Letter Recognition Activities For Kids

learn letters

Learning  letters is more than just being able to recognize them on a page and these playful activities are all fun ways to practice letter recognition. No matter your child’s ability you can use these activities for introducing or mastering letter recognition. A great place to start with the letters in your child’s first name. While I taught uppercase letters first as a teacher I really feel like the best way to teach is to do upper and lowercase concurrently. Try your hardest not to quiz or drill your child for facts and instead make it fun and meaningful.

Build With Letters
Font Collages
Magic Letters
Move & Groove Letter Game
Letter Snowman
Leaf Matching Puzzles
Letter Memory Game
Letter Monsters
Disappearing Letters
Sparkly Alphabet
Custom Letter Magnets
Gardening For Letters
Letter Sorting Tree

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  1. says

    These are great ideas. Nice to have them all in one handy list! My son has known his letters for quite a while now, but now that he’s started sounding out words everywhere he sees them, I’ve noticed that there are a few that he doesn’t have quite as solidly as the others. I’ll see which of these games he enjoys.

  2. Julie says

    We have a variety of blocks – both wooden and cardboard blocks. My kids play with them all regularly. I should add letters (and maybe some multiplication facts for my older!) to them so they are getting the exposure every time they use them… great idea!


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