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letter of the week curriculum Our letter of the week series continues with letter I . There aren’t a huge number of letter I activities but that is a great reminder for parents and teachers to focus on the whole alphabet even while doing a letter of the week program. Letters work together and so we should teach them together. Use letter of the week as a way to focus some extra time on one letter not to focus all your time on it. Alphabet books are a great way to bring all the letters together and we have 3 great ones in the post too!

{Letter I Crafts}

Ice Cream IIsland I


{Activities And Crafts Begining With I}

Ice Cream Taste Test Insect Painting Insect Hunt – Ice Sensory Play  – Insects 


{Alphabet Books}

Bruno Munari’s ABC by Bruno Munari will make you wish you had an extra copy to  pull out the pages and frame them. It’s  1960 retro gold. The book is simple enough, each page is devoted to a letter like most alphabet books, and on those pages are objects that start with the letter. There are cheeky bits of dry humor throughout as a fly shows up on pages after F and my son liked the S page with a sack of stars and snow for Santa. All in all a little different but not groundbreaking.  However, the way it is graphically designed perfectly captures the retro cool that simply can’t be recreated with a new book. My son liked it but wasn’t nearly as into it as I was.

A Is for Astronaut: Exploring Space from A to Z by Traci N. Todd is a typical themed alphabet book that is atypically funky. The vintage illustrations and historical photos from NASA makes this book stand out from other similar books. Each letter represents a number of space related items and the historical photos are so powerful in this because it bridges the gap from being a story to being information that children are eager to dive into further. There is something so powerful about a photograph to make that connection that this really happened, these guys really walked on the moon in ” the olden days” as my son calls any time before his birth in 2006.

Learn The Alphabet : with Northwest Coast Native Art by Native Northwest was an amazing gas station find. Yes, I said gas station. I ran in for some diet coke and came out with an alphabet book ! This book is amazing, bright beautiful and even though I bought it for my daughter since it’s bright colors and sturdy pages are perfect for a baby, my almost 4-year-old son adores it. What I love is when he reads it to her . The Native art is gorgeous and if you are unfamiliar with North West coast art you are in for a treat.

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    I worked in Pre school handling 2 years old. I would like to get some more ideas for letters of the week cradt. Sone of this I’ve already made for the previous years. We’re all year roubd program. But starting Fall we need to start again the alphabet crafting. Thanks in advance

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