Activities for Toddlers & Kids { Link Up! }

rp_link-learn-2014-455x178111111.jpgIt’s the weekend and I am nursing a very sore Achilles tendon which means that instead of going for my planned 10 mile run ( aka me time)  I am in my PJs blogging. So Link & Learn is up early, anything to get out of cleaning the playroom instead.

If you are new to Link & Learn ignore my whining because that is not what Link & Learn is all about.  Link & Learn is all about sharing the wonderfully creative, totally engaging, and plain old rad ideas you have shared on your blog with No Time For Flash Card readers. Link up your learning activities, your crafts, pretend play, outside fun… really anything that might help a parent or caregiver share quality time with their children.

This is far from an exclusive club and as always it’s my favorite place to find great things to pin. I just passed 475,000 pinterest followers and I am hoping to make it to half a million soon. Are you following me? More importantly am I following you?

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  1. says

    This link up is a great idea! I’ve been following for a bit and love your resources. I’m new to the blog world but hope you’ll check out my early childhood happy place!

  2. says

    Sorry about the Achilles tendon. In a previous life I was a cross country runner, but since having kids, I think the farthest I’ve run is a few feet to keep the kids from darting into oncoming traffic, jumping into swimming pools, putting unidentified substances in their mouths… Thanks for hosting!

    • Allison McDonald says

      Thanks – I am hoping it’s nothing serious. All the training has come in handy for the same reasons you mentioned!

  3. says

    Hope you feel better Allison! I just started running and training to run the Disney Princess 5K next year and I now consider “me” time :) Oh, and thanks for hosting as well!

    • Allison McDonald says

      Good for you – I would love to race at Disney. I think I may have to skip my next race and nurse this leg a little longer. I’d rather take the time now than mess it up forever. Enjoy our me time :)

  4. says

    Link ups are such a great idea for sharing and gaining new knowledge! I’m following you on pinterest and i’ve also linked to you on my site. Such good ideas on here, thank you.
    Emm of
    blog, psychology resource and perspective on motherhood & babies

  5. says

    Thanks for hosting. I hope your Achilles tendon heals soon!

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