Bell Christmas Ornament !

Christmas Ornament Craft

This Christmas ornament is so simple and so much fun to make. Kids aren’t generally known for being the most patient of creatures, and I can relate I am not either. This craft promises instant gratification, no glue to dry, no long wait times just create and enjoy.  This ornament can be played with without worry, although not really unbreakable it’s definitely kid friendly. If you don’t have old Easter eggs try using an egg carton section instead.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some green plastic Easter eggs, some red pipe cleaners, some jingle bells, scissors and red sticky back foam."Christmas
  2. Start by cutting shapes into your foam. If you are really keen you can make Christmas shapes, we made triangle and rectangles.Christmas Ornament Craft
  3. Stick them on the plastic egg.Christmas Ornament Craft
  4. Thread your jingle bell onto your pipe cleaner.Christmas Ornament Craft
  5. Bend both ends of the pipe cleaner and thread through the holes at the top of the egg.Christmas Ornament Craft
  6. Pull through and make a loop.Christmas Ornament Craft
  7. Hang on your tree and stop worrying about telling your kids not to touch the tree!Christmas Ornament Craft


Merry -Un Christmas

Merry Un-Christmas by Mike Reiss is a fun twist on  Christmas Book. In it Noelle is tired of Christmas, because in her town it’s Christmas every day except one. She can’t fake the enthusiasm for another pony or bike but when she figures out that Un-Christmas is coming she is elated. It’s the only day she goes to school, it’s the only day the mail comes and it’s filled with tradition and special meaning. I love how this book turns everything topsy turvy and makes kids think what really makes Christmas special. My little guy is too young at just 3 to get that but he sure thought it was funny ! Very cute book!

DIY Felt Wreath Ornament

felt wreath ornament

Letter of the week is on hold while we focus an amazing amount of energy on Christmas crafts. These DIY felt wreath ornaments are so easy to make and great for school age kids. Each Monday instead of our regular old letter of the week we will be doing a series of unbreakable ornament crafts. There is no reason to leave your tree only half decorated anymore when you can cover it with these great DIY ornaments.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some red, green and white felt ( mine was scrap), some beading wire, a large needle, pinking sheers, and some fun ribbon.felt ornament
  2. Start by cutting your felt into rough squares.felt ornament 004
  3. Thread your wire through your needle. felt ornament
  4. Thread the felt onto the wire , making a pattern.felt ornament
  5. When it’s all threaded on take the ends and tie in a tight knot. Snip the ends.felt ornament
  6. Add some fun ribbon and hang it up- on the low branches, because it’s unbreakable !felt ornament

Advent Tree Craft

Sparkle !

Christmas Advent Craft

I love glitter and it’s a good thing because my kitchen , my son and I are all  covered after this and we bought pre-glittered stuff!  I figure a little extra sparkle is never a bad thing! This advent craft is a fun number search every day leading up to Christmas, it’s also a great Christmas centerpiece.  My plan is to take each number off the tree and place it on to our Christmas tree ! These are great kid friendly ornaments that add sparkle but not a lot of cost to your decorating budget.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some fun wire decorative branches, some snowflake ornaments, some labels ( pre cut circles ones would be way easier) some crayons, a marker and a vase.advent craft
  2. Start by writing out the numbers 1-25 on the labels. I didn’t have circle ones  so we cut ours into circles but if i did this again we’d get pre-cut circle ones. advent craft
  3. Have your child color the numbers, and identify the numbers they are coloring too ! Yay Math!Chirstmas advent craft
  4. Cut into circles if you need to.Christmas Advent Craft
  5. Peel and place the stickers on each snowflake ornament. Press firmly. advent craft
  6. Hang onto the tree! Christmas advent craft
  7. Have fun counting down to Christmas! Christmas Advent Craft



The Little Drummer Mouse by Mercer Mayer is a beautiful book. The dedication to his grandchild is perhaps my favorite part even though the book itself is wonderful too! Read it and you’ll see !  The story is a retelling of the little drummer boy , but in this book he’s a tiny little insignificant mouse. At least he thinks he’s insignificant until he follows the bright star to the manger on the very first Christmas night! The little acorn drum that this little mouse beats is anything but insignificant and he is thrust into the spotlight as Baby Jesus likes his music best of all ! The illustrations are amazing, they have so much detail I find myself opening this book over and over to just look. Great book, the test is lengthy for toddlers but preschoolers and older will love it.

