Reader’s Favorites 2009!

The following toys have been submitted by No Time For Flash Cards readers, parent to parent suggesting things their kids love!

Fisher Price Piggy Bank

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Piggy Bank more than any toy this little piggy bank got recommended over and over on both our facebook fan page and via email!  I was going to list all the readers but at 10 I decided it would be redundant! One reader Sarah wrote : That FP Laugh and Learn Piggy Bank *is* fantastic! It is my go-to gift for one year olds! My 3.5 year old still pulls it out sometimes! I have never seen this toy but have to admit with the reaction it’s received I am adding it to my future toy list!


Marbulous Marble Run was submitted by Katalin.  Here is what she had to say :  My 4.5 and 3 yr olds, and even 17 month old, love this and have played with it nonstop since we got it. Frankly, my hubby and I are having just as much fun with it as they are.

Plan Toys Dollhouse

Plan Toy Chalet Doll House was sent in by Georgine from Life On James Street. She wrote : I bought this for my then 2 year old daughter.  I knew she would like a doll house, but a lot of doll houses have too many small items that she wouldn’t use and that would get lost.  The Plan Toys Chalet, has chunky furniture and people.   It was/is fairly easy for her to reach into (except for the bottom floor on the three floor house).  I also like how you can move the two house parts around as well as the stairs.   I love to hear my daughter make up stories as she plays.

peel and stick chalk board

Peel & Stick Chalkboard is a great idea sent in by Kim from Mom Tried It . She writes : I saw this product on another blog and had to tell you about it.  Looked too cute!  It is a peel & stick chalkboard!  It is perfect for renters or people that don’t want permanent stuff on their walls.  The chalkboards that can be hung tend to fall down when my son writes on them and we don’t have the space for a big easel, so this is perfect for us.

Tinker Toy

Tinker Toy Construction Set was submitted by Alison who said : My boys (2.5 and 4) love them. They make everything with them. Most of the time they make ‘inventions’ that do things. Tinker toys are great for creative imaginative play, fine motor skills. Any girl or boys would love them.

learning tower

Little Partners Learning Tower isn’t exactly a toy but it is something that I have used in a classroom and can tell you first hand it’s amazing. Tara from Feels Like Home submitted it to the gift guide and in her online review wrote : Thanks to her new Learning Tower, it is quicker and easier than ever for Grace to help cook. We received the Learning Tower two weeks ago yesterday, and she has used it every single day since. She loves it. I love that she can help so easily.


Tape was submitted by Shannon who said : TAPE! they (3 and 6) were always begging to use ours….so I bought like 6 rolls of different sizes at walmart and gave them a box of tape….they were also thrilled with their very own boxes of envelopes…pipe cleaners….I put all paper towel and tp tubes on their craft table…and I always pick up those foam abcs or holiday sticker things for like $5…I guess these aren’t toys, but they literally take up hours of time that other kids seem to spend in front of the tv instead!

Bristle Blocks

Bristle Blocks was submitted by Michelle who said : My kids love bristle blocks. Sometimes the lego type of blocks are difficult for the little ones to stack together just right so that they can build, and they get frustrated. But the bristle blocks are great.


Cranium Hullabaloo was submitted by Tricia who said : Cranium Hullabaloo is a wonderful game. teaches colors, shapes, categories, all while making the kids move.


Automoblox showed up in my inbox as suggestion for this list more than a few times as well.  Amber wrote : My girls (age 5 and 2) both love, love their Automoblox set. Great learning toy! It’s our new favorite birthday gift. My son has one as well and loves that he can build and take apart the car as much as he wants!


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Latches Board was submitted by Shannon who wrote : We got my daughter the Melissa & Doug “latches” puzzle when she turned 2 and she still plays with it often. It is so great at teaching problem solving! I have also given this as a gift for many 2nd birthdays, it’s fantastic for developing fine motor skills as well.

chicken socks amazing lacing book

Chicken Socks Amazing Lacing Activity Book was submitted by Amie from Sewing School who said : I would recommend the Chicken Socks Amazing Lacing Activity Book.  My daughter  got it for her 3rd birthday and it’s  perfect for using in the car and at home.  It teaches lacing and simple sewing skills.  I also love how it stores easily and has different kinds of laces.  It’s been a big hit at my house and maybe will be at yours too!


LeapFrog Clickstart My First Computer I was not planning on including too many electronic toys but these next 2 items were submitted by multiple people and I can’t ignore that.  Here is what  Emily from The Domestic Notebook had to say about this LeapFrog click start first computer : My just-turned-three year old son loves this.  It’s a “computer” that plugs into the TV.  It comes with several educational games that have various levels.  I like that as he conquers new skills, he is challenged again by a higher level of difficulty.  My favorite thing about this computer is that the keys are in QWERTY so he learns the correct placement of the letters on the keyboard.  It’s a great educational toy!

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set also got rave reviews from parents. One reader Becky from Our Sweet Peas In A Pod said : Our leap frog letters for the refrigerator are awesome and if nothing else gave me a way to review the letter sounds with my sons.  If you are not familiar it goes “The ‘L’ says ‘LLLLL’ the ‘L’ says LLLLLLL every letter makes a sound the ‘L’ says LLLLLL.  They love it. I love toys that will keep teaching the kids.