Books People Hate…What’s Your Take?

On our Facebook page I asked readers what book they just don’t like!  We got a big response, by the time I started writing this post there were almost 80 comments. Read them all here . Many of the books mentioned were ones I love.  Books I have read and taught with for years but apparently are also passionately disliked by others. Here are 5 of the books people hate that really surprised me because I like them all.

Would you want these books on your child’s bookcase?

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is a classic for a reason. My son has loved it since day one and it really does a great job of calming before bed, like all great bedtime stories should. As a teacher I hated this book probably because it’s not a great book for groups. I was wrong, this is a gem ! The rhythm and rhymes are perfect to go from a busy day to a calm night. My son chooses this book to read to us often since he knows it by heart and when he’s having trouble sleeping I can lay with him and simply recite it to bring him back down. I say that is pretty great proof of the power of this classic. Edited for 2012 My daughter is now a big fan of this book too, my son loves reading it to her before bed and they are both calmed and engaged with it’s simplicity. I was shocked to see it disliked by so many even though I wasn’t the books biggest fan until I was reading it to my own kids.

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch has enchanted me for years. I bought it while volunteering as a leader in training at a day camp when I was a teen. It’s followed me to many schools, children I babysat and finally my own son. I can’t remember one child ever not liking it. It’s a story of Elizabeth a princess who outwits a dragon to rescue her prince. I love that the author has switched the typical damsel in distress and has the princess as the heroine. Some parents have expressed concern about Elizabeth calling the prince a “Bum” in the end of the book, personally I love it. I have always used it to explain why she was so angry, and as a reminder why calling names hurt. That said I think she is totally justified !

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak probably doesn’t need an introduction especially with the current film adaptation. We read this book often and my son randomly quotes the book throughout the day. Telling me to “Be still” just like Max tells the Wild Things. If by chance you are not familiar with this book, it’s a story of a little boy Max who is sent to his room for being wild and his imagination turns it into another world, filled with Wild Things and freedom from rules for behavior. Ultimately though Max’s heart pulls him back home where he is loved most of all, even when he’s wild.

No, David! by David Shannon is probably the author’s best known book, in it we follow the misadventures of little David and his eventual disciplining and hug from his mom. This book is a wonderful icebreaker for talking about rules with a class.  I have successfully used it with many groups of kids and my own as a reminder about rules and why we have them. Kids love watching other kids do naughty things ( and are quick to remind each other of the right way to do things) so this book is always a hit with toddlers on up.

But the most mentioned book was this one.

Love You Forever was called creepy by so many. I admit I have given it a good review relating to the desire to hold my baby even when he is no longer a baby. I personally  like it. My husband nodded and agreed with the masses not me, he thinks it’s creepy too.

So what do you think of these books?

Love them or hate them I am just glad so many of you are as passionate about children’s books as I am .  Even if books make us wonder if the publisher was sleeping when they gave it the go ahead, reading to our kids is essential and in my opinion one of our great responsibilities as parents.  So read on !