Target At-Home Library Sweepstakes

I know I am not the only one that loves Target but one of the reasons I love them is their commitment to education, especially early literacy. As you may know Target is committed to helping get the nation’s children reading proficiently by the end of third grade and one of the ways they are reaching this goal is to make over school libraries. Since 2007 Target has redone 118 school libraries with  32 school libraries slated to have complete makeovers this year. Thanks to Target and The Heart Of America Foundation 150 school libraries will be made over into a great place to read by the end of 2012. I remember loving going to the library at school and I was lucky enough to attend schools with beautiful spaces filled with books and inviting places to read. Not every child is so lucky. Target is trying to change that.

The school library makeovers include new furniture, carpet, shelves, 2000 new books to put on those shelves and technology including iPads. In addition to that each child at the participating schools will also receive 7 books to take home.

Check out the list of schools that will be getting transformed thanks to Target in 2012.

To spread the joy of helping others and early literacy Target isn’t only making over school libraries, they want to give you a chance to make your own amazing reading space at your house.To do that they put together an amazing prize package for one lucky winner.


 At-Home Library Prize Package


  • One Nook Color
  • Ten New Age-Appropriate Books
  • One Bookshelf
  • One Blanket
  • One $50 Target Gift Card
  • One “Fatboy” Chair

Do you think you could find a corner to turn into a crazy cool reading nook with all of that?


Leave a comment on this post answering this question ” What would your dream at-home library have in it?”


This sweepstakes is open to American residents 18 years or older. To be eligible for the sweepstakes you must leave a comment on this post answering the question “What would your dream at-home library have in it?” 1 winning commenter will be drawn at random, using, after the sweepstakes closes on Sunday May 20th at 8:00pm PST. The winners will receive one NOOK color, 10 age appropriate books, one book shelf, one blanket, one $50 Target Gift Card and one Fat Boy chair valued at approximately $500 . After the winner is notified he or she has 48 hours to respond with their mailing address for Target to ship their prize package to,or another winner will be chosen at random. No purchase necessary.The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Any information gathered through the sweepstakes including email and postal addresses will not be used in anyway other than contacting winners and shipment of winnings.  Please note that they can not ship to a PO BOX. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.
Disclosure : Target will be providing the prize package at no cost and I was compensated for my involvement in this campaign. As always I only work with companies professionally that I would use and suggest to friends personally.


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  1. Kristin says

    I’d also say a perfect big chair to fit at least three (one mama/daddy and two little boys) would be great… but really, just BOOKS! We can never have too many.

  2. Natalie Anderson says

    My husband and I have actually talked about our dream library quite a bit. 🙂 A floor to ceiling bookcase with a ladder, a fireplace, a large atlas of the world… All things that we envisioned. What was unexpected was the transformation of that vision once our first born child started developing the capacity to choose to read on his own. My husband and I – both avid readers – are over the moon that our child devours books. So now our vision also includes something new – a spot for our son to curl up and dive into a good story.

  3. Katie M says

    A nice cozy chair, with books on a low shelf that are easily accessible to little fingers. Some beautiful prints based on some of my little man’s favorite books!

  4. Marie says

    A tent/canopy that is beautiful and enticing and also allows each kid privacy for some reading time that *might* be uninterrupted by siblings.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. says

    My ideal space would have a place to sit and a place to lay down to look at books. The shelves would be easily reached by my son and the light would be great to see and read the books.

  6. Janice says

    I would love a library filled with incredible classic books, and a secret little nook of a spot for my little ones to crawl into and read their books.

  7. Rebecca says

    A sweet canopy to sit under, huge baskets of books and lots of new books on CD.

  8. Leigh says

    Inviting & comfortable reading chairs/pillows, whimsical (and bright) lights, CD player with books-on-CD, lots of room to display lots of books books face-out! And not to forget “reading buddies” (stuffed animals).

  9. Kim Mahan says

    All sorts of books for my 4 grandsons to read and be challenged and a comfy chair. I love how books develop the imagination!

  10. michelle says

    My home library would have a fluffy chair to fall into and snuggle while reading. (Do they make these big enough for 3?)

  11. says

    Shelves to store everything … because I am short on shelves and places to put things! As well as Little House on the Prairie series because I never read them as a kid but want to read them with my daughter.

  12. kim says

    Nice bright lights to see the books, soft carpeting to sink our toes into, low shelves for easy access, and a cozy place to snuggle and read!

  13. bluehenmomma says

    My dream library has a comfortable spot to sit or lay down, a great lamp for use at night but access to windows for reading in the sun. It has all my favorite books and the books that I’m looking forward to reading. It also has plenty of space for my little one to sit and read with me, or for her to snuggle in and look through the books herself if she needs some quiet time.

  14. Sarah says

    A great cozy chair and lots and lots of books! And my kids would insist on LOTS of stuffed birds!

  15. says

    I would have lots and lots of shelves (from Target, of course!) and a comfy place to sit. I already have lots of books, but I would LOVE to have many more!! My kids love to read, so it would be a perfect family library!
    Love your blog!

  16. says

    I was just thinking about this last night! We have books in every room, in bins, stored in the basement. I want a place where they can all be! Plus big chairs for sharing books, and little chairs and nook for reading alonee.

  17. Anne says

    My little library would be a place where my baby and I could snuggle together and share colorful books. I want sunshine during the day, and a bright lamp at night.

  18. Sara says

    I’ve always wanted an old-fashioned library with the ladder on runners going around. That being said I’d like to make it more family-friendly, so instead of stuffy old dark oak I’d make it white or some cheerful color, and instead of a leather armchair I’d put a bunch of those giant beanbag-type chairs on a nice shaggy carpet!

  19. BMackey says

    I would love a reading space for our house. I would like huge pillows thrown on the floor, so that my two kids and I could sprawl out while reading together. Lots of low laying shelves, with tons of crafting supplies. I love to draw out with the kiddos what we just read, or make puppets to act it out.

  20. Aimee G. says

    Maybe this is a duh answer, but books! LOTS of books and a place comfortable enough to encourage my kids to want to spend time in that little area!!

  21. says

    My dream library would have books from all genres and age groups, shelves from the bottom of the floor to the top, and comfortable seating. Oh and some fun lighting all around the area…

  22. says

    My dream home library would include several sizes of chairs (for adults and kids!) that are cozy and comfy with lots of light options and all our books gathered together!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Marcie says

    My personal dream library would have floor to ceiling bookshelves with a ladder like the library in Beauty & the Beast. But for a reading nook for my kids in our house, I’d love to have a book bin where they can see the covers of the books, some big squashy floor pillows, and a canopy so that it could be turned into a secret reading nook.

  24. Katie says

    A cozy area with a lot of natural light. Soft places for both kids and adults, that way kids could go in and snuggle on their own but also be able to read with their parents/caregivers too. Easy access to books in an age appropriate setting (like having board books on low shelves where younger children could get them out themselves and having older kid books up higher for taller/older kids). A small table with tape players, headphones and lots of books on tape. Stuffed animals of characters that match the book (i.e. the Caterpillar from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”). I’d like to frame some of the little ones art work too and have them help me choose where to put it to help make the space “there’s”. Oh I could go on…reading is a very loved thing in our house!

  25. Janel says

    My dream at-home library would have an oversized comfy chair, good lighting, a bookshelf with neatly organized books of all kinds, some soft music and me and my son!

  26. Heather S says

    My dream library would have it’s own room. A place with tall shelves and comfy chairs and pillows and blankets all over the place so you can get comfy to read everywhere.

  27. Emily says

    Thank you! Our home dream library would have easy to reach shelves for our children. Colorful, comfy pillows and chairs to sit on and all kinds of classic, great literary books for all ages. IT would be near a big window to look out as we read. We love to read as a family and individually!

  28. Becca says

    I would want a comfortable space big enough to fit my two kids and myself, and LOTS of shelves – low shelves for the children’s books and high shelves for mine.

  29. S. Jones says

    My dream library would have several large overstuffed chairs in it, perfect for cuddling up with a good book. Also a large lovesack so I can curl up with the kids and read books with them.

  30. salreem says

    I would have a comfy chair or floor pillow big enough for the kids and I, a place to store the books, and a good safe reading light that makes the space feel cozy and warm.

  31. Kara Fiedler says

    My favorite pictures on pinterest are dream libraries. 🙂 I would love to have a library filled with classic children’s books — fairy tales, Aesop’s fables, all of the favorites like E.B. White and Roald Dahl. A window with a good view, and we’re all set…

  32. Ashley says

    Oh I think about this all the time! My hubby and I want bookshelves from floor to ceiling, lots of natural light, and plenty of fun reading spots in windowseats and nooks. We can dream, right? 🙂

  33. says

    Plenty of super cozy places to sit, maybe even a hammock. Floor to ceiling shelves stacked with books with one of those cool ladders on rollers.

  34. Kathryn says

    My dream library would be smallish and comfortable. A loveseat, a cozy chair, lamps, candles, and a fireplace.

    I’d have picture books arranged by category on low shelves for my son. My books would be up high. We’d have a small table for pouring over large books (for ex: scrapbooks and art books) and for playing board games.

  35. Stephanie Graveen says

    My dream in home library would be a room dedicated to being the library! It would be brightly lit, include comfy seating, bookshelves low enough so both kids could reach the books and not have to climb anything and would have Dr. Seuss quotes painted on the walls. It would also not have a TV or radio in it. Just books, books and more books all in one room.

