Summer Reading and A Chance to Win!

Never too young or old to read a picture book!

We are so close to my goal of 20,000 books read ! So far our readers and their kids have read 17734 books ( as of this morning) , can you believe it?!  Reading with your kids is so important not just for their learning but for quality family time too! I know next week the update will be announcing hitting 20,000 books so get your entry in and don’t forget one lucky participant will win a $50 gift card too!

If you haven’t joined our Summer Reading Challenge yet you are not too late. All the details are here but the gist of it is that you read with your kids, tally up how many books you have read, submit a tally sheet once per submission period ( see below) and then you are automatically entered to win a $50 gift card at the end of the summer. Pretty cool!

Submission Periods :

June 3-9th , 10th -16th , 17th- 23rd , 24th-30th

July 1st-7th , 8th-14th, 15th- 21st , 22nd-28th

July 29th – August 4th

August 5th-11th , 12th-18th , 19th -25th.

The winner will be drawn on the 26th of August.

Submit Your Tally Here


  1. Josephine says

    Silly me! I wish that I had clicked over to that form at the BEGINNING of the summer! That was too easy! We have done 2 separate summer reading programs at local libraries this summer and I was feeling overwhelmed. We traveled for 3 weeks to visit family and my son completed their program of reading 10 hours (well having them read TO him) in a little over a week (he had some awesome aunts helping out!!) We returned to our home and finished their 6 hours of reading in no time at all! Now we sit and read for the total fun of it (I think I was the only one feeling some pressure!)

    I will be adding my submissions for the last few periods now!! Thanks so much for all of your encouragement!! I feel that you have made me a better mother than I was starting out to be!! THANK YOU!!

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