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TogetherCounts_mainlogoAs a parent one of the goals I have for my family is to live a well balanced life. To work hard , play hard , eat well , and stay active. Since early 2012 I have had the pleasure of working with Together Counts™ as an Energy Balance Ambassador. As an ambassador I write about family activities, teaching kids about balance and more on the Together Counts™ blog. I also try my best to live up to their mission of an active family and balanced family meals. Last year I shared that I was excited to be running my first half marathon and since then I have run two more as well as many shorter races . I love running but not just because of the benefits it has for my health , I love it because running balances me.  It helps me focus, it lets me run off stress, and makes me a better mom. It also sets a great example for my kids.together counts

Like many parents I struggle to keep my children’s diet balanced. It’s not just too much this or not enough that it’s teaching them moderation and to avoid demonizing any one food. I try to teach them that when we focus on energy balance everything is allowed every now and then. The best part of preaching this is that I end up practicing it because they keep me accountable. They can because we try our best to make every dinner a family meal. Family meals are one of our greatest tools for connecting and deeper connections means more opportunity to guide our kids to a healthy balanced lifestyle.


This year my active goal for my family is to get through a hike without anyone whining and for my kids to have fun in all their activities. Every parent gets a little rush of pride when their kid scores a goal but for me knowing they love the physical activities they’ve chosen to participate in gives me a much deeper sense of satisfaction. I don’t care if they win medals or end a season dead last, what I care about is that they love what they are doing . When they are little is the time to test the waters and have fun while they are at it. This year they have asked to do all sorts of things from ballet to basketball and I am ready to cheer them on.

This is how I integrate Together Counts™ and their energy balance mission into my family. I hope you’ll check them out and read more about their mission on their blog , connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest .


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