  36. Amanda D. says

    My ideal library would have plenty of shelving space. I love books and don’t have much storage for them. Someday I would love to have a library a la Beauty and the Beast. (maybe not AS big.) 😉

  37. Teresa says

    Lots of comfy places to sit and read together as a family. Books for my 2 kids arranged by genre and level.

  38. Jenn says

    My dream library would be a whole room, and it has to have one of those ladders on wheels tho help you reach the books on the top shelves. But seriously, right now, I would settle for a comfy chair near a sunny window!

  39. says

    My dream home library has always been the library that the Beast gives Beauty… but, realistically it would have a wall of bookshelves, comfy chairs, and soft lighting. I would have a little desk and a pile of notebooks for writing my thoughts. It would be comfortable and welcoming and the place that the whole family liked to flock to.

  40. Michelle says

    I dream of a home library space for my son with lots of comfy places to sit and curl up with his favorites, classic story murals on the walls and shelves of classic kids books from E.B. White, Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss . . . all the must reads for kids, mixed in with lots of new, fun stories.

  41. says

    My dream library would be wall to wall books that would span from baby books to books the kiddos could read as young adults. It would be inviting, with toys/pictures/quotes from our favorite books and comfortable seating like couches, chairs, and pillows on the floor!

  42. says

    My dream at-home-library would be colorful. It would have books for all my five kids to enjoy. They could each have a shelf for their favorites. There would be a soft rug for them to lay on while they get consumed by a good story and a big chair for lap reading. A library light in the tops of the bookcases and reading posters on the wall.

  43. says

    All my life I’ve wanted a library with a little ledge around it and a train (model) zooming around. Oh, and natural light plus a window seat along with my favorite books!

  44. Minnette says

    Big oversize comfy chair, a tent, craft area, blankets and fun kids shelving

  45. deb says

    A cozy little cubby house with a mountain of cuddly colourful cushions that envelope my children as the explore the critters and creatures jumping from the pages of books chosen from the reachable shelves that are one within their space

  46. Tiffany says

    My dream home library would have tons and tons of bookshelves, lots of windows, comfy seating, and books (of course!). And it would be its own separate room, instead of scattered all over the house as it currently is!

  47. says

    My dream library will have a big squishy love seat with an ottoman with enough room for me to curl up with both of my girls and a big stack of books. A wall of shelves with displays of beautifully illustrated children’s books and a big plate of chocolate chip cookies (homemade) so we don’t starve while we read all rainy afternoon! : ) Thank you for the opportunity – my dream is to someday convert our playroom into a library/music room to enjoy as a family.

  48. Shannon A says

    My dream library would have a comfy spot for each child and myself, excellent lighting and lots of books in Spanish and English for my bilingual family. I would also love some of the shelves where the lovely picture books face out to encourage reading.

  49. Cheryl says

    A big comfortable chair, large enough to fit parent & child for some snuggling up and reading time!

  50. Gwenn says

    I love the idea of comfy chairs, soft rugs, and soft light. I love book baskets organized by themes/subjects/authors, etc. for the little ones as well as a book shelf to display books while showing the covers. How wonderful would it be to have murals painted on the walls or illustrations from famous books?

  51. says

    My dream home library would include a window seat, a huge comfy chair and floor to ceiling books and a hug bean bag for the kids.

  52. says

    I dream of having shelves and shelves just filled with books. And bean bag chairs all around them for plopping down and reading the day away.

  53. Melinda says

    I would just want a quiet comfy area. A big nice comfy chair, great lighting, and a nice view out a window would be wonderful!

  54. says

    Oh my goodness, what WOULDN’T my dream at home library have? There would be an actual room full of books, books and more books. With floor to ceiling shelves, a ladder on wheels, a window seat, a large poofy chair,a pile of blankets and quilts perfect for wrapping oneself in. A fireplace or pot bellied stove and extra seating for friends and family to fill. It would be a perfect spot for tea, for reading, for thinking, for writing, for spending time alone or with loved ones.

  55. Sarah Allen says

    My dream library would include floor to ceilIng bookshelves and a window seat.

  56. says

    Ladders! You know, the type that roll along the bookshelves like in ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Very tall windows so there would be lots of natural light. Nooks where kids and adults could cozy up with a book – for kids, smaller areas they could crawl into like a fort. For adults, large reading chairs tucked into private corners, and an indoor hammock. And of course, lots of books!

  57. Janna says

    My dream library would have lots of things that have been mentioned (the floor to ceiling shelves, ladder, library table, comfy chairs, etc.) plus the 30+ volume set of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED)…the MOST fascinating dictionary in the world! 🙂

  58. Sarah Gore says

    A comfortable and fun place for my preschooler to sit, a low shelf for little hands can easily reach the books, and the shelves filled with award winning classic children’s books.

  59. Lauren says

    My dream library would have ALL of the Dr. Suess books in it, big fluffy pillows and cushions, and lots of kiddos enjoying it all!!!

  60. Emma says

    my dream at home library is similar to my dream classroom library – it has many throw pillows. It’s a comfortable, inviting place to read with a lot of selection of books, magazines, fiction, nonfiction, many different genres and engaging texts (at a variety of reading levels).

  61. Candi says

    Lots of shelves with lots of books, and a big cozy chair with an ottoman so feet can be put up while reading 🙂 Also a big basket of blankets for getting cozy and a nice lamp for extra light. Some fun prints based off favorite books would be awesome as well. Great giveaway!

  62. Katrina H. says

    A large chair so that I could snuggle with my younger children while I read to them or relax in on my own. A table where I can set my coffee or tea. A lamp to see the book. And a cozy blanket under which to snuggle.

  63. sharon says

    a big comfy chair, a kid friendly rug and good lighting…should be in a corner/alcove so it is kind of a private spot.. lastly good children’s literature that my child will enjoy again and again!!

  64. Niki says

    My dream library would have all 3 of my children in my arms reading a Dr. Seuss and/or David Shannon book.

  65. Leah says

    I would love to have bunches of childrens books for my kiddos. Reading is so important to our family and I think having ourvown library of books would just make reading that much more accessible to the kids.

  66. Erica Triebenbach says

    A window seat with comfy cushions, some comfortable chairs and pillows, good lighting, shelving that is low enough for the kids and some higher up for the adults. shelves that allow you to put the kids books face out so its easier to choose without making a messy stack of books on the floor.

  67. says

    For me… a really big bathtub with water that stays warm. For my family… a really big chair that rocks and will hold both kids and me comfortably. Oh, and some great books!

  68. Jenny Myers says

    I would love something set up in the corner of our family room that has books for all of us. My kids ages range from 12-5&1. Something where I can have a moments peace. 🙂 is that possible? Love the book cases at the preschool where you see the books facing toward you. Hey anything would be better than having to dig them out of a apple box every night.

  69. Karen says

    My dream home library would include a very comfy chair, a nice side table for tea, a built in nook, shelves full of my favorite books and references. A window with a country view, and my children in the room reading books with me would make it complete!

  70. Kim Cleveland says

    My dream library would include lots of cozy, comfortable seating for all ages, lots of natural light, and lots and lots of books (of course!).

  71. Kyle Miller says

    My dream library has floor to ceiling shelves on all 4 walls, and a rolling ladder so that I can get to the top shelves (the ceiling is at least 12 feet), with a large comfy chair big enough for me to curl up in with a blanket. There’s a stereo so I can play music while I read. The colors are natural. It looks out on a beautiful garden through large glass sliding doors.

  72. Meghan says

    I love the idea of a reading tent, a special place to disappear into the imaginary world of books.

  73. Rae says

    Would like a place for the entire family to sit and snuggle up to some good books. I would also want the feel of a little hideaway to transport us into the stories! A nook would be a great addition too! Thanks!

  74. Jennifer C says

    Lots of early readers and chapter books to share with my beginning reader. Plus a nice long bench with lots of cozy pillows. Plus we would need some of the best board books for my littlest. I love to read and want to pass that love on to my two girls, we spend lots of time together in books!

  75. says

    My dream library would have a lot of series (little house, American girl, flat Stanley), books from all genres (not just the popular books), and books in different languages (Spanish & French can be read at our house).

  76. Amanda says

    A big comfy chair to lounge in while we read and of course lots of childrens books. We love to read in our house 🙂

  77. Wendy says

    Our dream at-home library would have to have a big over-sized chair to fit mom or dad and our son, warm lighting, blankets for snuggling into, and of course a wide array of books. A great warm place to get away into the stories we read and share!

  78. says

    My dream library would have shelves upon shelves of books (a la Beauty and the Beast) and cozy nests to nestle into to read.

  79. callie says

    I’d love to have enough shelves to neatly store all the books we already have and some empty space for the books I have yet to buy!

  80. Andrea says

    I daydream about a reading spot way too often! My dream library would include a nice, bright window seat with a comfy cushion and lots of cozy pillows that is surrounded by books, books and more books!

