New Book Releases!

by Carrie Anne

My Big Book of Trucks and Diggers
Raincoast Books
board book
Have you ever walked by construction and seen your child’s face fill with awe? Bulldozers. Backhoes. Graders. Construction vehicles are mezmorizing to kids, boys and girls. My Big Book of Trucks and Diggers is a sturdy board book with full colour photos of some of those big Caterpillar vehicles. Each spread focuses on one vehicle, offer it’s name in big bold letters with a full image along with a page that focuses on key aspects of the vehicle. You’ll find a close-up of the wheel or the boom ripper. Kids will love testing their knowledge on the vehicle names and the different vehicle parts. I liked that some of the vehicles were ones that I had never heard of (though perhaps construction junkie kids might know them already).
snuggle bunny
Raincoast Books
board book with puppet
Bedtime is the perfect time to snuggle together and enjoy a book. Let’s Get Ready for Bedtime! Snuggle Bunny follows a collection of stuffed animals as they get ready for bed. The story goes through a typical bedtime routine of tidying-up and brushing your teeth. Little ones will enjoy interacting with Snuggle Bunny, a hand puppet that is built into the middle of the book (the hole in the book enables Snuggle Bunny to appear on each page). The puppet doesn’t fit like a snug puppet so even dad’s hand would fit. I found the puppet not easy to control but I think just having the bunny there and moving around was enough to entrance my youngest. My little one even enjoyed retelling the story as she manipulated the bunny puppet.
Little Critter Numbers
Sterling Publishing
board book
I’m not a fan of character books like Dora or Clifford, but my kids love them and if these characters entice my kids into books, that can’t be a bad thing. Fans of Little Critter will enjoy counting with the Numbers board book. The book is a simple number concept book, offering both the numerical and written form of the numbers one to ten for number recognition. Each number is also represented by an animal for kids to count. Although there is no written story in the book, a story still exists in the form of following Little Critter through a visit to the zoo, taking pictures and counting the animals on his visit.
Rockin’ Babies
Sterling Publishing
board book
Not all parents are about fluffy white sheep and singing flowers. Some parents are about a little rock and roll and Rockin’ Babies lets them share their love in a fun cheeky way with their little ones. This cute illustrated board book takes typical baby moments, like having their photo taken by loving family or banging around on pots and pans, and puts a fun rockstar twist to it.
Disclosure : All books provided free to Carrie Anne  for review by publishers.
Carrie Anne is a contributing writer on No Time For Flash Cards , she is a mom of 3 , and is the Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief at
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