Best of 2010


Driveway Graffiti

This post from contributing writer Kim got such an enthusiastic response. I love to think of all the driveways that got facelifts because of this fun and messy activity.  I loved the combination of art and physical activity a perfect outdoor project!  If you haven’t already you will want to bookmark it for a nice day.

Which was your favorite post Kim wrote this year?

Best Of 2010


Musical Hearts – Movement Game

As you can see if you click over to the original post,  this video tutorial got quite a few comments but it also got kids moving which in the middle of winter is not always easy. My son loved it and the hearts are still in the drawer of our coffee table ready to play almost a year later. This game can be played anywhere rain or shine, so there is no excuse for kids not getting their whole bodies moving!

What is your favorite way to get your kids moving when they are stuck inside?

Best Of 2010

# 8

Lego Recycling Center

I love using my son’s favorite toys for learning activities because he will incorporate the lessons into his every day play. This was one of  his favorite activities of the year and we’ve made many versions of it,  although this was the only time he rocked the headband while playing.

How do you use your children’s toys for learning?

Best of 2010 #10

Welcome to our annual countdown of the posts that attracted the most attention, the most reader emails and the most comments throughout the year. I hope you recognize a few of your favorites, and maybe see something you missed too. Now on with the show!


Books About All Sorts Of Families

No book review post earned as many emails of thanks as this one did. Readers reacted emotionally to seeing their families represented. I was delighted by the feedback and look forward to more posts like this in 2011.

What was your favorite children’s book you read at your house this year?