  81. says

    My dream library would have a cozy chair for two with plenty of natural light. A comfy window seat would be lovely. I’d also like a fireplace to keep us toasty warm while curled up with our favorite read. Ample, yet unique, shelving is a must filled with all of our favorite authors, classics, and those books we are bound to fall in love with once begun. I would also love to have a collection of audio books and other sorts of media enhancements. For my surface seeking youngster, we need soft supple rugs and perhaps a bean bag chair to hug her while she reads or perhaps a padded cubby hole built into the bookshelving or wall. Wouldn’t white Christmas lights give the room a soothing glow in the evening? We also need a stocked and organized writing desk for recording our thoughts inspired. Organized, inviting, & comfortable. I’m drooling & dreaming at the thought of it all. Thanks for hosting, No Time for Flash Cards, and plenteous thanks to Target for their generous investment in our readers.

  82. Julie Reed says

    Plenty of places to sit, walls for floor to ceiling book cases, informal seating and couches big enough for a crowd so that we can read together. A table to spread out a book on and do other things while reading. Lots of natural light 🙂

  83. Ryan says

    I would love a nice comfy chair, a beautiful lamp for enough light for evening reading before bedtime, a snuggly blanket and of course lots of books. We have tons of books but always find ourselves reading the same over and over again. Any space that would allow is to spend more time together is always a GREAT space!

  84. angela says

    I would just love to have a library room in our home with very comfy seating. Organized, pretty, a place where the whole family can gather and READ!!!

  85. Dora Shaffer says

    As my son is just now beginning to read, I would love to have easy readers for his level now and more books for the years to come.

  86. Ana V says

    Simple…My dream library will have my three little girls cuddled up reading books together and talking about what they’re reading. This prize would definitely help out!

  87. Brooke says

    I would love a big wide comfy chair and ottamon, big enough for us to snuggle and read together.

  88. JennyOH says

    My dream library would have a little private space – almost a fort or a hideout – for my little girl to have a special reading spot. Most of all though, I would love to be able to share with my daughter all the classic books I loved as a kid – The Little House, Ferdinand, Mike Mulligan’s Steam Shovel, Blueberries for Sal…I was lucky to have a mother who taught and encouraged me to read from a very young age, and I would love to create the perfect space and collection of books to do the same with my daughter.

  89. Jessica says

    A huge comfy hair for snuggle reading with my little boy, ample light and tons of storage for books and writing materials!!!

  90. Tiffany Miller says

    The perfect home library would have a huge window to let in lots of natural light, oversized bean bags for lounging, a large chair or love seat for us to sit together and read, and wall shelves of varying sizes to fit many different sizes of books. I would speakers or surround sound for listening to audio books. And of course a wide variety of books about anything and everything. I have a huge appetite for learning new things and I want to share that with my girls as they grow up. My oldest daughter has decided that she may like to be a librarian when she gets older so I would love to have enough shelves to let her come up with an organization system on her own.

    My creative side would love to have a dry erase or blackboard wall where we can right our favorite titles, authors, or quotes from books we love!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  91. Genna says

    A built in bookshelf and an oversized comfy chair that can hold both my kiddos and me! What a dream 🙂

  92. Liz says

    I love the idea of a canopy or maybe a curtain to make the nook feel cozy and hidden! Also a beanbag chair for my son since he loves them and of course books, books and more books 😉

  93. RSinha says

    A Floor to ceiling bookshel with classic books that stir your soul inside out, the biggest comfortable chair with an ottomon to lprop your feet up, a side table to rest some chocolates and a reading light.

  94. Cambron says

    The best libraries are filled with imagination and wonder! Our family would love a place for our children to use their imagination to place themselves in far away places, while sitting in the comforts of home.

  95. Catie Myers says

    My 3 young children would love to have lots of comfy pillows and blankets to snuggle up and read a story individually or have some read to them. It would be nice to have a spot other than the couch! I might try to make a nice covered space for quiet reading and a space for acting out stories.

  96. Melissa Genter says

    Lots of attractive bookshelves, one huge comfy chair that is big enough for 2 kids on your lap at once, and a small comfy chair for each child.

  97. Taraneh says

    In my at home library, if i had the space, i would have bean bag chairs and a tent.

  98. Toni C says

    I would love a big window with window seat and lots of cushy, comfy pillows to lose myself in. It would have to have wall to wall shelving, low lighting, quiet music and a cozy place for my daughters to curl up into as well. Ah, my mind just went to Heaven dreaming. 🙂

  99. Ashley says

    A whole room lined with floor to ceiling shelves (we could already fill them), at least two tall windows for lots of natural light, a window seat between, and some wide, comfy chairs so we all have a place to snuggle up together or tuck ourselves in with good books for family reading time.

  100. Amanda says

    My dream at-home library would have lots of sunlight. Floor to ceiling bookshelves, a big comfy couch for all of us to snuggle up on, and lots of cushy floor pillows to curl up with on the floor. And don’t forget the books! Tons of them…from classic novels to adorable board books. 🙂

  101. nadia pipola says

    Mine would have a new bookcase (because ours is packed) and a reading fort.

  102. Lauren says

    Comfy seating, bookshelves that display the books in an appealing, artistic way, and good lighting 🙂

  103. Lori Archer says

    My dream at-home library would have comfy chairs, throw pillos, natural lighting, tons of books, and a good footstool!

  104. Mandy Lynn says

    My dream home library would have all my favorite books, lamps, a cute rug, comfy pillows and a giant chair with ottoman!! 🙂

  105. Anna says

    my library will have lots of classic picture books and novels, thick and comfy rug, huge pillows, many shelves, and a hammock chair to swing in

  106. Jessica says

    comfortable place to sit, a wide variety of books, and kids who love spending time in it

  107. Teresa Larios says

    Floor to ceiling shelving, a comfy loveseat (I have six children, we can’t fit together in a chair!), a cat or two, and BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!

  108. Reva says

    A big window that makes the whole room bright & warm..
    An oversized chair that snuggle-fit 3 or more..
    A well organized shelf where some of the books can be displayed and the rest stacked..
    A pretty lamp… a few throws and pillows and lots and lots of books!

  109. Jen says

    Somewhere cozy to sit . . . an oversized chair, or big pillows etc. A great light source and TONS of books!

  110. Julie Rosinski says

    My dream home library would have a big windows to let in a lot of natural light, cozy couches, and elegant, dark wood bookshelves and tables.

  111. says

    Definitely another bookshelf would be a good start… I already practically have a library at home! I would love to make a reading space for me to read with my kids though!

  112. AmandaV says

    Books, books, and more books!!! Two tall beautiful book shelves with a sitting area in between, comfy chair, cozy blanket, little table…

  113. Mel says

    A comfy loveseat for reading together, a few big pillows on the ground for solo reading, some inspirational wall hangings, big windows for natural lighting, and built-in bookshelves (child-sized, of course) to hold all of our books. We would spend a lot of time in that corner!

  114. cassie k says

    One thing in my dream home library would be a comfy and inviting sitting area to curl up and read.

  115. Sandra Birzer says

    A comfy chair, lots of easily accessible books, homemade books that my boys made, some audio books, stuffed animal friends to read to, and a nice blanket curl up under!

  116. Michelle C. says

    I am a pre-k teacher and I have turned my library into a reading hut! My five year old and one year old love it so much that I plan on making little reading huts at home for them to in each of their rooms.

  117. Steffy says

    The perfect reading nook would be in a Turret of a Victorian Home with a shady tree (hopefully home to a little bird family) and lovely garden (with a little fairy house) just outside. Inside would be floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with books from every genre and age. There would be a fireplace and a comfy window seat adorned with handmade cushions and snuggly quilts. Lots of pillows would litter the floor and encourage siblings to snuggle and enjoy picture books together. An intricately detailed globe with the bumps and ridges would stand on a pedestal (for finding places that we discover in our stories), next to an easel full of paper and paints to bring all of those imaginary places to life. Some of those lovely paintings, such as the colorful Hogwarts and Narnia, would be framed and hung in the room, because children’s art is probably the most precious and true… and most frame-worthy. Speaking of Narnia, there would be a “secret-door”, disguised as a bookshelf, leading into a tiny theater, filled with dress-up clothes and props, so that the children could dive further into their stories and plays. And there would be a desk with lots of pencils and pens, maybe an old typer-writer, and plenty of paper, a dictionary and thesaurus, in case one of the readers starts to write. And last, but not least, there would be a sweet, old dog curled up on one of the pillows, whose absolute favorite thing in the whole entire world is to listen to beginning readers read Dr. Suess’s Hop on Pop over and over again.

  118. Erin says

    I would have a really big chair just perfect for me and my kids and pillows everywhere for some lounging. I would LOVE floor to ceiling bookcases with the kids books on the lower shelves so little hands can grab whatever they want whenever they want them. We’d want a lot of natural light for daytime and good lighting for nighttime.

  119. Kimberli says

    I would love a library with shelves all over the walls. And an extra large squishy beanbag pillow.

  120. Nicole Taylor says

    My dream library would have a loft area where you (ok the kids) could climb up and read in a secret spot that allowed their imaginations to soar and allowed them to get lost in a book in all its glory!

  121. Pal says

    Me, my hubby, my little daughter, our favourite books, fresh air (weather permitting:) ) and a nice big couch! AND then some soft music in the background (very low, but we love it!)

  122. Stephanie says

    I would love baskets and baskets of book, a bright colorful rug, comfy chairs, and plenty of natural light. Love dreaming about book nooks!

  123. Rhianna Huffman says

    Dream Library would have a large deep love seat for me to read to and love my 2 little boys! Also a nice ceiling fan with light to shine our way though the pages of a Dr. Suess collection. Dreams can become a reality with just a little hope. Oh how I hope I get chosen.

