Playful Preschool ebook ON SALE NOW

preschool activities ebookI am so excited to be  part of this Playful Preschool ebook. Together with an amazing group of early education bloggers we have created a resource packed with hands on and play based learning.  This ebook has ideas for all sorts of learning from language and math to science and art for your little ones. It’s a MUST for your summer. Buy it now and have it ready for those long summer days when you start hearing ” Mom., I have nothing to do!”

3-5 preschool ebook

What is great about this ebook is that not only will it help fill up those days when you need a fast but worthwhile idea to keep your kids busy, it is great year round. For all of you that homeschool your preschoolers these ideas are for you, for all of you who send your kids to school but still have a few days a week when you want to keep them busy with engaging activities this one is for you… basically it’s for anyone with kids 3-5 !

All of this for $8.99 !

buy now 3-5

30 Fun Ways To Teach Colors

teach colors preschoolOver the years I have been asked by more than a few parents and readers why we stress color recognition in early childhood education. It can seem like busy work and as adults we don’t really use this skill. But that’s not true at all, we do use the skills your little ones are using as they differentiate and recognize colors. Those skills develop as we develop and turn into letter recognition, recognizing sight words, and other higher level sorting. Just because this is important stuff and the building blocks for even more learning doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun! Sitting your kids down and getting them to memorize color names won’t offer them the opportunity to sort the same way a hands on activity will so have fun and the learning will happen.

Here are 30 ways to teach colors with fun hands on activities.

color mixing edit

Mix and Make Color Mixers
Mixing Colors In The Snow
Roll A Rainbow Game
Star Sensory Bin and Color Sorting
Colored Glue Exploration
color mixing with shaving cream 3
No Mess Shaving Cream Color Mixing
Make Your Own Finger Paint
Rainbow Playdough Match & Stick
Matching Nature Color Hunt
DIY Light Box & Color Exploration

craft for boys
Traffic Light Craft & Color Matching
Rainbow Gelatin Sensory Tub
Gross Motor Color Matching for Toddlers
Garbage Truck Color Sorting
Indoor Bug Hunt
Trash Rainbow Craft and Preschool Activity
Trash Rainbow Collage
Color Heart Sorting
Spin Art Rainbows
Creepy Crawly Color Sorting
Valentine Color Matching Mural
how to teach colors
Monochromatic Texture Collage
Feather Match
iPhone Photo Safari Color Hunt
Cork Painted Rainbow
Mess Free Color Mixing
color matching butterflies
Butterfly Color Matching
Multilingual Color Hunt
Color Mixing with Ice
Easter Egg & Bunny Color Match
Water Balloon Color Mixing

DIY Stenciled Pillowcase

DIY stenciled pillowcase craftAll day long I invite my daughter to play. I lay out play dough with buttons, Lego with her princess figurines, her doctor kit and stuffed animals… but often I forget to invite her to read. We read a lot and never miss our three books every night but I don’t usually lay out a stack of books and invite her to read independently. When Tulip For Your Home invited me to create a fun stenciled pillowcase for a sponsored post I knew exactly what I wanted to use this for. To make quiet time more inviting in her room with a fun pillow and a stack of great books.

Here is how I made the pillowcase. Oh and I was worried when I saw they only had one pillowcase in the box… what about if when I mess up! Well I didn’t mess up because the stencils and the secret weapon ( the adhesive ) worked perfectly!

Gather your materials. You will need a pillowcase, Tulip For Your Home stencils, stencil adhesive, paint, and paint roller. I also used a plate for spreading out my paint.paint your own pillow case

Start by spraying the adhesive on the back of the all over stencil. Ours was polka dots. If you spray and let it dry ( so it’s tacky) the stencil can be repositioned multiple times. I am glad i did this because apparently straight lines aren’t as easy for me as they should be.paint your own pillowcase and make reading more comfy

Paint. The roller made it so at preschool pick up I wasn’t covered in paint. There was no way my daughter knew what I was making her!paint pillowcase reading fun

