Custom Reading Lights

I have been having so much fun decorating our playroom and although it’s not quite ready for the big reveal ( being 5’4 with a baby perpetually in my arms is limiting sometimes). One thing I could do was to turn these dollar store push lights into a fun light up sign for our book nook.  For the last week we’ve been snuggling in the nook before quiet/ nap time and reading book after book. It’s the coziest place and totally worth loosing a closet and it’s storage space.

  1. Gather your materials. You’ll need one push light per letter and a permanent marker ( I used a broad-line Sharpie) .
  2. Write out your letters or draw something fun. I stuck to one letter per light with such a short word , but you could do anything you want.
  3. Add batteries and hang up.
  4. Push on and read.

Do not forget to participate in our 2nd Annual Summer Reading Challenge , it’s not too late!


    • admin says

      Oh yes under bunk beds! Yeah little miss has wild hair , hopefully it will be long enough for pig tails soon.

  1. says

    I hope to be starting an online and real life kid’s book club and wanted suggestions on how to make a cool reading nook for each member.
    Thanks for the idea!!


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