DIY Stenciled Pillowcase

DIY stenciled pillowcase craftAll day long I invite my daughter to play. I lay out play dough with buttons, Lego with her princess figurines, her doctor kit and stuffed animals… but often I forget to invite her to read. We read a lot and never miss our three books every night but I don’t usually lay out a stack of books and invite her to read independently. When Tulip For Your Home invited me to create a fun stenciled pillowcase for a sponsored post I knew exactly what I wanted to use this for. To make quiet time more inviting in her room with a fun pillow and a stack of great books.

Here is how I made the pillowcase. Oh and I was worried when I saw they only had one pillowcase in the box… what about if when I mess up! Well I didn’t mess up because the stencils and the secret weapon ( the adhesive ) worked perfectly!

Gather your materials. You will need a pillowcase, Tulip For Your Home stencils, stencil adhesive, paint, and paint roller. I also used a plate for spreading out my paint.paint your own pillow case

Start by spraying the adhesive on the back of the all over stencil. Ours was polka dots. If you spray and let it dry ( so it’s tacky) the stencil can be repositioned multiple times. I am glad i did this because apparently straight lines aren’t as easy for me as they should be.paint your own pillowcase and make reading more comfy

Paint. The roller made it so at preschool pick up I wasn’t covered in paint. There was no way my daughter knew what I was making her!paint pillowcase reading fun

Let dry.pillowcase reading

Repeat the adhesive spraying on the 2nd stencil.pillowcase tulip for your home

Find just the right spot and paint. Let dry for a few days.owl pillow tulip for your home

Fill with a pillow, add some books, and invite your child to read quietly. She was so excited to have a new reading pillow with an owl on it!

pillowcase diy tulip for the home

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Need some books to cuddle up with your new pillow? We have some great lists. Here are five of my favorite books lists:

Books About Strong Girls
Books About Being Different
Books About All Kinds Of Families
Books About Construction

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