27 Ways For Kids To Play With Food

I know your mom probably told you not to play with your food but I really think you should. Kids can learn so many great concepts by playing with food as well as become more familiar with new foods and even make dinner time struggles to try new things easier. Here are some of our very favorite ways for kids to play with food .

Ice Cream Taste Test
Salt Art
Yogurt Painting
Wormy Dirt Treats
Rainbow Gelatin Sensory Tub
Emotional Snowmen
Ice Cream Cone Witches Hat
Heart Shaped Pizza
Marshmallow Structures
Letter C Cookies
Paint & Eat Waffles
Worm Painting with Noodles
Mushroom Painting
Marshmallow Rainbow
Garden Vegetable Painting
Banana Ghosts
Apple Print Wreath
Baby’s First Finger Painting with Puree
Homemade Kid’s Meal
Potato Prints
Coffee Grounds Sensory Tub
Pretend Play Grocery Store
Egg Toss
Orange Printing
Turn Dinner into Playtime
Cereal Bracelet
Marshmallow Skull


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  1. says

    i just wanted to comment that i LOVE your ideas!! if it weren’t for your website that i found about a year ago, i think i’d go crazy and have a lot less fun with my daughter.

    i wanted to include that we had a blast painting (fresh) marshmallows with watercolors on our M day. then we glued them down and made the letter M out of them. that was about all i could come up with for the craft for “mommy school” we’ve been doing this summer. my girl just wasn’t into mountains as you had your cute craft for.

    afterwards we enjoyed constructing with them and toothpicks. of course, eating them was the bonus.

    thanks so much for your wonderful inspirations!


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