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weekly play plans for kids I am so excited to announce a new feature here at No Time For Flash Cards. I have been asked for years by readers to put together a weekly activity plan but frankly it was never top on my to do list.  Until now. As it turns out I loved putting it together and hope you will love using it.

What is it?

Every week you will get an email with a plan for learning and play with a theme . Each plan has a whole curriculum approach and brings together activities in early literacy, fine and gross motor, math , sensory and of course a fun craft and books. The plan also includes ways to modify the activities for older and younger children so every activity is relevant. The plan is not our week in review, it’s older posts, post from other great blogs and recent ones that work together to make a great plan for you!

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE.

How do I get it?

Sign up here and every Sunday starting October 7th the plan will get emailed to you.  Use it that week, save it for later or forward it to a friend to share.



  1. says


    i can’t wait!
    thanks a zillion in advance.
    every great idea i do comes from this site. my friends love that i read you. they get all the fun benefit without the work.

  2. Susan says

    You are awesome! Thank you for making my planning so much easier, and right befroe grocery day! Love it.

    Ps. Just made the handprint bats with my life skills group, and they LOVED it. They were more focused doing that than anything else all day.

  3. admin says

    I hope that these plans help parents and teachers find what they need or get inspired to modify the ideas for the children they work with.

  4. Amanda says

    I am so excited about this! I just started sating home with my almost 3 year old, and 17 month old after teaching Pre-K for 2 years. We are ALWAYS playing and learning from your blog! Thank you for blessing others with your gifts!

  5. Wyndi says

    I could just about cry right now… I have been trying to get my homeschooling ideas/plans up and running to no avail yet. I’m so excited to have found this. I think I can relieve myself of a lot of guilt now. Thank you so much!!!

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