  124. Kristin @ Preschool Universe says

    What an awesome giveaway.

    I would want a daybed and a big window, and lots of bookshelves, of course.

  125. Melissa Campbell says

    Our perfect reading space is, anywhere comfortable enough to let our imaginations take us where we need to go. <3

  126. Sarah says

    What a great giveaway….my dream at-home library would have lots of comfy chairs to snuggle up in and read, and lots of book shelves and baskets so that our books could easily be perused. I think I’d also need a good sound system, so we can listen (and follow along) with audiobooks…..and great artwork, of course!

  127. Erika says

    I want a big comfy chair, a place for my feet and lots of windows. A small table for a drink would be perfect too.

  128. Emily says

    I would love to have a neat place for the kids to go and read and love it. Lots of books and comfortable place to read and get in to the book and feel like they are there.

  129. Rachel Smith says

    Definitely a big comfy chair big enough for the family to cuddle in while we’re reading 🙂

  130. Julie W says

    I have two dream libraries at home. One would be focused around my husband and I, have cozy chairs and books on shelves floor to ceiling. The other one would be for my kiddos with a fun fort feel, lots of pillows, bright colors, good lighting, great atmosphere to cuddle up and read. Thanks!

  131. Katie says

    My dream library would have tea, cookies, someone to clean up the tea I spill & the cookie crumbs, comfy seating, a little light music, a flannelboard, someone to make the flannelboard pieces as I do not cut felt well, stacks of books, an attentive child, a husband who will say, “yes, dear, please repeat that funny/insightful/brilliant thing you just read,” and a time-turner so that I will have more time to read. OR, perhaps a comfy seat from Target, a Nook & other goodies. Whichever is more attainable.

  132. Becky reed says

    My dream home library would have bookshelves of great books for all ages, a big comfy chair and a soft light lamp!

  133. says

    Lots of books and lots of light. Some comfy chairs and the alphabet. Small headphones and a player for audiobooks. And two boys that love to read……

  134. Amy Rohl says

    My reading spot would be filled with comfy places to sit along with the entire Eric Carle collection!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  135. Eden B. says

    A couple of comfy places for both younger and older readers to settle in, including one spot that’s just right for my little one on one side and the puppy on the other… Great natural light by day and a soft lamp for night… A snugly afghan for tucking us all in, preferably one made by my mom… And loads of books for us all to enjoy.

  136. Jeri Thurber says

    Floor-to ceiling bookshelves, a pit full of pillows for lounging and/or reading in, a globe, and a fireplace. So many books that I could only dream of reading them myself or with my family!

  137. Wendi says

    Floor to ceiling bookcase with ladder, fireplace, cozy chairs, windowseat…sounds terrific!

  138. Anne A. says

    A comfy chair for my daughter and I to snuggle and read. Great lighting makes all the difference when you’re reading too.

  139. Stephanie S says

    I really comfy chair that I could curl up in and easily accomidate myself and 2 daughters 🙂

  140. Dony says

    My dream at-home library would have a corner with a big comfy chair and lots of natural light.

  141. Chalee Supplee says

    Ceiling high shelves with one of those cool ladders, lazy boys for our whole family, and a big, soft rug for reading together. Oh, and books. 🙂

  142. Sarah says

    My dream home library would have a snuggly place to read, lots of books to choose from, and a way to organize all of those books!

  143. Carolyn says

    In our perfect library, we’d have wood bookshelves – lots of them. On those bookshelves would be oodles and oodles of books for all ages. And great reading chairs, lamps, and a reading tent for my son. He always prefers a tent over a chair. 🙂

  144. Sarah F. says

    It would include myself reading to my daughter! (and lots of cozy pillows and blankets).

  145. Margaret Jenkin says

    I would love to have a little room at the top of my house, like a large cupola, that had windows on four sides, half-height bookshelves, and enough space for a comfortable chair for me and a spot for my dog to sprawl out on the floor. I would never come down into the rest of my house!

  146. Jackie says

    Our dream library would be a room full of shelves and books. I know silly right but my husband never really daydreams about our dream house but he has so many plans for his future library. Thanks for the giveaway!

  147. Marta says

    Shelves, shelves, shelves… And all the lovely classics I can get my hands on! Oh yeah, and good lights…

  148. says

    I desperately want a library with one of those roller ladders and a secret hidden reading nook/secret passageway behind a grandfather clock.

  149. says

    Our home library is off to a good start with lots of books. My dream library would have a window seat to curl up with a good book and a good view for when your eyes get tired. 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  150. says

    Although we already have a library area in our home, I would love to make it a comfy cozy area where the family can sit, relax, read together and entertain as well. I would like to donate some of the prizes to our local library and the rest can be made into our dream library.

  151. sarah b says

    Bright colors, lots of sunlight, lounging seating, tons of books, chalkboard wall, maybe a puppet stage and dress up corner for the little guys. A library for me would be very different. Can I have 2 libraries in my dream?

  152. Kay Swederski says

    My dream Library at home – would be a window seat with a nice view, fireplace for the winter, a couple bookshelves filled with the books I like – romance, cozy mystery, and all the top books.

  153. Monica says

    I would love floor the ceiling bookshelves, with beautifully bound classics, big comfy chairs, beanbags, blankets, pillows, tables and huge windows that would swing out to open. It would be our families little retreat.

  154. Lauren Fretwell says

    Our in home library would have comfy spots to cozy up with a book, shelves to store books on, and books of all different levels and types.

  155. says

    A cozy chair, lots of blankets, good lighting and every book imagined at our fingertips! One can dream, right?! Thanks for the chance.

  156. Shantih says

    My dream at-home library would have a luxurious chair and the very best side lamp surrounded by shelves and shelves of incredible books.

  157. says

    Our dream at-home library would have TONS of high quality picture and chapter books, an ipad/Nook/Kindle/iphone, a lamp, blankets, pillows, bean bags, book marks, and plenty of organized space for storing books! 🙂

  158. Mary A. says

    My dream library would have plenty of children’s books for my two daughters, and a pair of comfy beanbag chairs for them to snuggle up in. 🙂

  159. Teresa says

    My at home library would have a lot of nice places for my boys to sit and read. Anything that gets them reading and loving be around books is great!

  160. brooke says

    For my son, I would love complete works of Jan brett or Dr. Swiss. For myself, I would love Jane Eyre

  161. Lisa says

    What fun it is to dream! I would love floor to ceiling bookcases with one of those rolly ladders, child friendly maps on the wall, beat lighting, plush rugs and cushions on the floor, baskets of baby board books down low….I could on and on… Thanks for this giveaway Target!

  162. Angie S. says

    My dream at-home library would have a window seat/reading nook in it. And, of course, lots and lots of good books!

  163. K Grimm says

    My dream library would consist of family faves over the years– my own childhood and college favorites, my husband’s, special titles that my grandparents have loved… And of course, my kids’ absolute favorites. I think it’s so much fun to peruse other people’s libraries, particularly people whom suggest gread reads. So it would be neat to have an “extended family” library. When my kids ask, “what did Great-Grandpa like to read?” I can pull out The Works of Edgar Allen Poe. Or encyclopedias from the 1950s!

  164. says

    Dream library at home would include soft places to sit, reading friends, cozy decor, easy to reach shelves and lots of age appropriate books that are inviting.

  165. Kim says

    My dream home library would have a very comfortable glider chair and a soft blanket!

  166. JoEllen says

    I have always had this vision of a bay window with a ledge big enough to sit/lay on. I picture sitting on a nice, soft cushioned seat with the warm sun beaming through the glass casting shadows on my next “great find!” With three kids following my footsteps for a love for reading, the dream becomes even more exciting!

  167. says

    I would love to have a quiet corner with pillows and cushions to curl up in with both my boys. A space that blocks out the rest of the house so that we can get fully immersed in the world of books.

  168. Michelle V. says

    my dream library would have a big comfy chair for reading and a window seat!

  169. Raluca says

    My dream library would have a big comfy couch for me to sit in, and a little hidden place for my kids to hide and read in. Lots of bean bags and maybe even a cool hammock. Lots and lots of books, ordered first by type and then in alphabetical order the by the author’s name. A coffee machine would bring wonderful smells in the room.

  170. Amy says

    I would love to have a separate room with loads of shelves for books for both my 4 1/2 year old and 18 month old. I’d like the room to be bright with colorful walls (maybe framed pictures from our girls’ favorite books?!). They both love to read and we want to continue this love of reading for a lifetime!

  171. says

    if i had a library at home, which we kinda do, i would love to have a corner of my house specifically for it and lots of bookshelves to hold lots of types of books! and a new lamp :o)

  172. Lynette says

    My idea library would have lots and lots of cushions, a warm fuzzy carpet, lots of low shelving to contain all the books that my daughter can easily reach and some art work from famous kid authors / books (e.g Curious George) to decorate the walls. Oh I wish … I wish!

  173. Beth says

    Lots of quality books, fiction and non-fiction! Lots of poetry books as well! I would love a secret nook or hideout, possibly a tree house for the kids to read in. A nest of fluffy pillows, and a definite must would be a rocking chair for lap time stories!

  174. Danielle says

    My dream library would be warm and inviting. Giant, cushy chairs. Floor to ceiling books. One of those rolling ladders. And secret hideouts for my daughter. Books and books and books.

