Color Mixing Activities For Preschool

Color mixing activities for young children. Great hands on ways to discover color.When I teach my students about colors one of my favorite ways is to call them to the table where we all get to make our own colors. Creating their own colors is a wonderful mix of science and art and allows children to learn through a meaningful activity. These color mixing activities are all fun ways for children to learn about colors as well as get a chance to be what I call a color scientist!

color mixing mystery baking soda and vinegar volcano

Color Mixing with Baking Soda and Vinegar 

Color Mixing With Shaving Cream

NO MESS Shaving Cream Color Mixing 

color mixing with play dough

Color Mixing with Play Clay 


Color Mixing with Ice Cubes 



Color Mixing with Turkey Basters 

color lab water

Color Lab Science Play 


NO Mess Color Mixing ( I do this in my class with snack sized bags)

Water Balloon Art

Color Mixing Canvas with Water balloons. 

broccoli painting outside

Color Mixing and Painting with Broccoli 



BOOV Passwords – FREE Secret Code Printable

FREE printable secret code activity inspired by the movie HOME! Perfect for a birthday party of family movie night!Have your seen the movie HOME ? My kids LOVED it when we watched it over spring break. Like all resourceful parents, I decided to use that love to get my son to do something he’s not totally in love with – handwriting. Every little bit of practice helps and it’s even better when it doesn’t feel like practice at all! In the movie saving the world depends on the BOOV ( the aliens) hacking into one of their citizen’s email accounts. I decided to go with the hacking theme because it fit so well with the movie and it appeals to an 8 year old who does not want to be doing “Baby activities for the blog, only cool stuff OK mom?” <— not a direct quote but you get the idea.

I plan on printing this activity out again after the movie is released on DVD ( this summer) and we watch it for family movie night!

This FREE secret code printable was a hit, but it was challenging too! This would be perfect for a HOME themed birthday party too!

To print out click on the image below, save to your computer, and then print.

hack the passwords

Gather your materials. You will need the printable ( see above) and a pencil with a great eraser.


Print out and invite your future hacker to the table. HOME inspired secret code FREE printable

It wasn’t SUPER easy, but even little little ones can do it with help.

writing passwords

All done!

password HOME inspired free printable

Finding simple little ways to work literacy into play time with your school age kids is a great way to brush up on skills without adding pressure to their already busy lives. This is a great rainy day, sick day, or family movie night activity, and according to my son it passed the cool test!


Find more ideas for school age kids here –>   FUN FOR SCHOOL AGE KIDS on PINTEREST oh and here –>  LEARNING AFTER SCHOOL


Letter Of The Week R – Crafts & Activities

letter of the week rLetter of The Week has been one of our most popular series ever here on No Time For Flash Cards and even though I have taken a different approach with my daughter and in my own classroom. I still get requests for these themed letter round-ups.  If you are doing a letter of the week system with your child or class please remember to balance the showcased letter with many whole alphabet activities. Giving a little extra love to one letter is a fun way to introduce it and use novelty to spark interest but we must remember that letters work together. Learning in context and in a memorable way is the best option for young kids. So choose a few fun activities for Letter of The Week but fit them into a week of whole alphabet learning.

Letter R crafts


Rainbow R    –  Rabbit R   – Road r

Crafts & Activities For Letter R Week


Recycled RocketRibbon PaintingRainbow Bug Hunt
Hot RocksRecycled RobotCork Painted Rainbow Gelatin Rainbow Sensory PlayRoll Rocket

Whole Alphabet Activities ( put more focus on these ! )

sensory alphabet activity

Alphabet SlimeEasy Gem Letters  – Jar Lid Letter Match  – Alphabet Mail Pretend Play

Princess Slime with dig and find gems.

princess birthday party ideasPlaying with slime is such a soothing activity for children and in my experience adding small items to it makes it even more calming. For my children focusing on digging items out of the slime takes their focus away from their frustration and upset and gives them something better to work on.  Slime is not just for kids that need to chill out, it’s for all kids, and in my experience most children LOVE it. I make mine pretty stiff because when it’s wetter kids tend to try to shake it off and then you find little bits all over. This princess slime puts a princess spin on a not so princess like activity – but even princess fans LOVE slime.

Gather your materials. You will need clear glue, regular glue, glitter glue, food color, glitter, laundry starch, gems, beads, and a bowl and spoon for mixing.

princess slime

I am not an exact recipe type person and I was using up half empty bottles of glue for this. But below is what I did!


1/2 bottle of clear glue
1/2 bottle of glitter glue ( I had 1/4 of 2 different colored bottles)
2 drops of red food color
2 big dollops of plain glue
1 vial of glitter
about 1/4 cup of starch + a little more.

princess slime recipe

Start by mixing the glue and food color. I was pumped when my son wanted to help make this for his sister.

Add the glitter and mix.princess slime for kids

Add the liquid laundry starch slowly. princess slime play recipeI had my son add about 1/8th of a cup, then I stirred and then he added more. In all it was about 1/4 cup. I know it’s enough only after I knead it for a long time. If it’s still sticky then, I add more. I knead it a lot to make sure it’s stiff.

slime activity

Add in the gems.gems in princess slime

Add in the kiddo to play ( Minnie ears are completely optional) – I never tell her to dig out the gems, she just does.fine motor sensory play princess slime

Strech! stetchy princess slime

She loved seeing how far she could go without it breaking!
princess slime is fun!

Hands On As We Grow in our Sunday Spotlight

hands on as we growSunday Showcase posts contain affiliate links

Sunday used to be about Link & Learn but with the growth of Pinterest linky parties are just not worth the effort anymore. I’d be sad except that now I have time to get back to my roots and return to Sunday Showcase!

jamie hands on as we grow

If you are a long long time reader you know that every Sunday I would showcase one amazing blog and tell you why I think they are rad. Back then, we were all little blogs but now not only do many of us blog but we write for other places and create wonderful print resources too. Sunday Spotlight will be about sharing the blog but also the resources and products that they offer. Not it’s NOT sponsored. Yes,  many of these bloggers are my friends but can I tell you something? I have amazing, creative, rad friends.

Today I want to tell you about Jamie and Hands On As We Grow.

She is the queen of active, easy, realistic activities for parents to do with their kids. Jamie often reminds readers she isn’t a teacher…she’s just a mom. I don’t care if she is a teacher or not, she has  created some of my favorite activities that readers can ACTUALLY DO! She is down to earth and LOVELY. Her three boys keep her busy and are the inspiration for all the fun she shares on her site.

Check out her site here —> Hands On As We Grow

After being encouraged to write some ebooks Jamie has just written a whole SERIES! These age-specific weekly plans give you 20 weeks of printable plans for play! They are beautiful and like everything Jamie does USEFUL for the everyday parent.



Click here to learn more about Jamie’s ebooks.


I hope you are as excited about our switch back to Sunday Spotlight, there is so much talent out there to share!