Weekend Re post :Parent and Tot Project !

Alphabet Book!

What better way to learn the alphabet than with things around your house! Older children can do this with little to no help , and toddlers will love to help find things to photograph. Using things that children are familiar with will help with the letter recognition and sounds that each letter makes. How many times have you been reading an alphabet book and the letter is I and the picture is of an ibis and the child says bird! They are correct but still confused, so using things they know will be fun and educational!

Edit 9-12-08 : I just saw on Crafty Crow that another crafty blog did this same idea, and can I just say theirs was much more polished, check it out here :

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some card stock or construction paper, a camera, a marker, some pre cut letters, double stick tape, 3 binder rings and a hole punch.
  2. Start by making a list with the alphabet, and start going around your house to photograph what you can find that starts with each letter. We found A for apple, D for digger ( surprise surprise!) , H for hat and lots more! Even with a list I ended up with 3 things for the letter s !
  3. After you have found all your letter objects upload the photos to a photo site and have them sent to your house if you want to wait, or to a local store like Walgreens or Target to pick up that same day!
  4. Now we make the book! I used construction paper and although I didn’t choose to have my son decorate the pages, this would be a fun added step. Whether you decorate the pages or not here is where we add the letters. I used double stick tape to add the letter .
  5. Add the label – I used a random old 4×6 picture to estimate where the photograph would go so I could write the label with enough room. I used both sides or each paper.
  6. Next punch three holes in the left side of the pages.
  7. Add the binder rings.
  8. Go pick up the pictures at the store, and try not to buy too many other things while there , I got a cute top for $4 !
  9. Add the photographs. You can cut them out, or decorate the book any way you want.
  10. Enjoy your very own Alphabet book!