Father’s Day

Father’s Day

I am notorious for forgetting Father’s Day, two years in a row while teaching preschool I quickly grabbed art supplies during pick up time and through together cards for dads! This one isn’t quite so rushed but it is easy!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need two pieces of some sturdy paper or 2 blank cards, some crayons, a marker, glue and a heart paper punch. Oh and your child’s hand!
  2. Have your child color one piece of paper/ one card. I am using crayons because that is what I have on hand but you can decorate it how you see fit. If you are going to do something like paint do step number 5 before this one.
  3. Trace your child’s hand
  4. Cut out, if you want you can add sparkles, or other decorations too!
  5. Using a paper punch punch a heart out of the middle of the card. If you don’t have a pper punch, you can draw a heart and carefully cut it out.
  6. Glue the cut out hand to the inside of the card , so when it’s closed the heart is filled with the hand .
  7. Add your message and you are done!

Giving Dad a book that he can share with your little one is a great gift, here are 3 you might want to check out!

” Daddy Hugs” by Karen Katz is a cute little counting book for toddlers. I gave it to my husband last year for his first father’s day and my son hated it. However in the year since it’s become a favorite and nothing beats a board book for when toddlers get to that destructo stage.

” The 10 Best Things About My Dad” by Christine Loomis didn’t leave much of an impression with me until I hit #8, which says ” When I am sad he hugs me close . He never says “Don’t cry”. That page won me over, and made this book stand out for me. I love that it’s promoting sensitivity in both the dad and little boy! I think anything that shows such care is worth a look.

“My Daddy and Me” by Amy E. Skalansky is a simple cute book with a repetitive text, and illustrations of various daddy and child pairs. There isn’t much to this book but it still left me with a happy feeling reading it and my son enjoyed it too.