in our house because it is part of our daily routine even before our kid was born. he’s 3 now and hences chooses his own books and now he can read short words. we read books all through the day and whenever we take a break from other activities.

  145. Lavanya says

    Liked on FB and visited the site and bookmarked it because of the valuable info it has. 🙂

  146. says

    We have been reading to our boys since day 1 – we make reading fun by doing voices, reading all of the time, providing lots of books for our boys, and by reading ourselves.

  147. Abby says

    It’s never that hard to make reading fun at our house since my son loves to read books. We go to the library often to borrow books. We also like to act out the story and get into the characters of the books.

  148. Teresa says

    We make reading fun my making frequent trips to the library and checking out a big bag full of books!

  149. Marie says

    We make reading fun by changing it up on a regular basis. We have to read at least one book a day that we didn’t read the day before. Mostly this just helps keep reading fun for ME, but, hey, if Mom and Dad aren’t having fun, how can the kids? They can really get stuck in a rut reading the same books over and over and over and over.

  150. Melissa says

    Reading books together everyday is how we wind down and spend time together. My 3 year old son and I cuddle under a blanket while we not only read the story but talk about the story as well. reading time is safe time. reading time is love time.

  151. says

    When we’re reading books at home I let my kids get up and move around, rather than just sit still. I also let them pick the books and will read the same book a couple of times in one sitting. In general, I follow their lead. And of course we do still voices and act some of the scenes.

  152. Kimberly N says

    I love reading so I guess it never occurred to me that it wouldn’t be fun. One thing I do is try to read the text dramatically; not just read it, but feel it. I love it when my son repeats phrases from books with the same emotion/cadence that I used.

  153. says

    I am so lucky….both my kids got my love of reading! As long as there are books around, they’ll pick them up and read! My son would have me read to him 8 hours a day if I had that luxury! Even though I have shelves of books, we still make frequent trips to the library to keep the material fresh!! 🙂

  154. Lori Gatlin says

    We make Reading a Fun part of everyday at our home. My 6.5 year old reads at least 2 or 3 books a day. Some of them we read aloud together and sometimes we love to read in bed at night. We make different voices and funny faces too. I also introduced him recently to reading on my ipod as well as listening to kids audiobooks on it for something fun and different!

  155. Emily Saba says

    I try and find books on topics that interest them at the moment. Right now it’s all about
    under the sea animals. We take turns reading the pages and talk about the pictures on each page,

  156. says

    Reading IS fun, so we don’t do anything out of the ordinary to make it so. We read only the books that Grace wants to read, and we visit the library often to replenish our stash of kid-selected tales. I read the books with lots of expression and different voices and varied tones. Selecting good stuff makes it fun without any extra effort, I think.

  157. says

    I downloaded the app for Gracie a while ago, at least a week ago. We’ve read all the books on the app and she’s already asking for more. 🙂 I think Stickfiggy is her favorite character.

  158. Kelsie Kotzur says

    We read to our son every night. We make it fun by letting him choose who reads to him, which books he wants read, and at the end of our time reading to him, we let him read a book to us. Not only does he find this fun, it really helps him educationally. I love that my three-year-old is starting to sound out words already! And it’s all thanks to our reading time together!

  159. Mary says

    We make a fun trip of going to the library once a week to pick out new books, the girls love picking out their own books and then reading them later.

  160. says

    We read the book to them, then they re-read the book to the dog or their little brother. We also play the game where we each get a frequently used word and we all try to find our own word while reading!

  161. Erin B says

    My kids love to read so it’s not hard to make it fun, but I do like to get a bit crazy with voices from time to time.

  162. Renee says

    I like memetales on FB

    My little guy (almost 2) likes to be able to pick the books we read. I ask him to get the books and he then brings them to me to read together. He loves to look at pictures and turn the pages.

  163. Erin B says

    Downloaded the app!! Now I just have to locate the iTouch that my 2 year old misplaced…

  164. Amanda says

    My kids love to read so it’s usually always a fun time! My 4 year old is usually too busy to want to read any other time than bedtime, but she loves her stories and snuggles then. My 15 month old will randomly bring my books throughout the day and plop in my lap.

  165. Dana says

    We make reading fun, by reading together!! We also “act” out the stories, use flannel boards to show the pictures & we like to listen to books on long car trips & my 3 kids love it!

  166. Lisa Lemperes says

    We use silly voices and act out the stories I.e. “beeping” our noses or “flashing” our hands for lights.

  167. says

    I think reading, by itself is fantastic, but to up the “wow” factor, I’ve been known to construct a blanket fort for reading sessions (this is now that my son is learning how to read, helps to minimize the frustration sometimes). We also do lots of reading slash snuggling or reading slash snack to make it even more fun.

  168. says

    We’ve always read before every nap & bedtime & let J choose what to read. We do fun voices & talk about the stories a lot. Now, she’s 5, and she loves going to the library to pick the books herself. It’s awesome watching her learn to love to read!

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  169. says

    Wish Meme had an app for droids!! Checked out the website, and it’s awesome! Would be great to have it on the go on a mobile device to occupy time when necessary.

  170. alexandra says

    All three of my boys love reading ~ I’ve read to them since they were tiny babies and books are just a natural part of our lives. At our house storytime is a time for us to drop what we’re doing and all cuddle up together with a big stack of books. It’s like a break from the rest of the day and lets us have a fresh start in the middle of a stressful or busy day.

  171. Courtney says

    We read to our kids all the time. But to make it even better, we listen to books on tape, grandparents read to them, we pick fun books, we leave books in the cars and we recite our favorites all the time, including the funny accents!