Playful Preschool ebook

preschool activities ebookI am so excited to be  part of this Playful Preschool ebook. Together with an amazing group of early education bloggers we have created a resource packed with hands on and play based learning.  This ebook has ideas for all sorts of learning from language and math to science and art for your little ones. It’s a MUST for your summer. Buy it now and have it ready for those long summer days when you start hearing ” Mom., I have nothing to do!”

3-5 preschool ebook

What is great about this ebook is that not only will it help fill up those days when you need a fast but worthwhile idea to keep your kids busy, it is great year round. For all of you that homeschool your preschoolers these ideas are for you, for all of you who send your kids to school but still have a few days a week when you want to keep them busy with engaging activities this one is for you… basically it’s for anyone with kids 3-5 !

All of this for $8.99 ! $4.49 from June 1st-June 7th! Use the code June35 for the sale price.

buy now 3-5

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  1. Tracy says

    Hi, I purchased this e-book, but I did it on my phone and it wouldn’t open the e-book. What information do you need from me to either re-send the link, or help me to open and download the ebook? I am very much looking forward to it.


  2. Abigail says

    Hi, I went to buy the ebook on Sunday, June 7th but the price showed $8.99 and this post stays the price would be $4.49 from June 1st through June 7th. It’s 10:30 pm on Sunday the 7th, so I assume I’ll miss the sale, but just wanted to see if it would be possible to get the sale price like this post states. Thanks for your help.

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