  175. says

    At home library?! Sounds beyond heavenly. Since I have three little readers – I would need a really cute corner full of big, cozy chairs and low shelves for kid books with storage for puzzles too.
    I would need to have floor to ceiling book cases (with good natural lighting too!) and a chair that makes me never want to leave. An amazing blanket and a great reading lamp. A small table for resting my book and my coffee (or beer – you can have a beer and read a book!). And some kind of natural rug so we can be barefoot – our wood floors are from the 30s. I guess a clock so I don’t lose too much track of time and miss the school bus drop off or read until its too late for enough sleep. We are lucky to have a great public library with an amazing kid section but I would love to have a room at home for it too!

  176. Nick says

    My ideal learning space/library would be one that I would have to fight to drag my son from. It would be the best cubby/fort in the world. He would be able to change the decorations to fit what he is reading for each type of subject he is involved in.

  177. says

    My dream library would have lots of natural light to read by as well as lots of bookshelves full of books. I would also want several comfortable chairs and some lamps with natural light bulbs to read by at night.

  178. Kristin says

    I would love to have a big comfy chair to cuddle with my kids while reading to them. It would also be fun to have a tent or canopy for them to have quiet reading time.

  179. Lillie Massingill says

    A hammock , classical music playing on speakers, a window with a beautiful view and BOOKS!

  180. Mandy B says

    O my… My dream library would contain wall to wall books, floor to ceiling. Old books, new books, fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, classics and as much as I can fit in between. I would have some soft spaces to sit, and a favorite oversized chair to snuggle in with what I am reading. What I could not fit on shelves, could fit into my Nook, that can be easily taken wherever I need to go without worry about damaging my books. I would have a special space to sit with my son and read to him…probably some kind of book tent, or secret alcove just for us to read in and explore the world through reading!

  181. Kellie Conklin says

    Oh, what wouldn’t I want for my dream home library? I would love it to have a large window with a comfortable seat right next to it, a huge chair where two people could sit together, and lots of bins of quality books. I believe that having a large selection of books keeps kids engaged and interested in reading. It would also be awesome to have some sort of secret area to read in. Thanks for the information and amazing giveaway!
    [email protected]

  182. Kim B says

    Our dream library would have a bean bag. We’ve not had one for 5 years, and we miss it. Appropriate lighting, in the form of a cute lamp, would be high on the list, too.

  183. Kellie says

    My dream home library would have doors so we could get lost in the journey that books take us on while shutting out the world, and comfy seating, of course.

  184. Erica says

    Real books and lots of them! Nothing beats holding a book and turning pages. I would also have a couple comfy chairs that are the perfect size for my son & me to spend the day lost in wherever our latest book takes us.

  185. Lori Summers says

    My dream library would have a big comfy chair where I can cuddle with my daughter and read wth her, and lots of books on many topics that are easily accessible for everyone as well as a nice reading lamp

  186. Jessica Y. says

    A huge bay window with a lounge or daybed or reading chair with a wall full of books and a fireplace nearby. I’d love to have one wall just for the kids and have them have their own special chair and space. It would be a room for the entire family to gather and read. Oh, and a giant rug for sprawling out and reading on in front of the fire 🙂

  187. Sarah C says

    Colorful, large bean bag chairs, walls of full of rain gutter shelves, regular built in bookshelves all the way to the ceiling with a little spiral staircase to a landing to reach the top ones, and lovely books – all FIAR bks, and the 1000 Good Book list, an awesome biography section, plus little reading nooks, great lighting, somehow lots of windows too, aahh, I could go on….

  188. Shelley says

    I would have floor to ceiling shelves with lots of cozy, fluffy seating. The closet would be transformed into a private reading nook.

  189. denise says

    My dream library would include lots of comfortable pillows on big oversized chairs.

  190. Ashlee says

    In my library I would have floor to ceiling bookshelves, a nice fluidly rug and two big chairs. Also lots and lots of picture books. I would love to have the newberry and Caldecott winners in my library also.

  191. says

    I want a library like my mom has. A couple of comfy recliners. A fire place. A piano. And a bunch of classics from my childhood.

  192. says

    I would love to have a cozy window seat hidden away by curtains so little ones (and maybe even me!) can disappear for a time into the world of their book. I love to create little nooks and special places in our house for reading or a little pretend play. 🙂 What a great giveaway! Thanks, Target!

  193. Mrs. Ryan says

    My dream at-home library would have comfortable chairs, good reading light and a spot for my two girls to cuddle up with me or their dad and listen to stories.

  194. PAULA says

    To me it is all about having the perfect spot to sit and get lost in a great book. I hope to pass on my love of reading to my son and so far it looks like we are headed that way:) I would love it if he could have a special reading nook tucked away in the house just for him. A small loft space or a little cubby in a corner just his size with a comfy chair to sit for hours and read in his space. It would have shelves all around the chair so he could store his favorite books and the ones he is currently working on.

  195. Felicia says

    My dream library would require a much bigger house. You know in the movies when you walk into a room that is covered from floor to high ceiling with book shelves, spiral staircases, and lots of comfy seats. I want it like that but I would also like clouds painted on the ceilings and a lot of bright colorful things to bring out the imagination.

  196. Dawn Shipley says

    My dream library would be situated in a quiet nook off of the living room, with low bookshelves below a big window. The top of the bookshelves would have displayed books (perhaps from a recent library trip!) and puzzles. The books would be full of my little ones’ favorites and we would cycle new books in frequently. A cozy beanbag chair for an independent reader, and a wide club chair for a snuggled pair (or trio!). Soft lighting would illuminate the space and a soft rug would cover the floor, and a few plants would hang from the ceiling. A nearby aquarium would provide enough white noise to make sure each noise from the home doesn’t distract…

    I think it would be a perfect corner to cozy up and spend a day lost in a great book!

  197. Heather says

    My dream library would have a window, pillows to cuddle up in, and lots of books – old and new, fiction and nonfiction, long and short.

  198. Katie says

    My dream at-home library would have a fire place, window seat, cozy furniture, and tons and tons of books!

  199. says

    My dream home library would look something like the library from Beauty and the Beast. If I could just live in a library, I would! As it is now, I have books packed in boxes because I don’t have enough storage space. It makes me sad!

  200. Julie Martinchick says

    I would love 2 cozy chairs and lights so both of my girls could read at the same time. I also need storage! We have so many books we can’t find the ones we want when we want them!! A Nook would help that problem!!!

  201. says

    A really cozy chair, and a full-sized set of Oxford English Dictionary volumes. (I have the compact one, and I have to get out the magnifying glass that it comes with to read it.) 😀

  202. Dawn-Marie Jackson says

    I am always pin-ing library space ideas on Pinterest. My most often pinned item is organizational things like shelves. I have 3 boys ages 9, 6, and 3. I’d love to designate places for each of them within the Reading Nook. Comfy seating and blankets to snuggle while reading are a necessity too. My little one would love a cd player for his books “outloud” (a set of headphones would be nice too). My oldest LOVES to read books within a series. My middle boy would benefit from the Nook with learning to read apps. He’s my struggling reader. What a great sweepstakes! Thanks:)

  203. Erin Gaudry says

    My dream library would have a soft place to cuddle with my two girls and lots of great kids books to read.

  204. Jennifer Gould says

    A comfy chair or floor cushions, a shelving system to make books visible and accessible, and some quality picture books.

  205. Amanda says

    a big comfortable chair or a corner with a soft rug and lots and lots of pillows, a soft blanket to snuggle in…LOTS of books…and a cat to cuddle with. 🙂

  206. Laura says

    My dream library would have a lot of bookshelves and a comfy chair for reading in = )

  207. says

    A big cozy chair and ottoman, book shelves that allow books to face outward, some bean bag chairs and floor pillows, and lots of natural light.

  208. Janet says

    So many shelves… filled with so many books… and lots of lamps and pillows…

  209. ashley lober says

    Id love to have a roller ladder in an old-fashioned library filled with thousands of books.

  210. says

    I’ve been trying to get everything ready for my dream library. I want book shelves, from floor to ceiling lining 3 out of four walls. On the blank wall, posters related to books and adventure with comfy bean-bag chairs underneath. I’d like mesh curtain hanging from the ceiling surrounding one of the bean bags as a “secluded” reading spot. There will also be one of those small shelves they have a book stores with books facing cover-out for easy-access board books. SO MUCH I WANT TO DO.

  211. Andrea says

    I am an elementary school teacher so you can imagine my love of books! When my husband and I go to Barnes and Noble he always manages to find me cross legged on the floor in front the picture books. My dream library would be one full of quality literature for little ones as well as adults. Lots and lots of books with lots of bookcases to put them on. A cozy share-able chair is a must for rainy days and bedtime stories. Library ladder and secret room behind the shelves is optional. lol =)

  212. Di says

    My dream library would have lots of great books, but it would also be a place where I could escape the world and get lost in a book. A cozy nook, a soft, comfortable chair, and a place to set a drink.

  213. Julie says

    A sunny built-in bench with lots and lots of pillows surrounded by book shelves…

  214. Kim Collins says

    Floor to ceiling book shelves with lots of cheesey fiction books of the Nicholas Sparks kind, every book written or yet to be written by Francis Chan and Matt Chandler, a big cosy arm chair with an oversized ottoman, a cute reading floor lamp, a light but soft blanket, and my own personal barista in the kitchen next to it!

