Books For Your Next Field Trip

Yesterday on our  facebook page  I asked readers where their children loved going on family outings. Museums, the zoo and the beach were all mentioned along with science centers and more. I think that part of learning through play is setting a launch pad for a deeper experience and using books as a tool for that is an easy option . Whether you homeschool or just want to enrich your family time using books to deepen these hands on experiences your kids will learn more.  I have rounded up books for each of these popular sights, click through the image or text for the full reviews of each title.

 The Zoo

The Beach

Art Museum

The Planetarium

The Ballet

The Symphony


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    I love this post because I ALWAYS try to prepare my son for our vacation with a book that relates to where we are going. It gets him sooooo excited. We went to San Diego last year and visited the zoo, beach, and navy ships and he was well prepared to look for things that he had already read in his books.
    Plus, we love going to the library!!!

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    THis is a WONDERFUl list of so many great books by topic!! Thanks you for compiling them for us!!! I am happily reserving LOTS of them at our local library =-)


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