Artist Inspired Art Projects for Kids

art docent ideas

Art history is alive and well we just need to share it with your children, pick an artist, make a project and have fun with art history! Other than my family one of my great loves is art history and from birth I have shared art with my kids through books, museum visits and projects like these. Each project is listed under the artist who inspired it , click through the artists name to see the original tutorial and great books to go along with these projects. These are great art docent projects for kindergarten and first grade too.

Emily Carr

Katsushika Hokusai

Jasper Johns

Wassily Kandinsky

and another Wassily Kandinsky

Masterpiece Memory Game

Henri Matisse

Claude Monet

Jackson Pollack

Georges Seurat

Vincent Van Gogh and Vincent Van Gogh


  1. Aleacia @ Dilly-Dali Art says

    Great projects! Art history was one of my favorite classes in college. Can’t wait to try some of these ideas with my preschooler :)


  2. says

    What a great post with links to some fab ideas. We got a great book called ‘something wild at the walker art gallery’ (walker art is a gallery in Liverpool nr where we live). It includes art activity cards with stuff similar t your ideas :-)

  3. says

    Thanks for this round up! I want to do more artist-inspired projects this year since my daughter is 5 now and retains more of this information. That was a great post to pin :)


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