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memory box craft to remember grandmaEver read a friend’s Facebook status update and wish you could reach right through your screen and hold them in a tight hug? When I read this one from my dear friend Tara a few weeks ago it made me wish I could do that.

Allie was playing with a balloon my mom gave her almost 2 years ago. “Do you know who gave this to you?” I asked her. She guessed Amanda, Amy, William, and Old Grandma. “No, your Grandma gave that to you.” I said. “My Grandma?” she replied. “Who’s my Grandma?”

Tara is a blogger and friend and in that update she is speaking about her three year old daughter Allie not remembering her grandma, Tara’s mom who lost her battle with cancer a few months ago. I can’t imagine losing my mom but I do know what it’s like to grow up not knowing my grandmother. I also know that my mom was able to let me get to know my grandma through pictures and other treasures that we kept in a trunk in the basement. I loved going through that trunk and feeling close to a woman I never met.

When this opportunity for a sponsored post with Consumer Crafts about making a craft as a random act of kindness came up the day after that Facebook update I knew who I wanted to try to bless. I wanted to make Tara’s daughters a memory box that they could open and dig through and feel close to their grandma just like I did as a young girl.  Maybe you have someone who you want to share with your kids, I can’t encourage you enough to make a memory box or something similar that your children can discover and get to know this person themselves.

memory box 2

You’ll Need:

All of the supplies totaled came to under $20

I wanted to surprise Tara with this but decided to contact her because I wanted to make sure that she was OK with me sharing her story and including it in a sponsored post. It gave me a chance to  find out more about her mom like what her favorite color was ( red) and that she loved flowers. It also let me ask for favorite photos to include which I poured over .  Love is everywhere in these photos.

Once all the supplies from Consumer Crafts arrived it only took 30 minutes to turn all these supplies into a special place for Tara and her girls to reconnect with her mom.

memory box 3

Start by painting the box inside and out. I chose silver because it was special but still a soft color. I used a sponge brush to get a light even coat. I only did one coat but do as many as you feel are needed for the color you want.

Next I used the glue gun to add the flowers. I have three flowers representing Tara , Grace and Allie.memory box 5

Next add on the rhinestones. I loved digging through my Gran’s jewelry as a little girl and hope that this box can feel a little like that for Grace and Allie.

I added more flowers on the inside of the box for extra flair.memory box 4

Once everything was dry I added some pictures too.

I will be sending this to Tara ASAP and hopefully in it’s own little way it will help her keep the memory of her mom alive for her precious girls.


 As stated this post is part of a paid campaign with Consumer Crafts and Blue Print Social.

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    • Allison McDonald says

      You read it before I could even send you the link. I am so glad you like it. M has been begging to dig through it so I hope that G & A feel the same way. I know it’s not much but I hope that you know it’s filled with love. It will be in the mail today <3 Oh and speaking about blessing, I hope you know how many times you have blessed me and my family.

  1. Amanda Gerner says

    I had to let you know, you have made a perfect memory box. I know my mother would have absolutely loved this box you made for my sister and her girls. Thank you for being such a kind person. The pictures in the post are some of our happiest times. This has been the hardest time in our lives. I read your post on my lunch break at work but I couldn’t hide the tears for your wonderful kindness. By the way, I think it is pretty neat you happened to post this today; it is my Dad’s 69th birthday. I will show him the post when I get home if he hasn’t already seen it.

    • Allison McDonald says

      Oh Amanda I am so glad you like it as well. Looking through all the pictures Tara sent me was a gift. I am so sorry for your loss and know that with such a great mom and aunt the girls will have so many memories of their Grandma to hold close in their hearts.

  2. Brooke says

    Thank you for the wonderful idea as your post came just days before my daughters lost their grandmother . Even though I have just given them and my nephew their boxes today after the service you could see the appreciation and gratitude to have something tangible to hold onto.


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