Feather Color Match

feather color matchingMy daughter is a natural color matcher. Although you most often see her in her PJs my daughter is a stickler for matching accessories and can be heard saying ” It matches , look Mama dat toy matches me dress!” often.  I knew she would like this activity but I was still happily surprised by the concentration she showed while doing it .This activity not only for color recognitions it is great for both fine motor development and eye hand coordination too.We called it a turkey feather match since we’ve been talking a lot about turkeys and Thanksgiving but you could do this any time of year.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some styrafoam ,colored feathers,  permanent markers in colors that match your feathers. That’s it!
  2. Start by making dots on the styrafoam with the markers.
  3. Invite your best color matcher to do their thing! I showed her how to do the first one and then she was off!
  4. She pointed out extra dots that we had no feathers for. Luckily I hadn’t put all the feathers out and was able to get a few more for her to match. 
  5. And she did.
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  1. says

    What a neat and original idea! We’ve been playing with styrofoam for several days (hammering golf tees in it – wish I could remember where I first saw that idea) so this will give us something new to do with it.
    We also love pipe cleaners and colanders as mentioned by Carson in her comment. The kids never grow tired of it.

  2. says

    i love this! i justp ut out the foam, golf tees and hammers for the kidos at school. i think this would be fun too or maybe along with pipecleaners. though who knows what they would do with the feathers. i love how their play changes with what is thrown into the mix. Thank you!


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