Frugal Flower Craft

Pool Noodle Garland

This pool noodle garland  is not a preschool craft , but younger children could easily thread the ribbon through the middle of the flower instead !  Either way this frugal craft is a great way to decorate for spring for only $3 which is exactly what I spent on the materials. Hope your Friday is frugal and fun!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 or more colors of pool noodles ( check to see what shape the are on the ends), some ribbon, a bread knife and scissors. I also used a dry paint brush as a “needle”. Pool noodle garland
  2. Start by slicing your noodle into sections with your bread knife. Pool Noodle Garland
  3. Cut your ribbon to the length you want and make a large knot. Pool Noodle Craft
  4. Next using sharp scissors make a hole through one of the petals. Pool Noodle Craft
  5. Push your ribbon through the hole – using the end of a paintbrush, or chopstick. Pool noodle craft
  6. Alter colors to make a pattern. Pool Noodle Craft
  7. Pin up and enjoy flowers inside for as long as you want!


The Gardener

The Gardener by Sarah Stewart Is a really touching book that I would happily recommend for school age children. It’s a beautiful story about a little girl during the depression who is shipped to the city to work in her uncle’s bakery because both her parents are out of work.  She is obviously nervous but knows that it’s something she has to do.  She takes a little of the country with her in seed packets which she plants in the city while she learns about baking and becomes friends with her uncles employees. This is more a story about making the most of hard times, and would be a great way to talk about the great depression with your child. There are so many little things in the illustrations by David Small to talk about , from a picture of FDR to traveling by train and  the general sense of sadness .  In the end it’s a warm hearted book that I can’t wait to share with my son in a few years.

Marshmallow Rainbow Craft For Kids

marshmallow rainbow craft for kids
A whole bag of these little fruit flavored marshmallows cost me 88 cents! Add some markers, paper and glue and you have a matching activity, craft and snack. Now that is frugal. I want to warn you though, you may think you aren’t going to snack on these sickly sweet little things but they will call to you from the cupboard. Make a big rainbow or some rice crispy squares if you want to avoid them.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some multicolored mini marshmallows, glue, markers and paper.
  2. Start by drawing a rainbow on the paper.
  3. Next I added some squiggles of color in the rainbow to act as a guide. Older children can skip this step.
  4. Add glue
  5. Add your marshmallows, I added some to get my son started, then he began matching them to the colors on the rainbow. When he started to loose some steam I asked him if he could find specific colors, then praised him when he did and helped him fill in his colors . A little praise and team work goes so so far at this age it’s amazing. If they don’t want help but the rainbow is too big, put it away for a day or two and bring it back out, the marshmallows aren’t really food and will stay ok for days.
  6. Let dry- it takes a while but it will dry!
  7. Cut out.


“Rain Dance” by Kathi Appelt is a simple little counting book with bog numbers and fantastic simple pictures of the animals on a farm in the rain. This is a great example of a book made for a young toddler. My son loves it because he can read the numbers and announce the animals, even though he can’t read the text he has been “reading” it to himself multiple times a day complete with clapping at the end.

” Duckie’s Rainbow” by Frances Barry is a clever little book , you walk with her as she passes things like a yellow cornfield and blue pond until the pages above create a rainbow . I love the idea but reading it with my son all he wanted to do was turn the pages as quickly as he could to make the rainbow. Not a big deal in really but this would make a better story time book then a bedtime one for that reason.

“The Umbrella” by Jan Brett is another fantastic book by this very talented author and illustrator. A little boy goes off into the jungle in the rain to see if he can find animals. He puts down his umbrella to climb a tree and while he keeps climbing higher and higher all the animals he wanted to see fight for a spot in his umbrella that ends up floating down the river. The story is adorable and layered for different ages, and the illustrations will captivate you !