15 Shape Crafts For Kids

15 shape crafts for kids

Creating with shapes to make a bigger creation has been an activity I have done for years at home and in the classroom. If your child decides that they want to create something other than the end product you intended encourage it! They are still playing with, manipulating and getting a hands on experience with shapes which is the goal, the end product isn’t. Some kids like my son want an end goal to work towards to get started , so here are some fun projects to inspire your shape creations.

Shape House. Fantastic for basic shapes and little hands.
Shape Dinosaur. Make shapes exciting for your little paleontologist.
Shape Sail Boat. Set sail while learning about geometry.
Shape Pizza . Add shape toppings to your circle crust.
Shape Trash Truck . Perfect for those kids who go batty on garbage day.
Shape Bulldozer. What can I say my son likes big trucks.
Shape Banjo. Great way to mix math with art and music.
Shape Castle. Make it big and detailed or simple just don’t forget the glitter!
Shape Firetruck. Firetrucks were the big thing around here for a long time.
Shape Snake .
Make a little one or a huge long snake full of all sorts of shapes.
Mining For Shapes.
Play pretend while learning about shapes too.
Shape Skyscraper.
Sort your shapes and make a 3D building with them.
Shape 4 Leaf Clover.
Get ready for St.Patrick’s Day with this fun shape craft.
Shape Sorting. An easy introduction for young preschoolers.
Shape Princess. For your princess obsessed kiddos.



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    I love this post! My kids love shapes and all types of puzzles…this post gave me the idea to have my 3rd grader make shape puzzles for his three younger siblings!

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