20 Thousand Books Read and Still Going Strong

I knew we could do it . No Time For Flash Cards readers have read over 20 thousand books with their kids this summer, and the summer isn’t even over!


This comment from a reader I got yesterday sums up why we are hosting our Summer Reading Challenge  :

I wanted to thank you for hosting the Summer Reading Challenge.  My almost 5 yr old has always loved books, and reading together is one of our favorite things to do.  While I consider us heavy readers, keeping track of the number of books we read has shown me that our hectic summer schedule has taken a toll on our reading time.  I’m not sure I would have noticed as much if I hadn’t been keeping track for the challenge.  I definitely do not want to slack off on reading to my son or diminish this special time together, so I’ve started getting more creative about how to fit books in.

This is what it’s all about!

Though the $50 Amazon.com gift card is pretty rad too and you will be entered to win it if you join.

If you haven’t joined our Summer Reading Challenge yet you are not too late. All the details are here but the gist of it is that you read with your kids, tally up how many books you have read, submit a tally sheet once per submission period ( see below) and then you are automatically entered to win a $50 Amazon.com gift card at the end of the summer. Pretty cool!

Submission Periods :

June 3-9th , 10th -16th , 17th- 23rd , 24th-30th

July 1st-7th , 8th-14th, 15th- 21st , 22nd-28th

July 29th – August 4th

August 5th-11th , 12th-18th , 19th -25th.

The winner will be drawn on the 26th of August.

Submit Your Tally Here

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