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Father’s Day Gift!

My husband reads during his commute to work and back every day ( well when he’s not sleeping) so when Jessica at Foursquare Schoolhouse tweeted that they make customized bookmarks by simply cutting up her son’s illustrations I thought- perfect! Simple and so easy to do for all ages. Here is how we did Jessica’s activity.

  1. Gather your materials. We are using a blank note card because it’s the only card stock I have on hand, some markers, scissors, double stick tape ( not required) and contact paper.
  2. Start by having your child draw what ever they want on the card stock. I am going to warn you that if you have a toddler who flips out about things ( if you do you know what I mean) warn them well ahead of time that you will be cutting their picture.
  3. I cut the main picture out ( this is the front)then cut a 2nd piece to frame it and write the message on it.
  4. I had my son draw on the 2nd piece once it was cut to show you that this is also great fine motor practice to have your child write in an small contained space. You can choose to do a mix of both ways or which ever suits your child.
  5. Add your message ( this is the back)
  6. If you want use some double stick tape to hold the inner picture on the frame backing.
  7. Laminate or cover with contact paper, and it’s ready for dad!


” Father’s Day “ by Anne and Lizzy Rockwell. I really liked this book, it is about a class full of students writing stories about their dads at school and ending with a party where they present the books to their fathers. What I enjoyed was the diversity of this book , it covered all different kinds of dads and children and all the things they most enjoy doing together. My son was rather attached to the dad and son playing soccer , and I had a mean craving for chocolate after reading the page with a dad and daughter making fudge! A wonderful activity after reading this book would be to write your own story!

Cool Card!

You may notice in the comments that Teri a regular reader and preschool teacher as well, suggested I check out this card. I had to make sure all of you saw it too. For a step by step instructions visit her blog The Infertility Chronicles .

For more great Dad gift ideas check out this post my other blog at

Tool Bench Pencil Holder

home depot decoupage

My husband and son share a special bond, Home Depot. It started with the race car carts they have, moved to the ride on mowers and now when they go it’s all about forklifts. This craft uses glue and water but if you have modge-podge that will work too.

  1. Gather your materials. We went for a leisurely walk around Home Depot and grabbed all the free leaflets with their logo on them. We also used an old jar, glue, water , scissors and a paint brush.
  2. Start by clipping out the logo from the leaflets. We also decided on green as the background color so we clipped out big pieces of green as well.
  3. Mix 3:1 ( glue to water), mix well.
  4. Brush a thin layer on and lay down your back ground color.
  5. Add more glue mix
  6. Add your logos
  7. Add more glue mix.
  8. Let dry.
  9. Fill with pencils, frequently used screw drivers or even things like screws or nails.


“A Father Like That” by Charlotte Zolotow touched my heart. I have always been lucky to have a dad who was involved and present in my life, but this book is about the opposite. A little boy is telling his mom about what he wants in a dad, because he doesn’t have one. The book covers so many things dads do or don’t do, and while the dream dad isn’t perfect he is fair, loving and kind. I was tearing up as the book neared the end because I was wondering how the mom who was hearing all of this was going to react. Throughout the list of things the dad would do there were things for his mom too, mostly her being able to take a break and rest. Which made me feel sad that a little boy would have to worry about his mom, but I am sure that is all too common. The end pushed me over the edge, and my son who was drifting off to sleep while I was reading popped up and wiped my tears which made me cry harder because he was taking care of me. It ends with his mama saying that even though he may never have a father like that , that one day he can be a father like that. Great book for all families.


Father’s Day Frame ( updated with iphone)

Blackberry Picture

My son is rather smitten with my husband’s blackberry. When he pretends to be his dad he goes to the front hall, grabs the blackberry, a pretend coffee mug and tells us he’s off to the office. It was only fitting to try to do some father’s day craft with that as the inspirations. Here is what we came up with.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 sheets of foam(one black one white, paper will do but foam will look better), a fine tip marker, scissors some tin foil, glue, magnets or magnetic strips and a picture.
  2. Start by writing out the alphabet or you can write out “Happy Father’s Day” remember to make each letter individual so it looks like a keyboard. I didn’t bother because I knew my son would not be able to put it in order and I wanted him to do it since he loves to glue.
  3. Cut the letters out. If your child is too young for tiny pieces, do 3 rows of keys instead of cutting each out.
  4. Make a space bar and cut out.
  5. I tapes off the upper half of the black foam so that my son had a physical line not to cross with the glue.
  6. Glue the letters on. With little guys you can spread the glue, it doesn’t dry completely clear there will be a reflection so if your child is able to carefully put glue under each key , try. If not it’s no biggie!
  7. While they do that cut a frame from the other piece of foam. Mine is black but I should have done it with the white, I have 2/3 of a sheet left over after the letters.
  8. Cover it with the tin foil. The best way is to put the foil over the frame, then cut out the middle, leaving some extra to squeeze around the frame. This was actually sorta tricky, I got all consumed by this and my son was gluing his hands together .Ooops.
  9. Take off the tape when your child is done gluing and glue their picture on.
  10. Add the foil frame- use lots of glue for this.
  11. Let dry
  12. Add some magnetic strips or my favorite use those free marketing magnets companies send you!


I love my daddy
He’s really smart
He’s got big muscles and a bigger heart
When I get all cranky and I pout
He gives me hugs and never shouts!


