#blog4cause { Simple Ways To Give Back}

Our tally this week didn’t jump by much with the Thanksgiving holiday but I still wanted to remind and update all of you about how #blog4cause is making small and steady changes and how you can too.

We have raised over $700 , donated more than 40 hours of service and helped to teach our kids just how important giving is.

Just Another Mom From East L.A wrote a post that brought tears to my eyes. She and her toddler prepared sandwiches for the needy and handed them out. The part that got me all teary was her message that she hoped her young daughter would take from it. ” Share; try.” Yes!!! Read her post and check out her adorable blog here.

This week our family did a little help for our cause ( our local food bank and social services) but not as much as I wanted to. My plan was to run in the Turkey Trot ( which I did ) and have my son run too. I wanted him to see that charity has many faces and paying to run in a race with the proceeds going to our cause is a great way to have fun and give back.  Well he decided not to.

I force and require my kids to do a lot of things but I don’t want to force them to give to charity. I want them to see me give and learn by example. I was bummed but know that if I had forced him to run the race it would have attached the wrong message not only about giving but also about running.

Please if you have given, donated, shared, held a bake sale…. anything enter it into our tally!Last week the link wasn’t obvious so this week I am making it big. I know that you have donated a can or two, dropped a few dollars into a red kettle so tally it up!


And of course if you have blogged about giving with this campaign or others link up here to inspire other parents how we can make giving a lesson for our kids.


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