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How many of you do photo books every year for grandparents? For the past 4 years we have made photobooks for our family that extends from Canada to Texas and over to Chicago. They all want to see our kids’ every day moments as well as the milestones they miss living so far away.

For 4 years I have used Snapfish to make photo book gifts ( the picture below is from our 2010 book) because I like the options they have for layout . I want to tell a story with my pictures and with Snapfish I can,  also it’s fast, which is super important becasue I usually leave it til the last minute. You’d never know that last year’s photobook was created by me typing with only one hand while nursing my 6 month old ( it was the only time I had to sit! ) ; the online tools are really that easy to use.

Love the multiple pictures so telling a story is easy!

What Snapfish is doing this holiday season with its “Your Creative Lens On Life” campaign is getting the word out about some new features for photo book creation like its design service that creates the layouts for you . How perfect is that for busy parents?

Snapfish also wants to highlight creative uses for its photo books, because its services can be used to make recipe books, baby books, children’s art books… the sky is truly the limit. That is why I need your help.

So put on your thinking creative cap because we are in a contest yes I said WE. 9 other bloggers are competing against us to make the most creative photo book..using reader suggestions!

We HAVE to win – creative is what No Time For Flash Cards is all about.

There is a prize too– If my book is selected as the winner by Snapfish I will receive a credit to Snapfish and the first 100 commenters on THIS post will win $100 in photo book credits too if our book is selected the winner.  But that is ONLY if we win.

I need your help.

Should we do a crafts book? An alphabet one ? Maybe alphabet crafts? Or  color book? Oooh the possibilities are endless. Any design or theme ideas are welcome, heck any suggestion is… so what do you think?


Disclosure : I have been compensated by Snapfish for participating in this campaign, but as always I only choose companies I would recomend personally to work with professionally.
Contest CLOSED
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  1. Barbara says

    i love the idea of a craft book. we’ve done books for our kids with artwork they’ve done throughout the year. the books always come out great! i love the magic layouts on snapfish because it makes it easier to get all of your pics on one page. good luck!

  2. Kim says

    I like the idea of having members of the family write down their favorite memories of the year, cut their writing out, and put it in the book (scan it or photograph it) with a picture of that memory.

  3. Jeanna says

    Busy Book – alphabet pages, coloring pages, tic tac toe, matching game with additional pieces.

    This is my first comment on your site, but I read it daily! My daughter is 9 months old and I’m so inspired by what you share everyday. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your ideas with the rest of us.

  4. Yvette says

    I love snapfish! I use them regularly. The idea of using them for classroom projects is great! I vote for alphabet crafts! My second choice would be a year of holiday ideas.

    I love your site! I’ve shared it with all my preschool parents. You have some really great ideas!

    Good luck!

  5. Marie says

    How about a ‘Day in the Life’ type of book for pre-schoolers? It could start out with songs to sing to rouse a kid out of bed, songs to inspire teeth- brushing, simple breakfast recipes, then to mid-morning with snack ideas and arts and craft ideas, lunch ideas, nap-time/quiet time-type activities, outside adventures, etc. until we get to the end of the day and are left with an exhausted family.

  6. Rebekah says

    I like the idea that someone else listed for a “busy book.” I also like the idea of a bedtime story personalized for your children. Kids love to read before bed and also love to read about themselves.

    This is my first time commenting but I have enjoyed reading your blog for a while now!

  7. Michelle P says

    I love the idea of an alphabet craft book. We do an annual book with the big events each month and the new or funny things the kids did. At the end of each month i write a little recap so I am ready at the end of the year.

  8. Sarah r. says

    I just did an alphabet book for my daughter with pictures of her with items. What about a search and find book? Large photo with Hidden items picture on one side (like a mess of holiday ornaments on the floor) with small pictures of the items to find on the other side. Could set out each of the items on white paper and take a shot of four or so at a time. Could be themed by page for a different holiday each time.

  9. Jackie says

    All the comments so far are great. My favorite so far is the “Day in the Life” of a preschooler but I also like the idea of an alphabet emotions book or an alphabet daily activities book. We use sanpfish a lot for the great deals and the great layouts. Good luck!

  10. nicole says

    I love photobooks! I just made one for my 3 year old with pictures of him aand his favorite things with the alphabet. I can’t wait till he opens it on Christmas day. I am so proud of it.

  11. says

    I like idea of a crafts book. We’ve done the book from Snapfish for my parents and my in-laws a couple of years ago. I loved giving it to them, and they loved receiving it. It was so cute…but it was so much work to put that book together, I haven’t done it again.