“This Is The Van That Dad Cleaned” by Lisa Campbell Ernst gave me a good chuckle, I only have one child and my car seems to multiply sippy cups, cheddar bunny crumbs and a mess on it’s own! This book is about a dad with a van, a clean van and 3 kids who ruin that very quickly. The siblings act like siblings teasing and fighting while making a growing mess in their poor dad’s clean van. The book is a poem that keeps growing and growing like the mess. In the end the kids are the ones that clean up the mess and I like that, in our house like the book even the baby helps clean up.

“Molly and her Dad” by Jan Ormerod was a great find. Molly doesn’t see her dad often because he lives a plane ride away and when he comes to take care of her things aren’t perfect at first. There are so many little things about this book I like. I like that there are details like baby photos of Molly and both her parents together, I like that Molly tells her dad how he is doing things wrong and doesn’t warm up to him immediately and I like how he doesn’t get mad. I think this is a pretty realistic portrayal of children’s emotions when spending time with a parent they don’t see often but still have a great relationship with.

** As promised I have re worked this craft for the iphone… here it is!

Here is a quick how to :

1. Cut some black foam into a rounded rectangle.

2. Using silver sticky back foam cut into small strips.

3.Press the strips onto the edges of he black foam.

4. Cut a piece of white foam and draw lines on the ends, color them blue. Glue on.

5.Cut a small circle and tiny rectangle out of the silver sticky back foam and stick on.

6. Glue on the picture!

Books About Dad

” Daddy Hugs” by Karen Katz is a cute little counting book for toddlers. I gave it to my husband two years ago for his first father’s day and my son hated it. However in the years since it’s become a favorite and nothing beats a board book for when toddlers get to that destructo stage. Also like Katz’s “Mommy Hugs” book it grows with your child. Now at 2.5 my son likes to find the number on the page and read it to us before we read him the text.

” The 10 Best Things About My Dad” by Christine Loomis didn’t leave much of an impression with me until I hit #8, which says ” When I am sad he hugs me close . He never says “Don’t cry”. That page won me over, and made this book stand out for me. I love that it’s promoting sensitivity in both the dad and little boy! I think anything that shows such care is worth a look.

“Dad’s Bald Head” by Paul Many made all of us laugh when I read it during a family lunch last weekend. My husband shaves his head so , so much of this book was familiar to all of us.The story is about a dad who decides to shave his head and his son who isn’t so sure about this new development. It’s sweet, funny and realistic about how kids do and don’t transition to our changes. My favorite part was the passionate kiss the mom plants on her husband after he shaves his head. Not just because I thought it was sweet, it is nice to see parents having romantic though appropriate moments in children’s books. I want my son to see I love my husband and I show it in all different ways.

“Daddy’s Song” by Leslea Newman was a big hit with my son. The book is a lullaby that a father sings to his daughter before bed. It’s whimsical and at times down right funny. The illustrations by Karen Ritz keep up with the whimsy and make it all seem like a silly dream. Then the end of the book brings us all back to reality with the most important message, that even if all these silly things did happen and turned the little girls world topsy turvy, that her dad would be there and still love her. Big thumbs up from us for this sweet but not sappy book!

“My Daddy” by Susan Paradis . This book is a look at daddy from a little boy’s worshiping point of view. We see all the things his dad can do, and how the little boy wants to do these things too. In many of the illustrations we see the daddy doing something like mowing the lawn and the son is watching with a toy mower. This book was just ok for me, there was nothing wrong with it , it just didn’t move me the way some of the others have.

“Piglet and Papa” by Margaret Wild. I was so happy to discover that this author wrote a daddy book to compliment “Piglet and Mama” which I reviewed and loved for Mother’s Day. Papa pig and piglet are playing and piglet thinks she may have made her daddy very angry and worries about his love for her. The other farm animals help by reassuring piglet and finally she finds Papa pig and the other animals were right he does love her more than anyone in the whole world.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day

I am notorious for forgetting Father’s Day, two years in a row while teaching preschool I quickly grabbed art supplies during pick up time and through together cards for dads! This one isn’t quite so rushed but it is easy!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need two pieces of some sturdy paper or 2 blank cards, some crayons, a marker, glue and a heart paper punch. Oh and your child’s hand!
  2. Have your child color one piece of paper/ one card. I am using crayons because that is what I have on hand but you can decorate it how you see fit. If you are going to do something like paint do step number 5 before this one.
  3. Trace your child’s hand
  4. Cut out, if you want you can add sparkles, or other decorations too!
  5. Using a paper punch punch a heart out of the middle of the card. If you don’t have a pper punch, you can draw a heart and carefully cut it out.
  6. Glue the cut out hand to the inside of the card , so when it’s closed the heart is filled with the hand .
  7. Add your message and you are done!

Giving Dad a book that he can share with your little one is a great gift, here are 3 you might want to check out!

” Daddy Hugs” by Karen Katz is a cute little counting book for toddlers. I gave it to my husband last year for his first father’s day and my son hated it. However in the year since it’s become a favorite and nothing beats a board book for when toddlers get to that destructo stage.

” The 10 Best Things About My Dad” by Christine Loomis didn’t leave much of an impression with me until I hit #8, which says ” When I am sad he hugs me close . He never says “Don’t cry”. That page won me over, and made this book stand out for me. I love that it’s promoting sensitivity in both the dad and little boy! I think anything that shows such care is worth a look.

“My Daddy and Me” by Amy E. Skalansky is a simple cute book with a repetitive text, and illustrations of various daddy and child pairs. There isn’t much to this book but it still left me with a happy feeling reading it and my son enjoyed it too.