  215. Misty says

    a chair big enough for three and the baby on my knee.

    Thanks for the give away.

  216. Becky says

    In my home library I would love to add a beautiful bookshelf to gather all of my reading materials in one location.

  217. Lori Cook says

    LOTS of windows, including skylights, built in bookcases, a chaise lounge, and my favorite diet soft drink nearby!

  218. says

    Oh, that is so hard! Really I am envisioning a smallish reading nook, since anything bigger is out of the scope of my imagination, but it would have several beanbag chairs, a fuzzy rug, good lamps, and lots of low bookcases full of books, maybe even those “gutter” variety ones where the covers face out; such a nice idea, easy for the kids to see the books and easy to put them away… someday I will do this!

  219. Sarah says

    My dream library would have lots of natural light, a big, comfy chair with ottoman, lots of bookshelves, and artwork based on favorite kid’s books.

  220. says

    My dream library would have a rolling ladder, dual chaise loungers, all of Dallas Clayton’s books, all the super cool looking Penguin classics and just about any & every cook book I could get my hands on 🙂 What a fun question & great giveaway — Thanks Allie

  221. Tiffany M in MS says

    I would love a cozy place with lots of comfy furniture and pillows for my kids and i to curl up in our homemade quilts and read together all the wonderful stories I grew up reading and all the wonderful new author that are coming out with amazing books!!!

  222. blair roden says

    My dream library would be a whimsical place welcoming for children. With lots of colors and designs. I picture lots open seating with plenty of pillows and blankets to cuddle with. I think it would need a snack area for cookies and milk too!

  223. Jessica Sheffler says

    I would love to have my dream library stocked with all of the classic books that I didn’t appreciate reading growing up! I would love to re-read them with the perspective that I have now and teach my children to appreciate these works of art 🙂

  224. Jana McKee says

    Reading all of these responses has inspired me to work on creating a better reading nook this summer! I love that we have our books arranged in tubs by genre but I need more bookshelves! I also need some seating, like maybe an oversized beanbag chair, big enough for me and my 2 little ones now but one they can “grow” into as they get older.

  225. Susie says

    My dream at-home library would have an extra wide rocking chair so that my kids can snuggle with me and I don’t get squished. We’d have more early reader books, as my daughter is just learning to read on her own.

  226. Peggy Lawrence says

    I have an 18 month old grandchild so I would have a beanbag chair, bookshelf and loads and loads of books
    Thanks for the opportunity

  227. says

    My dream home library would have mini kid wing chairs. It would also have cushy pillows and enough shelves that books could face outward and be easily seen by kids. It would also have an area to create crafts and other book related projects. There would be large windows too to let in lots of light!

  228. says

    My dream library would have comfy seating for cuddling up with my little ones, and tons of classics for reading to them! Picture books galore, because really, who doesn’t like picture books? I would love a window seat someday, for just such a library. And maybe a cabinet with originals! I love the way old books look, feel, and especially how they smell. Our family would definitely put to use a nice space to share our love of books and reading with our children!

  229. Erin Quinn says

    Thank you so much for this GREAT giveaway! All my reading right now is with my small children so my dream library for us/them is a place with beanbags and comfy chairs and racks/shelves on the walls designed so the books face outward and the kids can see all the covers to choose from. 🙂 Thanks!

  230. Stacey says

    My dream library would include plenty of comfy seating for my family members, shelves of wonderful books that include each of our favorites, good lighting, and some soft inviting pillows to lay out on the floor to read on.

  231. Rachel lickter says

    My dream library would be a mix between an old Victorian library and a arboretum. A cozy place to snuggle up and read to my little man underneath a big tree and surround by all the worlds we can journey to through books.

  232. Ashley Machgan says

    A locking door, so I could have ten uninterrupted minutes. I would love my kid’s library to have a cozy swing.

  233. Kirsten says

    My dream children’s library would have tons and tons of books for my kids to look at and also some sort of librarian/helper to steer us in the right direction. I love our local library, but it’d be nice to have a helper put all the books back on shelves at home, too!

  234. Katherine Worgen says

    It would be a little cozy loft built around the window with lots of pillows!!!

  235. Alicia Cormier says

    I would love LOTS and LOTS of books and a comfy, inviting place for ALL of us to sit and read. Large windows with natural light would be the preference, but since I won’t be cutting holes in walls anytime soon…some lamps are a must!!

  236. says

    Giving the girls a library corner in their room is actually my next project in our home. I want to put in a much larger book case (so needed! we are overflowing from our tiny one shelf one at the moment! It is not practical at all), bean bag chairs and oversized pillows and a few blankets! I hope to set up a nice, cozy and inviting reading space. 🙂

  237. Amy D. says

    I grew up with a library in our house, so I would have similar things in our library. Comfy couch so that all the kids and I can be on there reading. Book shelves and a small table with chairs. And lots of light! We had a sky light in our library growing up, and that was great!

  238. Jen says

    Ny perfect library would have lots of comfy chairs for snuggling up with great books!!

  239. says

    A nice big comfy chair to snuggle and read in. Floor to ceiling bookshelves with a ladder. Books lots and lots.

  240. AKS says

    A hot tub and a waterproof Nook color. The one with waterproof color e-ink that hasn’t been invented yet.

    What can I say, my 6-year-old loves hot tubs!

  241. Erin Filon says

    Reading is a magical gift to give to children. An inviting, creative and comfortable place that engages a child to be excited about books will enhance their excitement. A calming, soothing yet colorful environment with tons of books and comfy places to read would be perfect. I would love lots of book bins to categorize the books would also make it easier for my child to independently access her books.

  242. says

    Oh my! Thanks to you and Target for this awesome give away!!! Dream library? *Squeal* Lots of space for our books. My son is visually impaired and if his fingers are sensitive enough, he will need to learn braille to make him an efficient reader. And braille cannot be squished or you can’t feel the dots so we’ll need lots of space for the braille books we’ve been slowly but surely acquiring. Thanks again!

  243. Emily H. says

    Books, books & more books! And a nice big chair to curl up with my little ones or just by myself.

  244. Elizabeth says

    My dream at home library would have floor to ceiling bookshelves on all walls, skylights, hot pink flokati carpet and lots and lots of books

  245. Charlotte W. says

    My dream home library would have comfy seating and lots of natural light. It would also be a quiet calming place where I could read and enjoy a quick catnap. Also, all the best selling fiction a room could hold!

  246. Katie Davis says

    Wow, what a generous giveaway! My dream at-home library would have built in book shelves filled with books, a comfy recliner and a couch. It would also include a couple of cozy corners for the kiddos. Thanks for the chance to create a lovely space for the kids to read at home!

  247. Christine says

    Our dream at-home library would have big cozy chairs for each of my three children!

  248. Ceej says

    My dream at-home library would have a comfy nook for reading , big windows for natural light to come in and tons of great books to choose from!

  249. Sheryl says

    My dream library would have a nice comfy chair sitting near a crackling fireplace. It would have bookcases holding a large selection of childrens books and cookbooks.

  250. says

    My library would have a really cool light, comfy chairs, lots of books (of course!) and a sleeping cat.

  251. Livivua Chandler says

    My dream at home library would have a soothing lights in the ceiling, a swivel chair for relaxing, an audio system to listen to books from my kindle. I would have a shelf of original books and I would have my own check out system

  252. nikki v says

    My library would consist of a bunch of book shelves filled with books for my daughter and I and there would be a big comfy chair to snuggle into to read There would be family pictures everywhere and a little area for my daughter with her own little chair and coffee table. it would be like a mini library just for her.

  253. Tabathia B says

    My ideal at home library space would include books for my 2 yo daughter (including Olivia, her fav sesame street charcters, etc), my 11 yo who loves everything including suspense, mystery and now manga and my 18 yo twins who love all YA including paranormal. I would love all mystery, romance books and the books would be on a wall to wall book rack and organized by age and genre and separated.

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  254. elven johnson says

    Gray chaise , blanket, nice lighting, & the newest vampire, wolf, witches & silly books. Oh don’t forget a cat in your lap.

  255. Tina Savasuk says

    My dream library would have a window seat attached to a very large picture window. Wow, what an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  256. Marie says

    What a dream this would be for my two boys and their love for reading! Beyond the obvious book shelving, chairs and comfy pillows, I would also include a big rug for interactive story time and a peaceful salt water fish tank for relaxation!

  257. Sarai says

    I would like a window seat and some child-size furniture for the kids to sit and read. And books to the ceiling with a ladder that rolls.

  258. Cami says

    My dream library would have a cushioned window seat and many shelves of books for the kids.

  259. Cynthia says

    Mine would have floor to ceiling bookshelves with a ladder to reach the very tip top shelf, lots of comfortable seating and some nice lamps for nighttime reading.

  260. Jenni says

    My perfect library would have hundreds of books about everything and big comfy chairs. Lot’s of blankets, light, pillows, bookmarks, cup holders, popcorn machine, stereo for background music, and my family 🙂

  261. Ilana says

    My elementary school library had a “narnia” book corner- I think it was a storage closet, but it had been painted with Narnia scenes and was full of cushions to snuggle into and read. There was always a wait to get in there. Lately I’ve been thinking that I’d love to create a corner like that in our house for our kids- somewhere that feels secret and cozy and that calls you to come in and do some reading 🙂

  262. jessica says

    a big cozy couch with plenty of room for my soon-to-be four kiddos! or lots of cozy floor pillows to lounge on!

