Musical Hearts Game

musical hearts gross motor game for kidsWe aren’t stuck in a snowstorm but we are stuck waiting for our furnace to be fixed and moving keeps us warm and having fun.  You can write anything on your hearts from numbers they need to identify, to physical tasks like we did to something trickier for older kids. Customize it to your child and have fun.

  1. Gather your materials. I am using foam hearts because they stand up well to being stepped and walked on, but paper would do in a pinch, just dont’ expect it to be used more than once.  You will also need a marker and some music you can pause easily.Preschool Movement Activity
  2. Write out different tasks for your child to do when they come to this heart – mine were mostly physical things: Jump on one foot, crab walk, 5 push ups, break dance etc.. I also included sing the ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Preschool Movement Activity
  3. Lay the hearts out face down in a circle. Preschool Movement Game
  4. Start the music and play. It’s just like musical chairs only when the music stops you do the task on the heart that you were standing on when you stopped. We had a blast! He preferred Bon Jovi to kids music so we were rockin’ out!

I would let them walk ( to the music) longer than we did for the video, we were trying to get a good snapshot for the post. After I put the camera down we all played for another full round.  Fun family time !

Alphabet Spin Game.

There is no Letter of the Week today . I am still on vacation so I have a treat for you. Today our special guest Amy from Teachmama has graciously allowed me to scour her blog for a post that I think would be perfect for my readers. She originally wrote this in the spring but I think so many of you could benefit not just from this game but from her whole awesome blog! Regular old me and my mini Picasso return tomorrow !

alphabet spin

We had rain, rain, rain once again, which will hopefully mean that the flowers will be more beautiful than ever here in Maryland. Maybe? I can hardly wait for some outside color-matching activities. . .
Anyway, today was a pretty good afternoon for indoor games.

Once Cora went down for her nap, I let Maddy and Owen choose which game they wanted to play before their rest times–Alphabet Egg Puzzles, Rhyme Bingo, Rhyme Sorts, or Alphabet Spin. Owen choose good ole Alphabet Spin. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before, so here’s what it is:

  • Alphabet Spin: This is yet another resource from Bear’s Words Their Way . . . (2004), and we’ve played it several times now. I am convinced that little kids really love any game with a spinner, so Maddy and Owen both enjoy this one.
The concept is simple: match uppercase and lowercase letters A-I. (Alphabet Spin II has the second half of the alphabet.) Uppercase letters A-I are printed on the spinner board, and lowercase letters are on about two dozen tiny cards. A person spins, says the letter that the spinner points to, then searches for that lowercase letter. The first few times we played, we lined the cards up so that they were all facing the same way. Now, we just spread them around the spinner board. It’s funny for them if we stick some of them in the carpet so they stand up–hey, whatever works, right?

The tricky part is when you get to the end of the game, since most cards have been taken, since the winner is the person with the most cards in the end.

I love that this game includes only half of the alphabet, especially because little ones usually confuse b/d and p/q. I also love that i/j are separated and that Alphabet Spin I & II each have half of the alphabet.
With this game, we do a lot of comparing–when someone gets a B or a D, someone locates a lowercase b and d and holds them next to each other so the person can choose more easily, and we always help each other out if need be. It seems to be just enough of a challenge and not too, too overwhelming for them.

That’s it–that’s our little bit of learning for the day. Now, rain, rain, go away.

For more amazing learning activities check out

Thank You Amy !

Learning Outside

hose it down

My son is a little obsessed with the hose. Maybe it’s that he loves firetrucks, or that he sees his dad using it or maybe it’s just because kids are attracted to water like bees to honey! This game got created because my son refused a nap. It was hot, I was cranky so we went outside. I didn’t stay cranky long, we had a blast. Learning outside is the best!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a garden hose ( or squirt bottles) , some sidewalk chalk and a future sharp shooter to play. Don’t forget your sunscreen either!
  2. Start by Drawing letters on your fence ( or patio) I asked my son which letters he wanted .
  3. Hand then the hose and call out the letters.
  4. Spray!!
  5. After the letters we moved to another piece of fence and did shapes!
  6. Spray!!

The sky is really the limit, you can use numbers, sight words for older kids, colors for younger… have fun !

St. Patrick’s Day – Lucky Gold Hunt

I read on a message board that had posted my link that one mom was disappointed that I don’t have more non art activities, so here you go ! This is mess free, fun and so easy to make more challenging for older children , or easy as pie for the little guys. My son and I played this from the time he got up from nap until dinner was on the table . I have a feeling we’ll be playing it tomorrow too! Oh and if there is something specific you would like to see us try- let me know I am always open to new things .
  1. Gather your materials. You will need some play coins, a marker and a green piece of paper. * For really little guys instead of the paper you can just use a change purse and simply have them hunt for the coins.
  2. Trace the coins on the paper
  3. Fill in the numbers, we are doing 10 coins but customize this for your child, more or less whatever works. Make it challenging but not impossible. Having the numbers offers up different options for how to play , you can simply hunt for the coins, and place them on the numbers. You can hunt for them then have your child specifically put them on the number you designate. I tried both and my son liked to choose which numbers to pop the coin on then count them and start over.
  4. Hide the gold. Can you see it in my picture? Make it obvious at first, with little guys make sure it’s in plain view, the goal isn’t to be a better hider than they are a finder, it’s for them to find them feel pride in it, then tag on a little math too !
  5. Go searching for the lucky gold .
  6. Count your gold , and start again !