Merry Christmas, Mouse!
by Laura Numeroff is an adorable little Christmas counting book. Most of the praise should really be on Felicia Bond the illustrator because the pictures take the cake on this one. The book follows the mouse as he decorates the Christmas tree, 1 Star… 2 angels… etc… It’s a perfect to read and then count the ornaments on your own tree. After reading it my son and I found 4 bells, and 3 trains on our own tree.

McDuff’s Christmas by Rosemary Wells was a classroom classic in my last year teaching. I think I read it every day for 3 weeks straight and then a few weeks after Christmas too! In it McDuff the little Westie dog saves the day finding Santa stuck in the snow! I love Susan Jeffer’s retro illustrations and the little details like the dad feeding the baby, the doggy sweaters the McDuff wears in the snow, and how Santa gave them all gifts they needed in the story . This book was never really put away after last Christmas and has been in bedtime reading rotation since, a definite favorite of my now 3 year old!

Gift Tag Ornaments – Christmas Crafts For Kids

gift tage ornament for kidsHere is another craft to add to our Christmas crafts for kids list. Before my son came along I used to make all my own gift tags with nice card stock, ribbon etc… this year 90% of my tags have Lighting McQueen or Cinderella on them and I did not make them. However I thought I would make a few picture frame ones for our family far away! Oh and I swear this is the last sparkly foam craft til next Christmas, or at least Valentine’s Day !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some foam, sticky back works but you can use regular , or even card stock, some wallet size photos, glue, a marker, scissors and sparkly pipe cleaners!
  2. Start by cutting out your picture, and using it as a guide for how big a piece of foam you will need for the frame. 
  3. Cut out.
  4. Cut out a larger piece for the back.
  5. Glue your picture to the larger piece
  6. Cut some small pieces or shapes and have your child glue or stick them onto the frame.
  7. Place the frame over it, glue it down.
  8. Poke a small hole at the top and thread a pipe cleaner through.
  9. Write your message on the back with a marker!
  10. Add them to your gifts or tree !

Easy Unbreakable Ornament Craft For Kids

ornament crafts for kids My son eats glue, he likes paint too but glue is his snack of choice during art time. This craft is perfect because it used sticky back foam that requires no glue, but you can easily use regular foam or paper if you don’t have a glue hungry toddler. This unbreakable ornament is perfect for trees that are going to be admired by kids or cats. It’s an easy Christmas ornament craft for kids of all ages.
  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2-3 colors of sticky back sparkle foam sheets, a yogurt or other plastic lid, some ribbon, a marker and scissors.
  2. Trace the outside of the lid on the back of one of your foam sheets. Cut out.
  3. Peel the backing off and press onto your lid, I lined it all up for my son and he pressed it down.
  4. While your child marvels at the sparkles, cut out some shapes from the other foam sheets. I made a few diamonds, rectangles, triangles and squares. Make any shapes you like!
  5. Add them to your circle. I kept them out of reach, and had my son ask for each by it’s name, we haven’t done much with shapes lately so I wanted this to be a mommy lead lesson. If it’s just fun time, I would ask him casually as he was adding them what each was without being so blatant.
  6. Keep adding them until your ornament is full!
  7. Poke a hole in the top of the ornament
  8. Thread a ribbon that is folded in half through the hole, tie a knot.
  9. Hang up and marvel at this super easy but super cute ornament!