Coffee Sleeve Tree – Arbor Day Craft

Arbor Day is Friday and what better way to celebrate trees than by making one with recycled paper products? When I got a coffee a few weeks ago and I got one of these great sleeves I knew I’d have to use it for a craft.  I love all the textures that are present in this project and how simple it is so kids can make their own tree with little if any adult guidance.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2-4 coffee sleeves ( or other recycled cardboard), scissors ( we also used pinking shears), glue and a large piece of paper.  We also used a pencil crayon to write our name on the back.
  2. Start by writing your name on the back – this is just a practical way of working writing into art time in a natural way. No need to sit kids down and practice just get them to label things as they make them.
  3. Cut the sleeves open and cut pieces to make a trunk.
  4. Cut leaves. We did this together it was the first time he’s used the big scissors… mine aren’t super sharp.
  5. Add glue.
  6. Add your cut pieces. His attention was lacking and I almost gave up, then I suggested he treat it like a puzzle and boom that was the magic word, all of a sudden he was into it. The funniest part was when he put the “leaf” with Starbucks printed on it , he said ” We need to put Starbucks in the middle so everyone can get their latte.” Yeah that’s what Arbor Day is all about, 4 dollar lattes.
  7. Let dry. Didn’t it turn out to be gorgeous? I didn’t expect it to be half this awesome, it’s easily my favorite tree craft we’ve ever made and I kinda have a thing for trees.

Arbor Day Books and Crafts!

Halloween Craft

Did you know that today is Arbor Day?  In celebration of trees and all the fantastic things that trees bring to us like fresh air, shade on a sunny day and piles of leaves to jump into every fall we are posting all our tree crafts so you can make a tree and celebrate . Check out the official Arbor Day Foundation website for more info.

Sun Print Tree (above)

Apple Tree

Japanese Cherry Tree

Emily Carr Inspired Trees

Budding Spring Tree

Hole Punch Tree

Tree Books

Pablo's Tree

Pablo’s Tree by Pat Mora is a great book. The author has successfully integrated so many wonderful things into one still entertaining and engaging book. The story is about Pablo who is excited to go to his grandfather’s house to celebrate his birthday. See his Lito ( grandfather) has a wonderful tradition of decorating his tree every year to celebrate Pablo’s birthday. The book explains that this started before Pablo was even born, when his mom told her father that she would be adopting a baby. I love that this book is about a multi generation family, includes adoption without it being the only subject in the book, and it’s multi lingual text ( Spanish and English) . It’s a gem, oh and my son loved it too!

Our Apple Tree
by Gorel Kristina Naslund is a straight forward yet beautiful book about a year in the life of an apple tree. I like that it starts in winter because so often apple tree books start in the fall with the harvest . The pictures are delightful and two little tree fairies follow along with you as the tree goes through it’s life cycle. My son had very little interest in the book, but it wasn’t the book, at 2 he just wasn’t able to sit for so much information. This book is perfect for 4-8 year olds.

A tree for emmy

A Tree for Emmy by Mary Ann Rodman was a huge hit with my son who took a real liking to Emmy the “stubborn and a little bit wild ” main character of this book. She loves the Mimosa tree in her grandma’s yard and decides more than anything she wants her own for her birthday. Unfortunately they are wild and no nursery carries them. She is distraught and arguably a little bratty when disappointed but as luck would have it when she visits her grandma again she notices a shoot growing! I like how independent Emmy is , and must admit to taking great pleasure in my son noticing Emmy’s baby sister in a sling in one illustration! Very cute book!