25 Easy St.Patrick’s Day Crafts & Activities for Kids

easy St.Patrick's day crafts Do you go all out for St.Patrick’s Day? Set a Leprechaun trap and wear green? We don’t usually mark the day with big fan fare but I do like using the holiday as a way of teaching my kids a little more about where some of their ancestors came from as well as use it for learning more about rainbows and legends. Here are 25 of our favorite and easy St.Patrick’s Day crafts and activities.

Shamrock Crafts & Activities

shamrocks crafts

Rhyming Shamrocks Game
Puffy Paint Shamrock
Shamrock Treats
Shamrock Window Craft from Hands On As We Grow
Marshmallow Shamrocks
Rolling Pin Shamrock Prints
Potato Print Shamrock
Shrinky Dink Shamrock Pendant
Spin Art Shamrocks and Rainbows
Shamrock Math and Reading Game

Rainbow Crafts & Activities For St.Patrick’s Day

rainbow crafts for preschool

Cork Painted Rainbow
Rainbow Necklace from Hands On As We Grow
Roll A Rainbow Game
Marshmallow Rainbow Craft
Rainbow Bug Hunt
Rainbow Gelatin Sensory Play
Comb Painted Rainbows
Abstract Rainbows from Teach Preschool
Play Dough Rainbow Match

Leprechaun Gold Crafts & Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

leprechaun crafts

Pot of Gold Treats
Lucky Gold Hunt
Gold Play Dough from Fantastic Fun And Learning
St.Patrick’s Day LEGO Challenge
Leprechaun Gold Sensory Tub
Paper Bag Leprechaun from Toddler Approved
Make Your Own Leprechaun Beard

St. Patrick’s Day LEGO Challenge!

St.Patrick's Day Lego ChallengeWe love LEGO challenges, but my 4 year old and I love them for very different reasons. I love them because they build confidence, fine motor skills, and they keep her totally engaged while I cook/check email/have a conference call. She loves them because they are fun and challenging. Our most recent LEGO challenge was a St.Patrick’s Day themed one and I really thought that the LEGO leprechaun and pot of gold would be super tricky but I was super wrong. She plowed through them like a pro. When I find and activity my daughter ( or my students at school) really likes and engages her I will adapt it from theme to theme. It’s familiar but still new and she is excited to do something with the new theme. It keeps her interested and learning and I don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Gather your materials. I admit I LOVE creating these little LEGO creations. It takes me back to when I’d challenge myself as a child with LEGO. If this isn’t your thing you can still do challenges with simple creations like these we did a few months back. St.Patrick's Day Lego Activity

I always make two exactly the same and then dismantle one so my daughter has a model and all the pieces she needs to recreate it. Soon I will be putting all the pieces for all 4 in one pot and let her sort them, but we aren’t there yet. No need to make this more challenging that needed. It’s supposed to be fun.

I had planned to do this at my desk but when she saw the tray on the floor where I was getting an overhead shot of the materials she started building right there. lego challenge for kids

As she completed each creation she shifted around the tray. Lego challenge for children Oh and I have been asked by numerous readers about where I got this tray – Dollar Tree. It’s held up very well too.Lego challenge for preschool st paddy's day

The pot of gold was shockingly simple for her to recreate, I thought the rainbow on the diagonal would pose a challenge but it didn’t!pot of gold

Even though the challenge wasn’t easy she still loved them and these symbols of St.Patrick’s Day gave us a chance to talk about leprechauns, rainbows with pots of gold and the end of them, and Ireland. That is the other main goal of these holiday themed activities to spark interest in the holiday, it’s symbols and traditions.lego challenge st.patrick's day

Spring Kids Crafts & More ! { Link Your Post! }

rp_kids-crafts-preschool-blog-455x34711-455x34711.pngI had big plans to wake up early and write this morning but then remembered it was daylight savings time and chose to snooze with my 4 year old instead. So now as usual I am scrambling to get this linky up so I can run off to church and return to all your fantastic posts!

Spring is right around the corner and I can’t wait to see all your St.Patrick’s Day crafts, Spring activities, and outside ideas for those of us who aren’t still buried in snow ( or snow ideas for those who are) !  If you have a great post you are aching to share that doesn’t fit those themes can you link it? OF COURSE!  This is all about sharing whatever you love my suggestions are just a guide not a rule.

What I want to link today is this heart warming Facebook Post where I am many community members introduced themselves. If you haven’t already I would LOVE to hear more about you and what you do all day and who you do it with.  You can read and share here —> No Time For Flash Cards Facebook.
Have a RAD Sunday and thanks for being a part of this lovely community

Spring Crafts and Activities For Kids { Link up here!}

rp_kids-crafts-preschool-blog-455x34711-455x3471.png I know many of you are still under a blanket of snow but here Spring came early and I am aching to see all the adorable Spring ideas you have. As always feel free to link up anything ( spring or not) that you think my readers can benefit from.<

If you need more ideas check out Spring Activities on Pinterest as well as some of our best ideas on our No Time For Flash Cards on Pinterest board,  great reading ideas on my Early Literacy board and DO NOT miss my Easter board ( I know it’s early but a little planning will make Easter a breeze! ).

Dinosaur Plates – Make Snack Time Fun!

dinosaur snack plates This post is part of paid campaign with Yahoo! and Blueprint Social.

When I want my kids to take a big bite of food I say ” No not a little bite, take a DINO bite!” it started when my son was very little and it’s become one of those things that finds it’s way into our family lexicon. Well when I was asked to re-create a craft project from Yahoo! Makers I immediately found this Dinosaur Plate idea and fell in love.

It look complicated right? It’s not. For the full tutorial pop over to Yahoo! Makers and see but here is how I did it, and even though I may do a lot of kids crafts I have to be honest I am kind of a dud with adult ones ( patience is a problem for me). So you have to know that this was a cinch!dino plates 2

The hardest part was deciding on what color to make the plates. I decided on pink for my daughter because I have never met anyone who loves pink more than my youngest! I decided on bright green for my son and just because I usually put out three different kinds of foods for snack time I made a third and chose my favorite color aqua.dino plates 3

How awesome is plastic spray paint?dinosaur plates 5 Don’t forget to use it in a well ventilated area!  Our paint took a long time to dry because it was cold, this would be perfect for a spring break project when it’s a little warmer.

Ready for one more quick spray!dino plates 6

Ready for BIG dino bites!  The original tutorial also mentions using wax paper to line the plates for wet or oily foods. I think I will line them no matter what but that extra step is well worth the smiles after school at snack time.dino plates 8