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  1. anonymous says

    Fantastic!! I can’t wait to do this with my 5 yr old son! Looks like our library has a copy of the “Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation” book too, so we’ll be able to check that out as well!! You are truly gifted in creating meaningful play and fun learning experiences.

  2. Lisa says

    Oh man – I just turned in my daughter’s Scholastic book form yesterday, thought about buying that book, but ultimately didn’t because I don’t love some of the Thanksgiving stories out there and didn’t know if it would be any good. Oh well, I’ll check the library. Looks like another fun project. I’ve been following this blog for years now, but did you know that some of your projects are being pinned all over pinterest now?

  3. Lori Willard says

    This is FANTASTIC!! You really have done a GREAT job! My kids learn so much better when DOING something– so this is PERFECT! Thank you for taking the time to write it out and share!!

  4. says

    Just printed out your questions so we can do this tomorrow while I’m finishing preparations for our dinner. Thanks so much for a great idea! We bought “Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation” and love it. Another great book we found is “The First Thanksgiving” from step into reading ( and have really enjoyed that as well.

  5. Lorna Russell says

    Thank you so very much for sharing this fabulous idea.
    I am Australian, and am going to adapt your clever idea to share our colonial history with our 6 year old son and my Year 5 students.
    I think it is such a powerful way to teach empathy by getting them to physically follow the path.
    I won’t be doing this until early next year- which gives me time to research and plan it well.
    Thank you again- you have inspired me!
    Lorna from Melbourne

  6. April says

    I love this activity idea! I teach second grade and I’m going to adapt this same idea for my second graders. It’s also great for teaching them the story structure of time lines. Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Sam says

    My kids (7,5,almost 2) loved this! Pretending to be Pilgrims, stepping into the shoes of those who lived so long ago and endured so much hardship for things we take for granted today, was a wonderful exercise and history link. Next year, maybe we’ll take it another step and add some costumes, but as it is, this was so informative and fun. Plus, the kids recognized names of the key figures in this series of historical events this year! Fun!


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