Giant Christmas Ornament

Giant Ornament

When I asked my son what he wanted to make he said “Something big! so I grabbed some paper plates left over from his birthday party , painters tape and we were in business!  By using a spoge roller paintbrush the paint dried quickly and the tape didn’t have to stay on too long, and came off easily with no ripping. Have fun!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 paper plates, some painters tape, paint, glitter glue , ribbon and double stick tape.Giant Ornament
  2. Start by taping your plates. You can make all sorts of designs, don’t be limited just because we chose stripes.Giant Ornament
  3. Start painting!Giant Ornament
  4. Add glitter glue, it’s the holidays you want it to sparkle!Giant Ornament
  5. Let dry. Pull off the tape!Giant Ornament
  6. Tape the plates together , with ribbon looped at the top.Giant Ornament
  7. Hang wherever you need some holiday cheer.Giant Ornament



Happy Christmas, Gemma by Sarah Hayes is a hidden gem. The book is narrated by a preschooler, the older brother to little baby Gemma. Throughout this family’s preperations for and celebration of Christmas he notes how he does what he is supposed to and his baby sister does not.  She makes messes,  pulls the ornaments off the tree, has terrible table manners during Christmas dinner and so much more! What makes this a gem in my mind is that no one ever corrects her, these are all age appropriate behaviors and the family is loving and accepting.  Perfect for families like mine who are expecting a baby, or those with older siblings who like to boss their younger ones around and may need a reminder that babies are still learning, just like they are!


Who Is Coming to Our House? by Joseph Slate is a sweet look at the animals in the manger preparing for Baby Jesus’s arrival. The animals aren’t sure who is coming but at the insistance of the mouse, they clean and prepare the manger until finally a very pregnant Mary on a donkey with Joseph by her side. The next page is probably my favorite image of the Baby Jesus image in any children’s book. Mary’s hair is down, feet bare and Jospeh is protective by, the animals are watchng and alert.  Illustrator Ashley Wolff does a perfect job with this simple but fantastic book!

Kid Made Ornament !

star Christmas  ornament

I have the best readers in the blogosphere ! When I sent out a message to my facebook fans that I needed help with guest posts because morning sickness was leaving me unable to do much more than turn the tv on for my son , they flooded in! I still have more to come and I hope you have been enjoying them as much as I have. Today’s craft is perfect for our series of kid friendly Christmas ornaments.  Jessica for Muthering Heights was kind enough to share it with us , thanks Jessica!

{Super Simple Snowflake/Star Ornaments!}

This truly simple craft was originally inspired by a similar project that I, myself, made for my parents in my Kindergarten class.

{I will say, for the record, that a part of me died when I realized that it was twenty one years ago! Good grief!!!}

But *ahem,* I digress.

My daughter and I completed this project together. She is nearly three. And let it be known that she will be taking full responsibility for the wardrobe styling in the photos below.

The necessary materials are craft {ie: popsicle} sticks, Glue, dry pasta of your choice {we used Rotini}, paint {we used silver glitter paint}, and some sort of string {we used fishing line}. The paper plate pictured below is optional, for the neat-freaks among us.  Star Ornament

Step One: Using the glue and craft sticks, arrange and affix the stick in a star-like shape. star ornament

Step Two: Using the glue, arrange and affix the pasta on the sticks, as your child’s fancy dictates.

star ornament

Step Three: When the glue dries {the time lapse will depend on how heavy-handed your little crafter is with the glue}, apply the paint. Star ornament

Step Four: When the paint dries, attach the string. Hang and enjoy! OR, omit the string, and use these little beauties to adorn holiday packages! star ornament


These ornaments are wonderfully simple, but so much fun for little hands!

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Bell Christmas Ornament !

Christmas Ornament Craft

This Christmas ornament is so simple and so much fun to make. Kids aren’t generally known for being the most patient of creatures, and I can relate I am not either. This craft promises instant gratification, no glue to dry, no long wait times just create and enjoy.  This ornament can be played with without worry, although not really unbreakable it’s definitely kid friendly. If you don’t have old Easter eggs try using an egg carton section instead.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some green plastic Easter eggs, some red pipe cleaners, some jingle bells, scissors and red sticky back foam."Christmas
  2. Start by cutting shapes into your foam. If you are really keen you can make Christmas shapes, we made triangle and rectangles.Christmas Ornament Craft
  3. Stick them on the plastic egg.Christmas Ornament Craft
  4. Thread your jingle bell onto your pipe cleaner.Christmas Ornament Craft
  5. Bend both ends of the pipe cleaner and thread through the holes at the top of the egg.Christmas Ornament Craft
  6. Pull through and make a loop.Christmas Ornament Craft
  7. Hang on your tree and stop worrying about telling your kids not to touch the tree!Christmas Ornament Craft


Merry -Un Christmas

Merry Un-Christmas by Mike Reiss is a fun twist on  Christmas Book. In it Noelle is tired of Christmas, because in her town it’s Christmas every day except one. She can’t fake the enthusiasm for another pony or bike but when she figures out that Un-Christmas is coming she is elated. It’s the only day she goes to school, it’s the only day the mail comes and it’s filled with tradition and special meaning. I love how this book turns everything topsy turvy and makes kids think what really makes Christmas special. My little guy is too young at just 3 to get that but he sure thought it was funny ! Very cute book!

DIY Felt Wreath Ornament

felt wreath ornament

Letter of the week is on hold while we focus an amazing amount of energy on Christmas crafts. These DIY felt wreath ornaments are so easy to make and great for school age kids. Each Monday instead of our regular old letter of the week we will be doing a series of unbreakable ornament crafts. There is no reason to leave your tree only half decorated anymore when you can cover it with these great DIY ornaments.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some red, green and white felt ( mine was scrap), some beading wire, a large needle, pinking sheers, and some fun ribbon.felt ornament
  2. Start by cutting your felt into rough squares.felt ornament 004
  3. Thread your wire through your needle. felt ornament
  4. Thread the felt onto the wire , making a pattern.felt ornament
  5. When it’s all threaded on take the ends and tie in a tight knot. Snip the ends.felt ornament
  6. Add some fun ribbon and hang it up- on the low branches, because it’s unbreakable !felt ornament