15 Playdough Activities & Recipes Too!

15 ways to play with playdoughThere is something so soothing about playdough. Some of my favorite memories from teaching were little conversations shared with students at the playdough table.  At our house we play with playdough so much that one of our kitchen drawers is filled with containers of it and fun stuff for my kids to add to the play. Below are some of my favorite playdough activities we have shared over the last 5 years here. I hope your kids have as much fun with it as we do.

Recipes for homemade playdoughand my favorite Gluten Free Playdough

Playdough Sculptures
Footprints In The Snow – Winter Playdough
Playdough Toy Prints
Playdough Battleground
Playdough Bakery Pretend Play
Explore Emotions with Mr. Playdough Face
Digging for Buttons in Playdough
Alphabet Playdough
Silly Hair – Playdough Play
Playdough Bugs
Drinking Straws + Playdough
Slicing Watermelon Playdough
Practicing Cutting With Playdough
Playdough Gingerbread Men
Playdough Earth

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  1. Amy (Malaysia) says

    Hi Allie! May I ask two questions? 1. How long this play-dough can be used? 2. How do we know that the play-dough is already expired? Hope you understand my questions… Thx Allie!

    • says

      Playdough usually dries out before it’s expired. In all my years of playing and teaching with playdough i have never had it mold or “go bad” As long as you don’t mix in anything perishable. Homemade dough should be refrigerated to stay soft but you don’t have to. If it smells weird or is moldy throw it out. Also I never keep playdough that has been put in kids mouths. That goes into the bin.

      • Amy (Malaysia) says

        You mean homemade playdough must be refrigerated before kids play? Well my country’s climate is not cold as your country. Afraid, it will ‘melt’…. Noted on your tips Allie… I will try the homemade playdough this weekend… Got to sleep right now… Thanks again!


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