Let dry.pillowcase reading

Repeat the adhesive spraying on the 2nd stencil.pillowcase tulip for your home

Find just the right spot and paint. Let dry for a few days.owl pillow tulip for your home

Fill with a pillow, add some books, and invite your child to read quietly. She was so excited to have a new reading pillow with an owl on it!

pillowcase diy tulip for the home

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Need some books to cuddle up with your new pillow? We have some great lists. Here are five of my favorite books lists:

Books About Strong Girls
Books About Being Different
Books About All Kinds Of Families
Books About Construction

Rainy Day Fun – Indoor Gross Motor Activities

active rainy day activities It’s been raining like crazy all weekend. When it gets like that even here in the Pacific North West  where kids are accustomed to it they get antsy. Antsy kids get into trouble real fast… so keep them busy and learning with these fun indoor gross motor activities. As I was compiling this collection I started noticing how many of the ideas came from Jamie over at Hands On As We Grow instead of just listing her blog over and over I decided to do a round up featuring her work with some of our old favorites thrown in. Pop over to her blog for even more ideas to keep your kids moving and learning  Hands On As We Grow .


Obstacle Courses

Learning Obstacle Course
Simple Obstacle Course For Crawlers
Activity Course with Balloons

Scavenger Hunts

hands on as we grow scavenger hunt for kids
Indoor Bug Hunt
Book Hunt
Spy Game Scavenger Hunt    (pictured above)
Rainy Day Puzzle Hunt
Rhyming Scavenger Hunt

Target Practice, Balance, and Concentration

balance activities

Walk The Line
Newspaper Throwing
Move & Learn Shape Recognition
Color Toss

hands on as we grow
Throw paper at A Sticky Spider Web ( this is one pictured above is one of my favorite posts of all time, anywhere!)
DIY Balance Beam
Spider Web Walking
Family Bowling

Letters, Numbers, and Movement Oh My!

gross motor letter game for kids

Move and Groove Letter Recognition Game
Sight Word Treasure Map
ABC Tape Maze
Word Scavenger Hunt

word hunt hunting for letters
Sight Word Match
Indoor Gross Motor Reading Game
Number Maze Inside!
Counting Around The House
How far can you jump? Movement and math!

Easy Mother’s Day Craft

cheap mother's day gift Kid made jewelry is special and this easy Mother’s Day craft is no exception. What was super special about these simple button pendants was that it was the first time my daughter has ever used the glue gun. This glue gun is a low temp glue gun so even at it’s hottest it would make her recoil her finger but wouldn’t burn. I didn’t tell her not to be careful, I treated the glue gun like a regular high temp one because I want her to have the proper reverence for the tool. I don’t want her to see another in another setting and grab it not worried about the possible dangers. I find that when I give my children the opportunity to do something with some risk they live up to my expectations and use the right amount of caution. No one knows your child better than you do, if you think they are ready for this go for it. It was so much fun.

Gather your materials. You will need some old jar lids, a Low Temp Mini Glue Gun ( that is an affiliate link) , buttons, a pipe cleaner, and ribbon or necklace cording. easy mother's day gift

Start by cutting the pipe cleaners and gluing them to the back for a hook. Let cool before flipping over to fill. mother's day craft for kids

While the backs cool have your child sort through the buttons finding the ones they love. mother's day gift kid made

Time to create!  Look at how serious she is about this. easy mother's day craft for kids

Pop on the buttons. Please test the glue to see how hot it is before letting them push the buttons on. Ours was not hot at all so she was safe to add them by hand. If it’s still hot enough to burn your finger then just drop the buttons on and use the back end of a pencil to gently push them on. Do not push far . If you were doing this with a regular glue gun this would not be safe. button pendants for mother's day

Keep going! easy mother's day craft for childrenLet the glue cool completely. mother's day craft for children

Add some cord making sure it’s long enough to get over Mom’s or Grandma’s head.easy mother's day crafts for kids

Now I just need to mail these off to my mom and mother in law.mother's day necklace craft