  12. Sarah says

    I like the idea of an alphabet craft book, but what about a craft book divided up by holiday? I love getting inspiration for kiddie crafts here on pretty much any topic I could think of (love that sidebar!). Good luck!

  13. Katrina says

    Definitely Alphabet Crafts! It is a lot of your content to pull from. Pick the most creative and colorful (we loved A Aligator with teeth!) Also shape construction truck seen for C Construction. Just Ideas. Use options available, like corner stickers/emblems, fancy text, Contrasting/Interesting color combinations. Benefits lots of people and could be passed around between family/friends. Match with a catchy/creative Kids Title (I MADE My Alphabet! maybe)

  14. Kara Fiedler says

    I have been searching far and wide for a book of colors for preschoolers that incorporates more than the standard 11 or so colors…including shades, synonyms, and other color terminology, e.g. scarlet, hunter green, sea green, mauve, etc. I’ve concluded that I would have to make my own, and Snapfish would be a great way to do so, using real pictures as examples of the colors.

  15. says

    I’m hoping that I’m not double posting, but I can’t seem to find my comment on here. I think an alphabet crafts book would be great!…maybe to go along with a book for each letter. I’ll have to read over these comments too…such great ideas!

  16. says

    Have you ever seen the book, beautiful oops? (by barney saltzberg) It shows how art mistakes or random art materials can be transformed into beautiful things.

    I think a book like that showing kids making beauty or meaningful experiences out of what might have been a mess or mistake would be very cool.

    But You’ll have to see the book, I think, to really see what I’m talking about.

    Good luck!

  17. Lizzy Allen says

    I would do an abc book and take pictures of the letters found in everyday objects (ex. a t shaped cloud). If you get stuck on a letter, you could do a lucky charms letter (lol). I would have my son hold up the letter in front of or in the background of the picture. do this for every letter.

  18. paula says

    I love photo books and Snapfish is my fav. There have been some great ideas that I may need to borrow. I love the alphabet craft idea. I think a monthly craft book would be fun too. A craft or two for each and the various holidays in each month. No matter what you choose it’ll be great.

  19. Marcie says

    An alphabet book would be really cute. I wonder if there’s a way to also include photos of your child? I know my daughter would love a book that had photos of her artwork and also photos of her. Maybe one page could be the letter art and the facing page could be a photo of the child trying to pose like the letter or something – I’m sure you could be more creative than me!

    I’ve also thought of doing a “first words” book for my younger daughter, because she’s right at that age. But that has a more limited appeal… Good luck!

  20. says

    I like the search and find idea in a previous post. My own two cents is to do your own spin on “twas the night before Christmas” although you would probably have to rewrite it to fit your own needs and to also keep copyright laws.

    I just found your site the other night, but I LOVE IT!!! So, thank you!

  21. says

    The possibilities are endless! I love your alphabet crafts so much. It would be fun to see all the alphabet things your child made. I also love an ABC book with family members or vacation spots or a vacation by the numbers book. Something with different generations would be neat too… maybe all the weddings in your family or baby photos from different generations. Have fun!!!

  22. meag says

    Seems like the alphabet book wins. What if each page included pictures of letters from real life (like streets signs ect.), and alphabet craft, and a picture of your kiddos at or doing something associated with the letter. For example for “z” a stripped zebra “z” craft, pictures of Zs from around town, and a picture of your kiddos at the zoo, or even pictures of people in your family whose names start with each letter like Zach. My little guy would love a spread of such fun things on one page. Hope you win because really you are absolutely so creative!

  23. Kathy Zielinski says

    My next photobook project is to make a collection of my son’s drawings and / or self portraits. I can’t wait to see all of them next to each other and see the progression of his abilities!

    I like the crafts idea. Aside from the alpha crafts, you can also try breaking it up seasonally or by holidays. I also like the art themed projects you’ve done with the kids. If you have enough to make a whole book on artists, you can photograph your kids in front of the artists’ works at a museum, then have the next page show an example of their art inspired crafts.

  24. Jen says

    I LOVE the alphabet crafts book. What a clever way to put it all together and your child would LOVE seeing their artwork and remembering over and over.

    Another photobook I would like to work on is a collection of stories or memories from family (Grandma’s, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles etc. ) for when they were kids.

    Good luck with your book!

  25. Kimberli says

    I vote an alphabet collage book. For example, for the letter B, you could have photos of B crafts mixed in with photos of daily activities (like Blowing Bubbles) or a relative whose name starts with B, etc.

    Good Luck!