  263. Molly says

    My dream library for my children would be very accessible, and filled with books that teach about God, character, and morals.

  264. Marcie says

    Oh My! My library would have all the classics Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, etc) plus everything by Beverly Cleary. I would have several reading nooks with pillows and lamps.

  265. Jeanette says

    My dream library would have a comfy chair to snuggle up in, huge windows and lots of shelving. I would also love a designated kids reading area with bean bags, colorful rugs, and decor to peak their imaginations.

  266. Laura Drath says

    My dream library would have floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves with one of those awesome rolling ladders to access them, a big window with a cozy windowseat, and a purring cat.

  267. Rebekah Smith says

    My at home dream library would have millions of books EVERYWHERE. Ladders that rolled to get you to the ones at top. There would be cushions and chairs and whatever felt comfy to sit or lay on. Coffee served anytime you wanted it. Every book I would want would be inside this library. I would have awesome bookshelves that were very fun and crafty too. My whole family would be inside this library all the time.

  268. says

    My dream library would have lots of childrens books. My almost 3 yo loves books and I want to keep it that way. I also want my youngest 6 months to grow up loving books too!!!

  269. Kathleen Downes says

    My dream library would have a comfy chair, good light and lots of shelves to hold all of our books.

  270. says

    A comfy seat by the window for natural light, and soft-lit lamp for evenings. A smallish table for setting down a soothing drink. Lots of space for others to read along with me.

  271. Mary Ward says

    I’ve thought about my dream library for ages! It would have built-in shelves around each wall with a big bay window. A couple of cushy over-stuffed chairs would be in the window, perfect for reading. It would also have a hug fireplace with chairs in front of that as well.

  272. says

    My dream library would have a slacker sack for cozy family reading. Rows of either pallet or gutter book shelves. A handmade quilt. Some pillows. And the whole family reading a novel together.

  273. says

    My dream library would have a cushioned seat running along the underside of a large picture window, covered with lounging pillows and flanked by my bookcases. Then there would be room for me and my family.

  274. says

    Floor to ceiling shelves filled with books about everything! Seriously, I would love to have a HUGE room dedicated just for books! Oh, what a lovely reality that would be!

  275. rachael says

    in addition to all the essentials, I would put up some fairy lights and some illustrations from my favorite kid’s books.

  276. Courtney says

    I would love to have a plethora of pillows and more books than I can count! It would be wonderful to have a drawing area or magnet board for retelling and a box of costumes for acting out stories.

  277. Nancy K says

    Okay I have thought about this a lot, I would have a fireplace, large comfy chairs for me and my husband and fun furniture for our 4 girls. Lots of windows and fun pictures on the wall from some of the girls favorite books. Books, Books and more books

  278. Lesli Kerfien says

    My library would have an overstuffed leather chair with ottoman, a warm fuzzy blanket, and hundreds of books.

  279. Kelly Nicholson says


    Leave a comment on this post answering this question ” What would your dream at-home library have in it?”


  280. Casey says

    My dream library would have to have wall to wall bookshelves, one of which would move to reveal a hidden plush room with blankets, plush carpets, and a hundred-ish pillows, where I could hide from household craziness and read for hours.

  281. Sylvia says

    I would want a bay window to snuggle up in- big enough to lay down with my kids!
    and a few coffee tables so that we can leave books out 🙂

  282. Megan says

    I would have bean bag chairs, blankets and framed illustrations from favorite books. Along with, of course, lots of books!

  283. Rebecca D says

    I would need somewhere comfy to sit with my boys and lots of light. Then of course we’d need a huge selection of uplifting books!

  284. KateB says

    I would need comfy places to sit and shelves for all my books. I am a former teacher, so the books are a bit of an addiction for me. Just need somewhere to display them!

  285. Lisa says

    My dream library would have built in bookcases (or floor to ceiling bookcases), a window seat, comfy pillows, and all my favorite books from my childhood (everything from Nancy Drews to the Little House books).

  286. Stephanie Kierys says

    My dream library would include a window seat so I could cuddle up with my daughter, Story, and our two cats to read books on rainy days. It would also include floor to ceiling bookshelf with a ladder and a secret passage!

  287. Shelly Watterson says

    I would love lots of coziness – pillows, lots of soft colors, maybe those adult-like bean bag chairs….and of course lots of books!

  288. Michael Mayhew says

    Our dream library would have lots of bookcases a couple of comfy chairs and good lighting

  289. katherine says

    would love a big comfy chair, a great toddler book shelf (and all the books to go with!), and a sweet little lamp… perfect for snuggling up to read a book with my little one!

  290. Carolyn says

    My dream library would have a big window seat, next to a huge window that gets lots of natural light. On the window seat would be a big comfy cushion and plenty of fluffy pillows for reading alone or as a family. Oh, and lots of books! 🙂

  291. Jamie says

    I need a comfy nook with room enough for me and a couple of kiddos and an unlimited supply of books! I also need someone else to take care of the mundane tasks like cooking and cleaning so I had plenty of time to lounge in the library!!! 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

  292. Susan Dobie says

    My dream library has a comfy chair, a blanket, a nearby table for my extra books and cups of tea, a cat on my lap and a dog at my feet.

  293. Ellen says

    I have been fantasizing about a giant bean bag, large enough for 3-4, for stories and snuggles. And maybe a canopy for a little extra magic.

  294. Erica says

    i prefer reading to my boys on the floor so a big fluffy rug and lots of pillows. Plus endless shelves of books of course!

  295. Stacy says

    My dream library would have lots of cozy chairs, soft blankets, a window seat, and lots and lots of books!

  296. Ida Z says

    My dream library would have all the classics, a simple organization tracked by my iPad, and most especially a comfy place for my kiddos and myself to sit and devour the contents!

  297. Janelle says

    My dream library would have a quiet place for the kids to read like a little nook.

  298. tracey byram says

    A full-sized lounger, feather pillows, floor lamp, every Stephen King, Clive Barker,Dean Koontz, John Jakes and Robert McCammon book ever written.

  299. Lynne Kinsey says

    My unrealistic dream home library would be like the ones seen in mansions with floor to ceiling polished wood bookshelves and a rolling hanging- ladder that gives access to every book in the room. Good lighting, a comfortable chair or two and a large table or desk to work on projects that require spreading papers out during the process. I would settle for enough shelf space for the books that I currently have and space for more., organized space for papers, files, and standard desk supplies. Again good reading and writing lights and comfortable chairs. Also, an area designated for children’s books and a 2 small chairs for my grandchildren.

  300. kadusey says

    A wall full of bookshelves (with big enough areas for all our over-sized kids books), a window seat, a comfy chair, a pile of floor pillows, a plush rug, and some nice light to read by.

  301. Jaime Williamson says

    My dream home library: Two kid size comfy chairs, a nice lamp, a good blanket, and soooo many books. A floor rug would be nice too since we have hard wood floors!

  302. Alexis says

    My dream library would have super comfy chairs for everyone that are also big enough to cuddle in. And big open low shelves so little ones can see and choose their own books.

  303. Amy says

    A big comfy chair that’s big enough for 2 or 3, a comfy “nook” to climb in/under for some private reading, and shelves stocked with our family favorites.

  304. Barb says

    Our dream home library would have a lovely window seat with plush cushions and a fab overstuffed chair. The books would be all my favorites and some new “classics” that are still on my reading list!

  305. Doris says

    I can picture a shelf or 2 with books and a small desk with 2 chairs for my little ones. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  306. Eric says

    I wish we had a quiet room just to dedicate to their reading with books and their own artworks on the wall.

  307. tracy says

    I’d love a nice picture window with a window seat and lots of pillows to curll up in and read with my little guy.

  308. Mariam says

    I would love for my grandsons to have a private room of their own, as long as the living room is not cluttered with books! lol It is cute to see them loving to read though!

  309. Christine E. says

    Since this is a “Dream” library… I would love an awesome chair and some giant pillows for the floor. I like to move around when I read. Then a big window for some warm sunlight to radiate my reading area. ahhhhh…..

  310. krista says

    My dream Library would have lots of windows and skylights so it would be naturally lit. Tons of books in all different categories and lots of different seat opptions :0)

  311. Sheryl Granholm says

    My dream library would filled floor to ceiling with books and especially filled with classics, paranormal and history books. 😀

  312. Tara says

    A room filled with trees, blue and green colors, a soft squishy floor and big fluffy pillows all around and blankets to cuddle up in. A great big window looking out into nature. Shelves filling the walls with books from every genre, loads of authors, and illustrators. Toys, trinkets, and items to help the books come alive to the beginning readers. Paper, crayons, markers, colored pencils and scissors to help bring to life some of the pictures I’ve been creating in my head…

    …thats just off the top of my head…

  313. Donna jamieson says

    The thing i want most in my home library is comfy chairs to snuggle up in

  314. Lisa says

    Lots of books, adequate shelving/storage for the books, bean bag chairs/pillows, and natural sunlight

  315. Tammy says

    My dream library would have a comfy chair for 2 or 3 so that my daughters and I could cuddle up and read. It would also have to have lots and lots of books from every genre, we like to read about many different thongs. We would need at least 2 plugs to plug in our nooks so that we can still read the last page of an exciting chapter even when the low battery light is on!

