Everyday Kindness

I am guest posting today at Toddler Approved . My post explores ways that we try to fit kindness into every day tasks and how leading by example is so hard some days.  It  is part of their  100 Acts of Kindness Project a series about ways to express, celebrate and teach about kindness. So pop over there and check it out.


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing about the challenge Allie! I love your post and am trying a few of these ideas today.

    I am trying to work on changing my language/questions at home to encourage kind and generous behavior. Instead of asking if my son had fun at preschool, I’ll ask, “did you help your teacher today?” or “were you kind to your friends?” It helps him realize that these things are important. Hopefully I’ll do a good job modeling this to him too by being helpful and kind to him too :) I need to consciously try hard with this every day!

    • admin says

      I am going to use that! I love the “Did you help your teachers?” question. Thanks for giving me a place to write a little differently than I normally do!

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