  26. says

    Alphabet book sounds like a winner…

    Just for the fun of it – – A :ouple other ideas: How about “emotions”. Photos of your kids and family displaying all different types of smiles, laughs, and tears and tired and scared can be fun too. Or how about “Favorite Places” easy way to showcase all the fun things you’ve done around town/country/home/backyard etc.

    I know what ever idea you chose it will be a winner. Good luck!

  27. says

    Oh how fun! And so many things you could do.

    What about crafts based on favorite books? I always love it when I can tie things in together.

    An I Spy sort of book, but this one full of familiar things.

    A book on emotions? One side could have a large shot of the child making the appropriate face, and the facing page could show situations that might cause that. (i.e. Mad because someone took your toy, sad because you fell down, happy because you’re getting a hug, etc.)

    Or, oh oh.. what about a book of what-to-expect for a situation? Something that might make a child nervous (haircut? dentist visit? or even just a trip to the store if they’re not a very social child?) You could take photos of big brother as he went along doing one of those things like a pro, and pair it with simple text saying what sorts of things happen during a trip like that.

  28. Quentin says

    I love the idea of an alphabet book. I like the concept of using blocks of bright and varied colours as a background to the letter along with a related word and interesting fonts. I really like Meag’s ideas too – on other items to incorporate into a page. You could also make it a truly collaborative project and create the design template and overall theme for the book and welcome readers to each submit a single photo (following the theme ie: photo of a street sign with the letter R) Sounds like fun. Good Luck!

  29. says

    how about a children’s art book..putt all their art work(or even stories they wrote or poems during the year into a book, what a great way to keep their school work so that they can always look back and be prud of what they did and even learn from it. How cool would it be for a child to see their work “published”

  30. Lizie says

    An alphabet craft book would be awesome! Or I realize it might be hard to do this late, but throughout the year, you could have an theme going, alphabet would work, where you incorporate the letters into photos you take. A photo for every letter, our year from A to Z! Good Luck! I hope we win!

  31. Kara says

    I like the alphabet Craft idea, too. you could also scan some of your kids’ original artwork to preserve forever. maybe they could comment on the artwork, too. kind of like a coffee table book of famous artists – only the artists are your kids! Good luck!

  32. Rebecca says

    I am always a sucker for alphabet books of all kinds so the above ideas do really sound awesome. But some other thoughts I had are:
    – I remember (for places or people only see every once in a while, military families come to mind here)
    – days of thew week, especially if you have a pretty set schedule, for example my husband works out of town on certain days so the kids do not see him those nights
    – numbers, counting higher than 20, or counting down from something
    – colors, beyond the basics, for example I could see my little girl wanting a book titled, My Book of Pink
    – Holiday Playdough recipes and pictures of activities
    I’m sure there is something else but I’ve got to try to get my youngest to bed…. Good Luck!

  33. Kathryn says

    How about a book about your special Christmas ornaments? Each page can highlight a particular ornament and describe why it’s special (purchased while on vacation to X, hand-made by your neighbor Y, a gift to you when you were 7 years old, etc.).

  34. chicago blackhawks hockey jerseys says

    This is my first comment on your site, but I read it daily! The idea of using them for classroom projects is great! I vote for alphabet crafts and my second choice would be a year of holiday ideas. but need to know is it only follow the Spanish language?

  35. says

    I would love a baby board book filled with art projects by my kids… and then they could dictate a sentence for each page. It could also be an Alphabet book based on the pictures….

    I am planning to make a coffee table art book for my parents of the art that my kids have done… but I would love for each of my kids to have a board book copy too.

  36. Heather says

    I’ve heard of people taking photos of their children’s artwork and turning that into a photo book as a way to preserve the art work . Maybe you could combine this idea with another of the ideas–like have your children draw pictures of animals.

  37. danielle w says

    I love photo books! My favorite one that I have made was for my niece when she was recovering from an accident which caused brain damage. I made her an alphabet book and included photos of her family under the letters that corresponded with their names- there were some toys thrown in there, as well as every day items like, Milk, too. Good luck!!!

  38. Anne M. says

    I teach elementary gifted students and am always on the lookout for new ideas or ideas that I can adapt. Each year my second graders make an alphabet book for Kindergarten. I can use this idea and incorporate the use of technology all in one project. Thanks for the idea!

  39. Jeanette says

    Being able to make your own personal photo books is just a wonderful thing. The results are amazing and very professional. Like your alphabet toy book!! I love it. Even better, it is a wonderful family heirloom.

  40. Rebecca P says

    I am about to start my NQT teaching year this September and love to hear about creative ways to educate children…I will be making a similar thing with my new class so that their learning is meaningful to them!

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