  316. Heather says

    A big comfy chair for my two girls and me to sit together and snuggle and read. Also a really nice atlas, we could study one for hours!

  317. Jennifer says

    My library would have lots of comfy seats. Books of all kinds in shelves from floor to ceiling!

  318. Kimberly M. says

    Although I believe Nooks and other “readable” electronics are great and I would love to have one for myself I would love to have a lot of children’s books in my “Dream Library” at home because children love to look at pictures and there is still nothing like reading a “real” book to a child.

  319. Sara W. says

    My ideal “library” would be a space in which my children (5yo girl and 2yo boy) would prefer to go and read rather than spending time in front of a TV. It would be colorful and inviting with a nice comfy place to sit and enjoy a good book!

  320. says

    Oh, a dream library! I’d love to have a comfy spot for all 3 of my toddlers to rest while we read together as a family. I’d love to have easy readers and a whole range of books to get my kids’ imaginations running wild!

  321. Sarah Noll says

    Our perfect library would include a soft place to sit with somewhere to hold all our wonderful books and a nice soft light. I can see my kids cozy and content reading their new favorite book.

  322. says

    I would have a comfy chair, a large picture window overlooking a body of water (even if it is a small pond), a large bookshelf with books about yoga, healing, vegan cooking, montessori philosophy and early childhood education – oh, and some of the latest mysteries. I would also have wireless access so that I could futher study any new information from all of the reading I would do

  323. says

    We have twin 2 year old boys and my husband and I love to read. Our perfect library, would have low bookshelves on one level for the boys to have their books. And small lounge chairs for them to sit in. It was also have higher shelves for my husband and I to store all of our books. I am also a photographer, so we would have lots of pictures around the room for us to talk about and look at. I would love to have a big window to look out with a desk in front of so the boys can do homework eventually or I can edit my photos. Maybe some pillows on the floor so we can all have reading time together.

  324. Kayla Dawn says

    A space large enough to house plenty of books for all ages. A little nook by the window. Large oversized pillows so kids can lounge around and read. Big oversized chairs to curl up and read in or read to someone. A nice little table for kids to do their homework and some books in my library to help them out. Lamps around the room for nighttime reading. On the walls quotes from some authors. A book shelf dedicated to library books so no one loses theirs.

  325. sandra says

    built-in shelves and a big mahogany desk. a comfortabel nook to read in peace adn quiet

  326. Jenny says

    My dream at home library would have ALL the books that you’ve reviewed for the kids. I’m already planning a library trip this evening!

  327. Cherie says

    My dream library would have built-in bookcases, a window seat and fireplace. It would have big, cozy chairs, a stereo for playing quiet music, and a fountain and plants. The window seat would look out on a beautiful garden with bird feeders. And of course, my library would have a whole bunch of my favorite books in hardcover. 🙂

  328. Kimberly Wright says

    The chair is key, it needs to be big and comfortable and an ottoman to put my feet up on. Lots of shelves with tons of books a great lamps and a mini fridge.

  329. Mary says

    My dream library would include a terrific comfy chair with a leg rest and room for several people to snuggle and read together. There would also be windows nearby for air and light. And of course lots and lots of books nearby.

  330. Sheila A says

    my dream library would have windows floor to ceiling, looking out over a serene lake, and to let in lots of sun! it would have shelves floor to ceiling, filled with first edition classics by the greatest authors…and one whole shelf filled with books my lil girl would pick! A large relaxing chair with plenty of room to stretch and cuddle with my daughter…and a snuggly chair of her own….when she get sick of mom lol great giveaway! thank you!

  331. rageenavandelay says

    an ergonomic chair & the latest (technology) in computers & accessories

  332. SC says

    A round turret/tower room with floor to ceiling bookshelves, big windows flanked by trees, warm paintings, comfy chairs and big pillows on the floor! A small tent/canopy for the little guys. And a cup of tea…
    Me and and my two little guys love to cozy up with a good book, and can get lost in them irrespective of the setting. But a beautiful inviting place to relax, surrounded by books and warmth is priceless!!

  333. claudia tejeda says

    Ohhhh how will I love a library for myself.!!!!!. and of course for all the little ones I have at my Group Family Day Care. I would be awesome to have a Bookcase and low shelves so the children can reach the books at their heart content . Cozy Pillows and cozy sofa chair. In a very well lit room!!

  334. Joan Reyes says

    Floor to ceiling bookcases that would have all the American and English literature classics, with a nook area that would have classic cookbooks.

  335. Karen says

    My dream library would include a comfy window seat surrounded by built-in bookcases filled with oodles of books…a place where you can really escape into a good story.

  336. Tara Winchester says

    My ideal reading nook would have a big comfy chair for me and my baby to cuddle up on

  337. Cari says

    Floor to ceiling shelves would be nice. Maybe a fireplace and big comfy chairs.

  338. Gretchen says

    A book selection that would be better than any television program and a huge window that always let in sun.

  339. Veronica says

    This is sort of obvious, but books! Lots and lots of them. You can never get enough. 🙂
    Also, comfy beanbags/floor cushions!

  340. Amanda K. says

    My dream library would include lots of BIG, comfy pillows to snuggle up in with a great book. It would also include an entire wall of floor to ceiling book shelves with a sliding ladder. 🙂 Aaaaah!

  341. Jan P. says

    I need lots of adjustable shelves in my library, as well as a good light source nearby so I can find my favorites.

  342. My Barefoot Angel says

    Huge comfy chair, leather-bound classic books, puppets, small fridge for drinks and snacks, and a coffee bar with all the fixings (you did say a “dream” library).

  343. Kat Libokmeto says

    I would love a quiet, cozy, relaxing space where both my kids and
    I can snuggle up and read together. A book shelf where they can
    choose their own books. A place where they can feel comfortable and
    let their imagination run wild!

  344. says

    I would love floor to ceiling book shelves, filled with every kind of book imaginable. I would love a large window with a bench style window seat – room for several people, that would be especially nice to sit and read at on a rainy day.

  345. says

    A big comfy chair, somewhere for me and my daughter to cuddle up to read together. A big window for lots of light and of course books.

  346. says

    I am thinking a comfortable chair for one, a comfortable chair for 2 (so I could read to my grandson), a great light and lots of books – for all ages.

  347. Jen Ketcher says

    My dream library would have a giant picture window with a window seat full of pillows for comfy reading. And about a bazillion books!

  348. JOSE AGUILERA says

    I would love all the new and classics to read. Floor to ceiling shelves. A comfy chair to read them in. The lighting to set the mood.

  349. Cynthia Brinsley says

    I think a Morroccan styled room with lots of bookshelves, floor pillows and just an exotic room that just relaxes me while I read.

  350. ewhatley says

    My dream at home library would have full bookshelves on every wall, gleaming hardwood floors, big comfy chairs and ottomans, bright floor lamps and a little kitchenette for making coffee and treats. The color scheme would be crisp blue and white. It would be at the back of my home so I could look out on the bay.

  351. Ashley C says

    I’d love for it to have lots of windows for natural light! A pretty view would be helpful too 🙂


  352. says

    Our perfect dream library would have comfy beanbag chairs, low bookcases for the boys’ books, a huge globe, and lots of sunlight.

  353. Renee owen says

    it would have lots of books for my children, and maybe a desk and chair for them to sit and read

  354. Donna Z says

    Imagine a picnic basket filled with children’s books, some teddy bears, a blanket……now you have a teddy bear book nook for my granddaughters !!

  355. Barbara says

    My dream library would be a whimsical space with some low shelving and cozy chairs where my kids can snuggle, chill and enjoy their favorite books. It would also include a designated area where they can do their homework.

  356. Tara says

    Comfy chairs, great lighting, lots of bookshelves, curtains to “hide” while reading.

  357. Stacy says

    My dream library would have floor to ceiling bookshelves on all four walls, each full of books. They would be arranged by subject, then author. I would have a ladder to reach the tall shelves. There would be two big comfy chairs for sitting and reading, plus pillows and blankets for snuggling. There would be great lighting for reading, but not too bright to hurt your eyes (or too sterile). My current library has one wall with floor to ceiling, plus one bookshelf on each adjacent wall, so I am on my way!

  358. teressa oliver says

    A Hammock, a big book shelf, walls painted with a beach scene and a wine bar

  359. nadine m says

    My dream library….let’s see definetly would need a couple of comfortable cushy chairs big and small for the kids and me,lighting not too bright , mini fridge area so I wont have to leave the room if I ge thirsty and tons and tons of shelves for all the books.

  360. Anna holmstrand says

    I would want my library to be as large as the one from beauty and the beast 🙂 and a nice comfy chair by a fireplace

  361. Sam says

    Floor to ceiling shelves filled with books for all ages…board books, picture books, chapter books, non-fiction books, biographies, young adult, etc. and of course plenty of books for mom & dad too!

  362. Michelle Spayde says

    My dream at home library would have a fabulous view of the mountains, furniture that you could “melt” into, and sound proof walls!

  363. jenifer says

    My dream library would have my child(ren) in it, enjoying books as much as I do.

  364. heather c says

    Enough books that I’ll need ladders to reach them all, good light, a comfy chair, a cooler for my cold drinks and a coffee maker for my warm drinks.

  365. Amy says

    My dream home library would have a fireplace, cozy lounge chairs, and a lot of autobiographies.


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