Promoting Open-Ended Drawing

I offer my kids crayons, markers and paint daily but my son has been in a rut. He turned down my offers, he wouldn’t grab the basket I’d leave materials in during quiet time, it seemed like I’d never get him to draw just to draw again! Then I bought some clipboards after seeing this art display on pinterest, My original goal was to make it a gallery for any and all of our artwork but when I put white paper on them to see if I wanted to spray paint the clipboards white both my kids stopped playing . My son asked immediately what they were for , and I am so glad I was quick enough to answer ” They are for you, grab the markers!”.

And he did, and still is!

Now I simply change the paper every few days, he notices that there is fresh paper and grabs the markers.

He’s not the only one though , my daughter loves the clip boards too.

The paper stays put and now when I grab it off the wall she immediately starts signing “Please!” As you can see she is a huge fan!

Best part is that you have a place to display your art already! Displaying art is really an important thing because it celebrates their creativity, their accomplishments and boosts their confidence in their own abilities.  

Sometimes simple is all you need.

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I need to do this RIGHT AWAY! My kids love to draw, and I keep a drawer full of crayons and paper in the living room coffee table, and an easel with chalk, but I don’t have any real way to display the art (I hate refrigerator art…)

    thanks for the brilliant idea!

  2. Mary says

    I keep clip boards & colored pencils in our travel bag for long trips & sleepovers to Grandma’s house.

    When my oldest (age 9) was little like th youngest in your pics, I took her marker scribbles…..I mean drawings, & turned them in bookmarks for family members. I covered the back in glue, folded the paper in half & waited until it was dry. Next I cut it into strips, wrote “Love Lizzy” & the year on one side with a marker, covered both sides with clear packing tape & trimmed them. It had the same effect as lamination. Finally I used a hole punch on one end & braided 3 colors of embroderiy floss as a tassle. The family that reads books loved them & still use them, usually in their bibles.

  3. Lesley says

    Hey! I just started doing this with my son last week and it’s been a big hit too. Another thing you can do is use magnetic and chalkboard paint on the clip boards and keep them in the car for all sorts of road trip activities. Thanks for the blog, it’s been a lifesaver to me as a first time/SAHM. Take care.

  4. says

    I like the clip board idea. My girl loves to draw and paint. It has been a challenge for me to keep all her artwork. We have select a few good ones (both my girl and boy) and frame them up as home deco. You can take a look at

    I have also featured them in fb

    I think Mary’s idea of turning them into bookmark is excellent. I have filed some of their drawings and probably it will be handy to turn into bookmarks.


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