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Father’s Day Gift!

My husband reads during his commute to work and back every day ( well when he’s not sleeping) so when Jessica at Foursquare Schoolhouse tweeted that they make customized bookmarks by simply cutting up her son’s illustrations I thought- perfect! Simple and so easy to do for all ages. Here is how we did Jessica’s activity.

  1. Gather your materials. We are using a blank note card because it’s the only card stock I have on hand, some markers, scissors, double stick tape ( not required) and contact paper.
  2. Start by having your child draw what ever they want on the card stock. I am going to warn you that if you have a toddler who flips out about things ( if you do you know what I mean) warn them well ahead of time that you will be cutting their picture.
  3. I cut the main picture out ( this is the front)then cut a 2nd piece to frame it and write the message on it.
  4. I had my son draw on the 2nd piece once it was cut to show you that this is also great fine motor practice to have your child write in an small contained space. You can choose to do a mix of both ways or which ever suits your child.
  5. Add your message ( this is the back)
  6. If you want use some double stick tape to hold the inner picture on the frame backing.
  7. Laminate or cover with contact paper, and it’s ready for dad!


” Father’s Day “ by Anne and Lizzy Rockwell. I really liked this book, it is about a class full of students writing stories about their dads at school and ending with a party where they present the books to their fathers. What I enjoyed was the diversity of this book , it covered all different kinds of dads and children and all the things they most enjoy doing together. My son was rather attached to the dad and son playing soccer , and I had a mean craving for chocolate after reading the page with a dad and daughter making fudge! A wonderful activity after reading this book would be to write your own story!

Cool Card!

You may notice in the comments that Teri a regular reader and preschool teacher as well, suggested I check out this card. I had to make sure all of you saw it too. For a step by step instructions visit her blog The Infertility Chronicles .

For more great Dad gift ideas check out this post my other blog at

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Bookmark For Back To School

Naptime Creations are summer crafts for school age kids!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some heavy paper or card stock, old greeting cards are a great free and environmentally sound option for fun paper! You also need some glue, scissors, ribbon, a hole punch or eyelet press, and paper punches . You can also use stickers, or stamps!
  2. Cut 2 rectangles out of different papers, one larger than the other.
  3. Punch some fun shapes out of paper .
  4. Glue onto the smaller rectangle.
  5. Glue the smaller rectangle onto the larger one , let dry some.
  6. Using the eyelet setter or hole punch, punch a hole at the top of the rectangles ( make sure that you go through both layers) .
  7. Thread a loop of ribbon through.
  8. Pull ends of the ribbon through the loop and tighten.
  9. Get to reading something GREAT!