Easy Frozen Easter Treats

frozen easter treats We try to eat healthy, and during Easter it’s hard with all the candy everywhere!  I adore candy and my pregnant willpower is um… not really strong. So when I decided to make some fun treats I wanted at least one of them to be truly healthy. These frozen Easter treats are fantastic and the molds are available at discount retailers like Walmart. So it won’t break your bank either. * This post was written in 2010 but the molds are still available in 2014! I saw them this week at Walmart*



  1. Gather your materials. You will need a silicone mini cake pan ( they still have Easter themed ones at both Target and Walmart in my area), a blender,  low fat vanilla yogurt, and frozen or fresh fruit of your choice.  Easy Easter Treats
  2. Pop 2 scoops of the yogurt in ( about 3/4 cup) and 1/2 – 3/4 cups of the fruit. Easy Easter Treats
  3. Blend Easy Easter Treats
  4. Pour Easy Easter Treats
  5. Freeze ( we froze ours for 2 hours and they were perfect- formed but not rock hard.) If you freeze them longer just let them thaw for 30 minutes  in your fridge before serving them so they are soft enough to eat with a spoon.  Easy Easter Treats
  6. Pop out of the mold and enjoy !  These were a huge hit with my son.  Easy Easter Treats

Almost Homemade Carrot Cupcakes

Easy Easter Treats

  1. Gather your materials. Grab your favorite carrot cake and cream cheese icing recipes or boxed mix and a tub of icing, orange and green jelly bellys . I should note that although I did use a mix I also mixed in 1/4 cup of crushed pineapple and it was very very yummy.
  2. Bake and cool your cupcakes.
  3. Ice them and add your jelly beans in the shape of a carrot!Easy Easter Treats
  4. Eat more than you care to admit and send the rest to your husband’s office.

Polka Dot Easter Eggs

Polka Dot Easter Eggs

I had no clue if this was going to work but when I saw that these reinforcements and stationary stickers were on clearance I took it as a sign. I had to t least try and find out. In the end it sort of worked, we had fun, I have blue fingers and hours after the fat only one egg  has been cracked and subsequently eaten.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some cooled hard boiled eggs, paper to protect your table ( we have some cardboard under the newspaper, stationary stickers, dye and a dye hook.  I caved and grabbed the commercial dye , I swore I was going to go au natural this year but exhaustion got the better of me.  Here is a wonderful post from Crunchy Domestic Goddess about how to dye them naturally, I bookmarked it intending to use it.  Polka Dot Easter Eggs
  2. Get everything prepped before inviting the kiddo to the table- dye is not something you want “help” with.
  3. Add your stickers. These reinforcements worked ok, but were really hard to get off once dry. Polka Dot Easter Eggs
  4. This lace pattern was my favorite. Polka Dot Easter Eggs
  5. My son wanted to make a happy face ( this was the egg that broke and turned into part of his lunch). Polka Dot Easter Eggs
  6. The circle stickers were much easier to take off.
  7. Dye your eggs. Polka Dot Easter Eggs
  8. Add in a color mixing lesson too! We added the blue to this pink after to make purple. Polka Dot Easter Eggs
  9. Let dry and remove the stickers. Some came off easily, some did not. Polka Dot Easter Eggs

Want more Easter Crafts?
Here are a few of my favorites from the past!

Fragile Egg

Bunny Ears

Hard and Soft Easter Egg

Collage Carrot

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I’m Fried !

Felt Fried Egg !

This is really nothing more than a “hmmm what could we make with that?” sort of craft. We were eating a ton of applesauce and had lots of these containers laying around , so I did a little brainstorming and voila a new item for our play kitchen.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some paint, white felt, glue , a cleaned out single serving container and scissors.
  2. Start by squirting some paint in the container, we used red and yellow to make orange. For a fast craft like this I try to add in a color mixing lesson . My son has always loved this, if your child isn’t into it don’t push.
  3. Put the container aside to dry. Make sure it’s not too full with paint. I had to scoop some out and we did some finger painting after with it.
  4. While that is drying – draw an outline ( although if you are good with scissors just wing it) of a fried egg.
  5. Cut out.
  6. When the painted cup is dry, add glue around the edges
  7. Press down on the felt, let dry.
  8. Get cookin’


This song was a favorite of mine in Brownies, don’t know why but kids love it!

Fried Ham

Fried Ham, Fried Ham,
Cheese and Bologna
And after the macaroni
We’ll have fun with,
Pickles and pretzels,
and then we’ll have some more fried ham,
Fried ham , fried ham , fried ham!

Yarn Easter Egg Craft

yearn easter egg craft for kids 
I know this is very similar to the nest I did, I actually made this weeks before I did the nest but have been waiting to post it. I saw this years ago in a book at a rec center I worked at, it was worth the wait, I love how it turned out. This is a fun craft for school aged kids home for spring break or preschoolers with some patience. I didn’t bother trying to have my son help, his love of eating glue would have been in overdrive I’m sure.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need glue, yarn , a balloon and some ribbon.
  2. Blow up your balloon a little ways and tie it.
  3. Cut some yarn in about 12 inch pieces. For this craft I used about 20 , 12″ pieces total.
  4. Mix your glue with a tiny bit of water if you want, this made it easier to soak the yarn but it took longer to dry. Either way works- just don’t dilute it too much.
  5. Start drenching the yarn in the glue
  6. Laying it on the balloon. Criss cross it over the whole thing.
  7. Keep going…and going.
  8. When you feel it’s done let it dry , I prefer to let it dry by hanging it from a rack with a clothes pin. That way it’s not touching anything and won’t get stuck.
  9. When it’s dry carefully pop the balloon, and fish it out of the egg.
  10. Add your ribbon!yarn ee