One Great Board Book

Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers and Marla Frazee

Every now and then I choose just one book to devote a whole post to, instead of putting it in a post with a handful of others. As soon as I sat down to read this book my daughter got for her 1st birthday I knew I’d write about it. Months after her birthday this book has never made it to a shelf, it’s always on the coffee table because she flips through  it, we read it together and my son reads it to her every day.

The concept is simple but the results are wonderful. The book celebrates all sorts of babies and all the every day things babies do.  My daughter ( who is 14 months) points out all the babies on each page as I read the rhyming text . So maybe you are thinking ” What’s so great about babies and text that rhymes?” nothing, that isn’t what makes this book so awesome. I love this book because of it’s diversity, inclusion, and acceptance of all babies and families.  The illustrations are full of depictions of all sorts of families showering their smallest most precious member with love . What I adore about the diversity of the illustrations is that readers are left to put whatever assumption we wish on the families in the book. What I assumed were two mommies my husband thought was a husband and wife, I thought a lady was a grandma and my son said it was just a older mom. This is why I love this book, my 14 month old doesn’t see why this message is outstanding, what she does see is all sorts of happy babies in all sorts of  families being the norm and this is the world we want her to know.

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  1. Colleen says

    I’m so glad that you decided to highlight this fantastic book! We checked it out from the library and renewed it the maximum number of times. We used it to help our 2 and a half year old get ready for the impending arrival of our second daughter. She loved seeing all of the different babies and we pointed out all of the things she remembered doing. I loved it for all of the different ways parents take care of their babies, and all of the diverse babies represented. There is something for everyone and every family situation! I think I need to invest in a family copy!

  2. Angell says

    Hi, I’ve been a long time follower of your blog and just love it so much.

    By any chance do you…or your readers know of other blogs similar to yours? I love how you stay on task and have a purpose with each post. I start homeschooling for the first time next week and would love as many resources available relating to kids’ crafts.

    Thanks so much!

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