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Are you getting excited for the Olympics? Have you posted Olympic themed activities? I would love to see those linked up today if you have. Of course you can link up anything you want to Link & Learn as long as it is a good fit for our readers and you think that it might be helpful and fun for families or classrooms.

olympic crafts for kids

Here are some of the Olympic Activities & Crafts we have shared and there are even more on our Pinterest board devoted to Winter Holidays and Activities for Kids.

Bead Heart Wands – Valentine’s Day Craft

bead heart valentine's day craft for kidsI can’t tell you how many wands we have in our house because I have honestly lost count. We have princess wands, fairy wands, fairy-princess wands…. so despite the fact that we have a ton my daughter wanted to make one for Valentine’s day and this is what I can up with. I have been wanting to work on her fine motor skills and patience all at once and beading is a great way to do that. Now that she is 3.5 I am using smaller beads that force her to work harder threading them on. Challenging your children is tricky because there is a tiny sweet spot where they are facing that challenge but not getting overwhelmed by it. Pay close attention and try to learn their signals – are they feeling challenged or frustrated? This Valentine’s day craft is great because you can make a big heart if they are into beading or a smaller one if they are done after a few challenging minutes.

Gather your materials. You will need a wood dowel, pipe cleaner , and tri-beads in your choice of color. My daughter’s choice was pink. Not a shock if you know her. We also used red glitter glue. Also when I am doing a beading activity with little beads I like to use a cookie tray to contain everything. bead heart valentine's day craft

Start by threading the beads on the pipe cleaner. heart wand valentine's day activity for kids

Look at that concentration!

heart wand craft for valentines day One of the things that seems to motivate a lot of young kids when they are doing something challenging is to have a support person ( adult or older sibling even) doing it along side them. I didn’t tell my daughter what to do but she could look to me as a guide without having to ask for help. So I made one too!

If you get bored of the colors you have get some new ones. I was surprised to see she threaded on a bunch of orange ones. Perhaps the pink monopoly in our house is nearing it’s end?

When all the beads are on bend it into a heart and twist the ends together snuggly. beaded heart fairy wands for valentine's day

Hand your child the glitter glue and let them decorate the dowel. Prepare them for the dribbles. They don’t know it but this careful application is working on their eye hand coordination! fine motor bead wands for valentine's day

Wrap the ends of the pipe cleaner around the dowel when it’s dry. I tucked one end along the dowel and wrapped the other around it then tied them and wrapped until all the pipe cleaner was wrapped tightly around it. Give it a shake test before passing it back to your little Valentine. heart wand valentines

Play. This was the best picture I could get because that girl moves fast. valentine's day fairy wand




Cork Love Bugs – Valentine’s Day Craft

valentine's day craft for kids I made a Love Bug Butterfly Craft with my son many years ago but have never made one of these classic Valentine’s day crafts with my youngest. So looking around at what supplies I had on hand and how she loves to play with things after we make them cork Love Bugs just made sense. You could use paint but I opted for the least amount of drying time so we could play with them by dinner time when the glue dried.

Gather your materials. You will need some corks, red markers, googly eyes, glue, double stick tape ( or more glue if drying time isn’t a concern), pink and or red construction paper, a heart punch or scissors, and a tray to keep the rolly polly corks on the table and frustration levels low.love bug craft for valentine's day

Start by coloring your corks. love bug craft for kidsMy daughter decided to make a mama and a baby love bug so she colored two while I made one as well. If you want to spread this craft out over a longer period you could paint the corks and wait for them to dry. We are not good at waiting so we used sharpies.love bug craft for children

Next she used the heart punch to punch out the heart wings first with her handsvalentine's day love bug craft for little kids and then with her elbow.fun love bug craft for kids

I popped the double stick tape on.love bug Vday craft for kids

She added the wings.cork love bug crafats for kids

Then it was time for the glue and googly eyes. She chose just the right ones. love bug crafts for valentines dayThen added the glue. love bug craft easy valentine's day craftLet dry.love bug

25 Fun & Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities For Kids

valentine's day crafts for kids Need a simple and cute Valentine’s day craft for a class party ? Need a fun Valentine’s day activity that won’t break the bank? These 25 easy Valentine’s day crafts and activities fit the bill. They are simple, frugal ,and most of all fun! In the next few weeks we will have brand new ideas for you to create and learn with a Valentine’s day theme but until then browse these ideas and for more crafts like these for other upcoming holidays and winter in general check out my Winter themed Pinterest board.

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mosaic valentine's day craft
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Valentine’s Day Tambourine
Heart Chalkboards

heart sun catcher
Heart Sun Catcher
Tie Dye Hearts
Cinnamon Heart Bark Treat
Shake Painted Valentine

valentine's day heart wreath
Valentine’s Day Photo Wreath
Love Bomb
Marshmallow Heart

heart patterns
Heart Patterns
Collage Heart Craft
Love Potions

valentine's day word search
Valentine’s Day Word Search
Doily Heart Butterflies
Puffy Heart Wreath

last minute valentine's day cupcakes
XOXO Cupcakes
Heart Color Match
Apple Print Valentines

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Activity For Kids

how would you change the worldKids are full of great ideas some we can put into play immediately some need extra nurturing. With MLK Day next Monday we’ve been talking a lot about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy. My son is old enough to understand segregation and the civil rights movement but with my 3 year old I am focusing more on how everyone can help and make a difference. Before we sat down to create this craft we talked about the world and how there are so many wonderful things in it but that the world also needs help. I encouraged each of them to think about what matters most to their hearts. I added on how real change comes with passion and passion is about more than thinking something is important, it’s about feeling in your heart that something must be done and acting on it. Dr. King’s life can teach so many lessons and the lesson that one person can make a difference is what this is all about.

Gather your materials. You will need 2 sheets of paper per child, blue and green paint, red glitter glue, a pencil, marker, and scissors. mlk day craft

Start by painting your world. I prefer to have them paint on a sheet of paper and cut later because they will fill more of the paper that way without any ” Are you sure you are done?” interruptions. This helps them paint at their own speed. My daughter went for it while my son was trying to make specific continents and oceans. Let dry.teaching kids to change the world

Next have them trace their hands. PLEASE let them do this if they are eager. My daughter was sure she could do it and she did first with a big circle and then between her fingers. This whole activity is about empowering them to make a difference and we need to start small by empowering them to do things themselves. earth craft for kids

Have them write how they will change the world. I had my daughter dictate to me but drawing a picture would work too. My son wrote his own. Praise them for their suggestions and ask what made them think of the causes or actions that they chose. Don’t leave it there though ask them how they are going to try to make a difference with actions too. how children plan to change the world

My daughter did ask me to cut it out though, her brother who has always struggled with tricky cutting like this did his all by himself.mlk craft for kids I am loving all this independence ! how kids can change the world craftWhile they did this I cut the paintings into circles. how kids can help change the world lesson for preschool
Glue the hand on to the world.mlk day craft for kids

Add a glitter heart. My daughter asked me to make the heart and she filled it in. mlk changed the world and so can you lesson for kids

Let dry. We hung ours up on our fridge as a reminder to do something towards these goals. I am encouraging sharing toys at home and school for my daughter and we are donating some supplies ( kinda toys) to a local shelter soon. For my son I am encouraging what he came up with which was picking up litter, using less water , and re-using paper around the house. how kids can change the world

Little steps but they add up!