Recycled Canada Day Craft

Happy Birthday Canada! My homeland turns 144 today and to celebrate we made this Canadian flag craft out of Starbucks coffee sleeves. My son loved the sound of the crayons on the corrugated paper, and said it tickled his hand. Obviously it’s a fun multi-sensory project whether you celebrate Canada Day or not.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2-3 coffee sleeves, a red and grey crayon, glue, scissors ,pencil  and either a talent for drawing or a cookie cutter in the shape of a maple leaf .
  2. Start by tracing the leaf with a pencil.
  3. Time to color with red. I loved the reaction to this , he was kinda shocked at first then the giggles started. My daughter who was chillin’ eating watermelon in her booster started giggling too. It was a moment.
  4. Make the pole by coloring another grey.
  5. Time to cut.
  6. Add the glue.
  7. Pop the pieces on
  8. Let dry.

Flag Craft!

Olympics Flag Craft

We are in Vancouver and loving the Olympic spirit and pride all countries have in their athletes and countries.  My son is luckier than most he has two countries and is being raised to love both. We made this Canadian flag craft to cheer my country on, and grabbed our American flag we made and kept ( one of the few crafts I have kept for a long time) to cheer Daddy’s country. No matter what flag you are making remember it doesn’t have to be perfect just have fun!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some cardboard, red paint ( I had blue because I wasn’t sure if we’d make an American one too), white paper, a roller paint brush, glue,marker,  and scissors. Flag
  2. Make two lines to define the red and white sections of your flag. Flag
  3. Add your red paint and start rolling. My son likes to pretend to be a steam roller and loves any craft with this brush! Flag
  4. Keep going, don’t worry if you get some in the middle, you will be covering it with white paper anyway.Flag
  5. Roll your paint on your child’s hand.Flag
  6. Press. FlagFlag
  7. Give them some scrap paper to make more hand prints, this will get some excess off and it’s fun! Flag
  8. Fill your sink and let them play- it’s way easier to get your little one’s hands clean than scrubbing, and they have fun playing with the water while their hand print dries. Flag
  9. When the print is dry add glue. Flag
  10. Add your hand print and let dry.  Olympics Flag Craft

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