Ziplocs Aren’t Just For Snacks….

Shake Baby Shake !

One of my favorite things to do as a child was shake the shake and bake bags when my mom made chicken, this activity is inspired by that. I think any light ball would work, ours is from a birthday loot bag. I loved the results and so did my son! It was an experiment though and we did it two different ways – check it out!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some paper, liquid paint, a fun light ball and a ziploc.
  2. Fold the paper if you need to fit completely inside the ziploc, it needs to be able to close.
  3. Place it in.
  4. Add some paint.
  5. Throw in your ball.
  6. Close the ziplock and SHAKE ! I ad mu son shaking it high, low and in the middle. Hey I had to add in a lesson! With older kids this can be a fun color mixing lesson, I tried with my son but he was so enthralled with the shaking I am not so sure he caught on, although toddlers tend to surprise you with what they do pick up.
  7. Add another color and keep going !
  8. We did it a second time with the paint ON the ball and tat worked too, not major difference.


This is my son’s favorite song right now!

Shake shake shake your sillies out!
Shake shake shake your sillies out!
Shake shake shake your sillies out,
and wiggle all your waggles away!

Flick flick flick your fidgets out!
Flick flick flick your fidgets out!
Flick flick flick your fidgets out,
and wiggle all your waggles away!

Jump jump jump your jiggles out!
Jump jump jump your jiggles out!
Jump jump jump your jiggles out,
and wiggle all your waggles away

I also add in kick your kickers out, stomp your stampers out and Hop your Hoppers out.

Free Art Friday

Finger Painting

This was originally posted last year, but it’s a wonderful multi sensory activity. Your child will have fun squishing, smelling tasting and mixing the colors. Have a great weekend, a new round of letter of the week will start on Monday!

  1. Gather your materials. All you need is yogurt , some small containers, a cookie tray or plate and food coloring.
  2. While you are mixing the colors you can ask your child how many drops of red it will take to make pink, or what will happen if you mix blue with red?
  3. Put a dollop of yogurt on a tray, plate or cookie sheet and let them swirl it, see if they can write their name in it, or make shapes. Younger ones will be more than happy just to wiggle their fingers around in it.
  4. Eat your art when you’ve had enough fun!

Free Art Friday


My son’s birthday is this weekend, he will be 2, and I decided that I wanted to have something akin to the notches on the door frame to see how he has grown. Each year I will offer up a canvas and see what happens. My husband asked me” What if he doesn’t want to do it one year?” ” Well then we’ll frame a blank canvas, that will be memorable too!” My son had the time of his life doing this, he ended up in the bath after covering himself and my kitchen in many many colors. If you want to have some fun here is what we did:

  1. Gather your materials. We grabbed all our paint, all non toxic , you can see why. Also a 8×10 canvas and a few brushes to choose from. Don’t forget the drop cloth, I don’t often get ours out, I am so happy I decided to today.
  2. Start by asking your child what colors they want, just because you are letting them go “wild” doesn’t mean you can slide some color lessons in !
  3. Switch up colors and brushes.
  4. Or forget brushes all together!
  5. Let dry and frame to make it a keep sake.


“On The Day You Were Born” by Debra Frasier is a beautiful book . It explains all the wonderful things the earth does every day but explains it through fresh eyes and makes it into a fantastic event. It goes on to introduce things like a sunrise, the phases of the moon and tides in a way that makes old cynical eyes see these as the magical things they are. I love that in this book the baby is born into a circle of familiar people who whisper into the baby’s ear ” We’re so glad you’ve come” it just rings true and gives me a big lump in my throat. Also I love how it doesn’t specify who the baby is being welcomed by, which is wonderful since families are so diverse , it fits everyone!

” Moira’s Birthday” by Robert Munsch is a silly book, most of his books are, but silly is great! Moira is excited about having her birthday and doesn’t know how to say no to all the kids at school when they beg to come to her party. She ends up with the whole school at her house and her parents don’t know what to do! Luckily Moira does. This book at first look may seem like Moira is a spoiled brat who gets her way but really she is problem solving and when she gives away a present to each child who helps clean up, you can see she just wanted a good party, and isn’t a gift grabbing brat at all! Kids LOVE this book, I have never read it to a class that didn’t laugh hysterically.

“If You Give A Pig A Party”
by Laura Nummeroff , this is the only book in this series I don’t own. I read it to my son yesterday while shopping for party supplies at Costco. I love this whole series, I like the cause and effect text and how even younger children start anticipating that the Pig is going to want something else… I love that the Pig’s party guests are the other Nummeroff characters, like the Moose from “If You Give A Moose A Muffin” and the Cat from “If You Give A Cat A Cupcake” . Such a fun book !

Free Art Friday!

Play- Doh!
Recipe Cook Off
I am very talented at messing up homemade play dough so I never make it. If you have a great recipe leave me a comment and I might consider trying one last time. We had a blast rolling, and making balls and generally just creating today!

Have a fun Free Art Friday .

** The cook off is on ! I have 10 different recipes , I’ll cook them all up at nap time and have my little man test them over the weekend. Thanks for everyone who submitted theirs. Come back Monday to see the results of all the recipes and find out the winner **

Free Art Friday !!

Free Art!

I always try to give my son opportunities to just create, at his age that usually includes markers , crayons or paint and paper. That’s it. It may look like we are always doing big mommy directed things but most of our days look like this. Most of the marker came off with a wash cloth the rest will be scrubbed off in the bath , I can’t wait because we have an
Ice Berg
freezing right now!

~Here is another fun free art project for your weekend~

Dish Scrubber Painting