Travel Solutions For Kids – Craft Box

travel with kids craft supplies for travelIs it time for a vacation ? A road trip to somewhere fun? Hotels, Grandma’s or maybe a beach house? Either way packing is never fun but it can be easier with this great travel sized craft supply box. This travel craft box is small but a great travel solution for kids. It  holds all he fun you need and can be packed easily into a suitcase or into your car this summer. I packed a similar one for my week in Washington DC, it was just me and three kids under 4 for most of the day , no TV , no car so these basics were our life savers!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need:
    • A container. I like this medium sized Ziploc container It’s cheap, it’s just the right size and if something happens to it, like it gets left at the Holiday Inn, no biggie.

travel craft case 009

    • Next I have an old stained but thick place mat. The benefit of using a cloth one is that the fabric absorbs paint, markers etc.. and it’s less messy as long as you don’t care if it gets rather colorful.

travel craft box

  • Next add markers and crayons I just put in the colors my son always uses, space is at a premium so these pip-squeaks markers are perfect!travel craft box
  • Paint- water colors are great , throw in an extra brush. Use the plastic cups in your hotel room for the water container. travel craft box
  • Add Play-Doh and some popsicle sticks for making sculptures, and cutting the craft box
  • Scissors and glue. You will want scissors that are sharp enough for an adult to use but small enough for a craft box
  • If there is extra room – glitter glue, stickers or pipe cleaners are great options. travel craft box
  • For the paper I added a handful of construction paper colors and lots of plain white paper . travel craft box
  • Put them in a file folder and this fits great in the front zipper of suitcases or even your carry-on.  Or in a car in the pockets behind the driver or passenger seats. travel craft box

Now you can take your craft supplies with you for those moments of downtime no matter where adventure takes you.

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