Cork Painted Rainbow Craft

rainbow craft We love painting with corks because they make such fun polka dots and are perfect size for little hands. This was a fun exploration of rainbow colors and can be made to have a strict focus on order or you can have a more open ended view. Choose what works for your child. The goal for me was to talk about the colors and let her create. If you are looking for a way to teach the color order of a rainbow try this game we shared a few weeks ago.

Gather your materials. You will need some paper, scissors, corks, paint in rainbow colors, and a plate or tray to place them on. You may also want some painter’s tape to hold the paper in place.cork painted rainbows

Start by cutting the paper into an arc. We chatted a little about what other things are shaped like that. Headbands, earphones, and the door on her princess castle.cork painted rainbow craft for kids

Next set up the cork in the different rainbow colors.cork painted rainbow for kids

I arranged the tray in the middle of the arc for easy painting but do whatever is comfortable.cork painted rainbow craft for kids

Paint.cork painting rainbows st. patrick's day craftMy daughter grabbed the corks in order but painted them starting in the inner arc. Depending on your goal for this activity you could direct your child or students to start on the outer arc and make sure to stay within the correct order. This was not my goal. rainbowAt three I want her to explore and play with the colors but most of all I want her to enjoy creating her own art.painting with corks rainbows

Cork Stamped Snowflake Craft

winter craft for kids We are super excited about Christmas but even I can get overloaded with Christmas crafts sometimes. This snowflake is a nice easy winter craft that appeals equally to toddlers as it does to older kids and even adults. I love using corks as painting tools because they are easy for all ages to grab and even though most of us would stamp them using the end they can be rolled in paint too! My daughter liked this but got a wee bit frustrated with the sticky glitter glue. I will tape the snowflake down on the table with painter’s tape next time to help alleviate that.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some blue construction paper, scissor, white paint, silver glitter paint or glitter glue and a paper plate.winter craft
  2. Start by folding your paper in 4. Then cut into a snowflake. Open.
  3. Put paint and glitter into the plate and add corks ( real corks work better for a circle print) .
  4. Invite your artist and create. Most kids will stamp the corks down but do not correct them if they roll the cork, there is no wrong way to do this. 
  5. Let dry and add to your kid art museum ( aka your fridge)  , wall or window!

Cork Painted Wreath

I love it when I can do one craft with both my kids. With a 5 year old son and a 18 month old daughter it’s not as often as I wish. This super easy but completely festive Christmas craft fit the bill, they both happily painted and now my kitchen is merry and bright with one on the pantry and the other on the closet door.  Holiday crafts are my kids’ favorite and unlike many of our other creations these are kept, stored and brought out year after year.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a paper plate per child, corks ( do you know how long it took us to save up these corks? Since 2006 I have been almost always pregnant or nursing. It took a long time… ), paint, a plate or two for the paint, some ribbon , scissors and hot glue.
  2. Start by cutting the middle out of the plate. If we were painting with brushes or something that offered more coverage I’d do the cutting after the paint dried but with corks you want to make sure they hit the wreath and not all in the middle of the plate.
  3. Add paint to a plate.  I put a different cork in each color to encourage my kids to try each color. Also the corks I used for my daughter who is presently trying to put all things not bolted down into her mouth , are the solid plastic? ones.  I did a bite test and they were solid. Still PLEASE watch vigilantly and make sure your children are ready and able to do the craft safely, you can always opt for finger painting .
  4. Paint!
  5. She was more interested in the feeling of the paint than banging the corks on her wreath. This is normal for toddlers, they are exploring and it doesn’t mean the craft failed.
  6. My son quite liked the marks the corks left and had a ball. 
  7. After they were dried I made bows and hot glued them on, then put them on my doors with painter’s tape.

Easy Peasy Wreath Cookies

Check out these cheater cookies we made when we needed something fast for a holiday pot luck, they were tasty and super easy for my son to help me make.